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  • Use with caution:

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    Use with caution: by Valerie Balester, Executive Director We were informed this past summer by Instructional Technology Services that students should not include identifying information on work submitted to ITS is concerned about reservations expressed by the U.S. Department of Education regarding student privacy and FERPA regulations. However, some professionals within the field of composition instruction have other concerns: plagiarism detection software like Turnitin

  • Fahrenheit 451 and Cautions for Society

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    Fahrenheit 451 and Cautions for Society Much of what the future holds are consequences of the events that have already taken place. Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 is a story about a lifestyle in the future that has evolved from our present, but in a seemingly different world. There is no flow of ideas, and the main purpose in a person's life in those days was to relax, not think, and be happy. Despite the seemingly unreality of the world in the future, the author is using it as a cautionary

  • Patriotism: Use with Caution

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    Patriotism: Use with Caution Patriotism has a different face for everyone. Some follow it blindly, some reject and oppose it, some stand indifferent, and others choose to follow it cautiously. Patriotism is also now a challenge for multi-cultural societies because the back bone of social unity can no longer be merely similarities in ethnicity, culture, or religion. In this essay, I shall state the risks of following patriotism blindly and the risks involved in rejecting patriotism completely

  • Lust, Caution

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    Lust, Caution is a 2007 erotic espionage thriller film directed by Ang Lee, based on the novella of the same name by Chinese author Eileen Chang. The cast includes Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Wei Tang and Joan Chen. The story is mostly set in Hong Kong in 1938 and in Shanghai in 1942. With this film, Lee won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival for the second time, the first being with Brokeback Mountain. Tony Leung and Ang Lee are my favorite Asian actor and director. I watched almost all

  • Visual Representation: The Irish Famine of 1845-50

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    discourse by a disavowal of the unconquerable aversion to the name of Party.” This may have been no more than a desire to gain the widest possible readership and as time progressed the paper displayed its Whig inclination. It displayed moderation and caution in its reportage and this extended to that given the famine, which was largely sympathetic if not quite able to denounce the inadequacy of government policy or the ideas of prevailing economic or political orthodoxy. None of the overt negative stereotyping

  • Free Hamlet Essays: Hamlet Interpreted

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    Throughout the Dramaturgic Analysis of Hamlet Prince of Denmark the indecisiveness of Hamlet is noted. He does not immediately seek vengeance but continually schemes, rants and raves (both in his rational and insane moments). Whether cowardice, caution, or simply indifference dominate his persona is unclear - what is clear is his distaste for his own behavior: "How stand I then, That have a father kill'd, a mother stain'd,...And let all sleep, while to my shame I see The imminent death of twenty

  • Religion And Discrimination

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    so long as it conforms to our laws and written constitution. At first glance, this statement seems as fit an answer as possible to the question of societal limits to religious tolerance. Unofrtunately, if one were to consider the matter with more caution, one would eventually see that the statement could only be part of a greater answer. It is without a consideration of some of the elements which constitute cults, as well as other factors, that one would falter in devising a definitive answer to the

  • Internet Predators

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    not use this way of chatting responsibly. After all, does anyone really know whom they are talking to unless they know the person personally? Common sense must be used at all times. The Internet can be very deceptive. A person needs to use extreme caution when giving out personal information to a person they are chatting to. Many people forget about the dangers of Internet chat. People can be too trusting. The people who use chat rooms and instant messengers sometimes... ... middle of paper .

  • "Christopher'' My mother and father shouted from down stairs.

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    to puncher my skin. I had come to the conclusion that my mother and father had been fighting. I hated it when my mother and father fought. It was as if they were pushing a knife into me , purposely trying to hurt me. I walked down stairs with caution. As if I was a fox creeping up behind a rabbit. I did not want them to hear me coming down. Maybe I could find out what they were fighting about "Christopher could you come into the kitchen please" my father demanded. As I stepped into the

  • Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 1

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    first introduced to the main characters outside the castle, they are suspiciously asking each other to identify themselves. Everyone seems to be on edge from the start, as if anticipating something. Another factor that reveals a mood of wariness and caution is how the night is dark, the air is chilling, and the characters speak of "the bitter cold," (p. 9, ln.8). This evokes a mood of foreboding and mystery. At one point, Fransisco ends his watch thankfully because, "he is sick at heart," (p.9, Ln. 10)

