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  • Avoiding a Malthusian Catastrophe

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    the other hand, “Necessity is the mother of all invention,” albeit in another context. So, which is it? Are we doomed to unchecked population growth followed by Malthusian catastrophe, or can we avoid it through increased food production, decreasing population growth rates, or some other means? To say Malthusian catastrophe is inevitable is completely unwarranted. Is it possible? Certainly – it is only logical that if human population reached levels which far outstripped food supply, the resulting

  • Catastrophe Modelling Essay

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    reinsurance companies tend to develop and apply Catastrophe Modelling (which is referred to as CAT modelling as well) in order to analyze and mitigate associated risks within such events. Modelling natural and man-made disasters is primary applicable in the insurance industry, however, it contains and requires the involvement of of actuarial science, engineering, meteorology, and seismology. The well-recognized insurance market Lloyd’s defines Catastrophe Modelling as “A CAT model is a computerised system

  • The Post Catastrophe Society

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    The Post Catastrophe Society Response This portfolio is based on a workshop which we did in drama our drama lessons, it was called "The Post Catastrophe Society". The workshop was based on a text scenario which we were given by our teacher Mr McCarthy, and it shows the reactions to a immense disaster that makes crowds of certain 'selected' people try to tolerate living in an underground world, in which all of their former laws, rules, traditions and lives have been thrown out of the window

  • Catastrophe Bonds: The New Insurance

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    Catastrophe bonds are a new type of insurance securitization and have become increasingly popular in the insurance industry throughout the 21st century. Unlike traditional reinsurance products, cat bonds are “fixed income instruments issued primarily by insurers and reinsurers as a way of passing on their exposure to potential large financial risks associated with natural catastrophes” (Ip). in the form of an insurance linked security. These securities are designed to protect insurers and reinsurers

  • Arousal

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    Discussion: Arousal is an integral element that is needed when preparing ones-self for sporting competition ( or practice for that matter). According to Weinberg and Gould, the athlete must become aware of his or her psychologigal states before they can control any thoughts or feelings they may have. This means when preparing for competition it is important to create an arousal state that is indicative of the competition you are competeing in and be aware of that state in order to set yourself up

  • Enviornmental Catastrophes

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    Many people throughout the world deal with environmental destruction. Whether it is natural or man created, both end in sudden calamities. An example of a natural catastrophe is the 1997 Red River Flood in Grand Forks, North Dakota. One of the unique aspects of the Red River is that it flows North and empties into the lake Winnepeg in Canada. However, since temperature tends to get colder the farther north you get, ice-jamming is often a concern of the Red River during the spring season. The National

  • A magnificent Catastrophe

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    A Magnificent Catastrophe, written by Edward J. Larson, tells the story about the infamous and most significant election that the US has seen. The Election of 1800 changed the way in which our country elects a leader. This campaign was one of the first to become an actual “campaign” and it molded our country into what it is today. Larson knew it was important which is why the named the Election “The Second American Revolution” (Larson 2007, pg. 22). The Election was wild and vicious. The two parties

  • Memorable Christmas Catastrophes

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    Christmas catastrophes. There's no other way to describe them. Some people most likely remember the gift giving or receiving. Many memories likely involved family relations-you know, the bickering in-laws, the kids running all over the place, mothers and mothers-in-law with too much advice for the agitated cook. But most catastrophes happened in the kitchen, or were otherwise related to a dinner that was supposed to be special. We've all heard about the inexperienced cooks who tried to roast turkeys

  • Cosmetic Catastrophe

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    Every morning I wake up and stumble to the bathroom to begin the morning ritual that prepares me for the day. This ritual is centered around the application of cosmetics to my face. The application process generally begins with the cleansing of the face using face wash followed by lotion. Then the real works begins as I pull back my hair and start applying foundation, eye liner, mascara, blush, etc. Recently I have come to the realization that my morning ritual may be detrimental to the environment

  • A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions

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    A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions It is the year 2018. The future that once looked bright is now filled with devastation. Two years ago a small pox epidemic swept through the United States in the worst act of terrorism we have ever seen. Due to the belief small pox was gone for good, children were no longer vaccinated. If only we knew the enemy was manufacturing this virus as a lethal weapon to be unleashed in the United States. I do not