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I think that every author has a purpose and reason behind there writing. Most of it was to make aware of the catastrophe, damage and affect that the tsunami and earthquake had on the nations that it hit. Also some of the information in the articles was to make aware of the efforts other nations were doing to help those affected. Other articles explained the origin of such catastrophes. For example, one article explains how many years of built up strain on 2 faults in the, what is known as the Sumatra Subduction Zone, suddenly slipped past each other creating an earthquake. From which the Tsunamis that hit the many nations across the Indian Ocean were originated. My reaction to the articles and its findings were first how some authors think as to what they want to communicate. While the majority of authors focused on the damage the tsunami and earthquake caused and the death tolls there were some that focused on the origin of such events and predictions of when another one can happen and where. Others focused on actual interviewing of people affected and storytelling like writing of the events that the person saw and thought of at the time it happened. The articles really have not changed my views in anyway of the topic. I was very aware of the damages an earthquake can cause and how a tremor in the ocean can develop a tsunami. I was aware that one in our coast can happen from reading many books of history of tsunami’s and earthquakes. Actually before I graduated high school I wanted to study seismology and be a seismologist. I really can’t compare any experience iv had with the one in Asia. I did however experience an earthquake back in 1989. The Loma Prieta earthquake of 6.9 magnitude, that hit the bay area affected many lives including mine. I lived smack in the middle of the bay area at that time. My mom and dad both worked in Oakland and had to cross the two story Cypress freeway that collapsed. That day my mom was scheduled to work and did not go because she decided she had too many things to take care of. Usually around the time the quake took place she would be crossing that exact freeway that collapsed. Just to know or think that my mom could have been one of the victims trapped under

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