  • The Making of the Constitution

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    discuss John P. Roche’s views on the framing of the Constitution. He begins talking about the “Founding Fathers.'; He called great democratic politicians. He says that even though they were great politicians, they had to proceed with caution. This was because they did not want to upset the public. They needed to keep the people’s interest in concern at all times. Roche said that the “Founding Father’s'; relied on experience not reason. He argues that even though the

  • The Fall of Carrie and Hurstwood

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    adornment for women, and she longed for dress and beauty with a whole heart" (Dreiser, 21). Carrie is aroused by "something promising in all the material prospect" that Drouet had to offer (Dreiser, 5). While her background does subconsciously caution her momentarily, she ignores her misgivings in exchange for the happiness that Drouet's success might bring her. The same things that entice Carrie to Drouet also entice her to Hurstwood. Perhaps it is safe to say that Carrie came to Chicago in

  • Edith Warton's The Age of Innocence

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    life he was required to lead was boring; he knew that the view his society had of women was oppressive. Newland rarely let these opinions out into the open, hiding them from the scrutinizing eyes of old New York. On one occasion Newland threw caution to the wind and his radical thoughts became voice as he was talking with Mr. Sillerton Jackson. “Women ought to be free-as free as we are, he declared, making a discovery of which he was too irritated to measure the terrific consequences. (41)”

  • An Analytical Essay on the Significance of the Players in Hamlet

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    enthusiastic approach toward direction may be so that he encourages the players to "suit the action to the word, the word to the/ action, with this special observance, that you o'erstep not/ the modesty of nature" (16-18).  However, this exercise of caution may justify Hamlet's too often delayed attempt toward the action of avenging his father's murder.  His direction confines him to the overflow of words as he experiences imprisonment within the truth of his own identity. Hamlet grants himself the

  • Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary

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    thoughts and inability to move past this dream prevent her from developing into a round character. Flaubert accentuates this point by displaying Emma’s romantic struggles with Charles, Leon, and Rodolphe. Through this, Emma ultimately creates a scornful caution against living her life through a novel. While in her physical state during pregnancy in which she was "filling out over her uncorseted hips" (Flaubert 62), Emma creates a contrast to the flatness of "her affection" for her baby which" was perhaps

  • The Character of Alice in Animal Dreams

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    misfit of time and circumstance; an emotionally distraught and distant man who attempted to resemble a father but veered more towards the tin man. Homero existed beyond his wife as only a page out of an instruction manual, the one with the caution statement. Homero's delicate heart decided that the only way to endure Alice's death was to flush any remembrance or resemblance of her out of his fortified technical realm which throughout the novel becomes increasingly skewed. Kingsolver pushes

  • Psychoanalytic Approach to Little Red Riding Hood

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    principle theory that all human behavior is primarily motivated by sexuality. Throughout Perrault's version of "Little Red Riding Hood," veiled sexual implications are in abundance. In fact, the moral suggests that the entire purpose of the story is to caution against the "smooth-tongued…dangerous beasts" which like to rob young ladies of their innocence. Likewise, the hungry wolf does not simply eat the grandmother. Instead, Perrault distinctly portrays that before consumption, "he threw himself on the

  • Theme of Deception in Much Ado About Nothing

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    attitudes to each other. In I.1 Don Pedro offers to play Claudio and win Hero for him. This plan is overheard, and misreported to Antonio. His excited retailing of the false news of Don Pedro's love for Hero to Leonato is, however, not without some caution: the news will be good as 'the event stamps them; but the have a good cover, they show well outward' (I.2.6). Leonato shows a sense here that he could well do with later in the play: 'Hath the fellow any wit that told you this?' . . . 'we will hold

  • The Effect of Hypnosis on Eyewitness Testimony

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    study by Hilgard (1965), you can clearly see how suggestions of negative visual hallucination and others can distort the participants' recall. Therefore the effect of hypnosis on eyewitness testimony is indeed a big effect and should be used with caution. Study: Yuille and McEwan 1985 Aim: to find out more about the belief that hypnosis doesn't improve recall and the use of too many leading questions during interviews. Method: participants were tested to see how affected they were by hypnosis

  • Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ

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    social-glue flowing. Gibson risked a lot to produce this movie, and has been one of the first major stars to be open with his faith. Although this movie will allow people to view the story of Christ, many mainline Christian groups are urging caution to those who see it. “The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's (ELCA) Jewish-Christian dialogue committee issued a statement, saying, in part, ‘We can expect that Mr. Gibson's project will shape or reshape understandings of this... ... middle