Cartel Essays

  • Essay On Diamond Cartel

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    opinion that a very shrewdly-created cartel disguises the very reason for these “rare” gems seemingly being worth your “pretty penny”. Based on the integration of a cartel of its type in the diamond market, I see it fit to say that the price of diamonds is set above what is reasonable. This essay will expound the role of the diamond cartel in cinching the high price charged by all those involved in selling diamonds. (Levenstein, Suslow, 2008: Cartel) states that cartels are agreements or associations between

  • Cali Cartel vs. Tijuana Cartel

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    groups that buy and distribute the drugs. In this essay I will discuss the similarities and differences of two of the largest growers and sellers in the drug trade: The Cali Cartel of Columbia and the Tijuana Cartel of Mexico. The Cali Cartel is the largest, richest, and most complex producers and distributors of cocaine. The cartel concentrates almost entirely in cocaine. Over time they have developed an extremely large and sophisticated distribution system and have generated an extraordinary amount

  • Coffee Producers Cartel

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    Coffee Producers Cartel A cartel explained by economists is a method of controlling the supply and demand effect and restricting prices from continual decrease. A cartel is an unlawful association or group of manufacturers or suppliers who get together to maintain high prices and restrict competition. In its simplest terms, a cartel is an agreement between businesses not to compete with each other. The agreement is usually verbal and often informal. Typically, cartel members may agree

  • Analysis Of The Sinaloa Cartel

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    By definition drug cartels are consider as any organization that promotes, controls, or is significantly involved in drug trafficking. But most of the drug cartel, also traffic other artifices. The first cartels to appeared and to smuggled drug in the United States were the Columbian cartels. Then, the Mexican cartel learn from them and then overpower them. Now, they control drug market and its transportation through the border between Mexico and the United States (a 1,900 miles long border). Cocaine

  • Collusive Agreements or Cartels in Various Industries

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    different types, why firms may enter into this agreement, then outline a past example and finally explain why this silent or spoken agreement may break down. Collusive agreements or cartels may however be created by governments to protect and positively influence markets, examples of this are the US sugar manufacturing cartel (operating between 1934-74) and OPEC which is still in operation today. Collusive behaviour exists only within an Oligopoly market structure as a result of the extreme mutual interdependency

  • The Mexican Drug Cartel

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    The Mexican drug cartel is made up of many different cartels, but the main one is the Sinaloa cartel. The Sinaloa cartel is one of the most dangerous cartels in mexico, it is also the most optimistic cartel in mexico, they will go to high extents into their projects. The leader of the Sinaloa cartel is Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, he is believed to be one of the most powerful drug lords in the whole world. There aren’t many organizations trying to stop the cartels besides the DEA which stands for Drug

  • Mexican Cartel Essay

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    The Influence of the Mexican Cartels in the United States Visiting a tourist attraction in Mexico, tourists do not realize the gruesome reality that Mexican civilians face on an everyday basis. Dead bodies cover the streets, the echo of gun shots ring through the streets daily, and seeing the cartels terrorize businesses. The rise of Mexico’s violence in the past decade has marked the country and made its way to the United States. The United States has ignored the problem for many years, since they

  • Sinaloa Cartel Essay

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    The Sinaloa Cartel, which was formerly led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, maintains the highest presence and impact in the United States. The U.S. law enforcement agencies like Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have described this cartel as the oldest, largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization in the Western Hemisphere with annual earnings estimating in the billions. Mexican authorities have been attempting to combat drug cartels for over a decade with limited success. Researchers

  • Mexican Cartel Essay

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    Rough Draft Millions of people die at the hands of cartels but despite that some people actually respect and love them. In the past year, Mexico's civil drug war has claimed some 6,300 lives. How and in what ways has the Mexican cartel affect the citizens of Mexico? Has the cartel done some good to the Mexican citizens or have they only done bad? The Mexican drug cartel that we know of today started in the early 1980’s when the Guadalajara Cartel got broken up by the United States Government for

  • The Mexican Drug Cartels

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    not been talked about for any of those descriptions I mentioned above lately. Mexico has become a country full of death and violence. The Mexican government has been fighting a war with drug traffickers since December 2006. At the same time, drug cartels have fought each other for control of territory. More than 60,000 people have been killed (CNN). Despite the “war” launched at these multi-billion dollar organized crime groups, Mexico has not been able to stop its slide as a failed state. Almost

  • Drug Cartel Crime Film

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    A Cuban immigrant rises in rank within a brutal drug cartel organization, while alienating and endangering his family. STORY COMMENTS ON FIRST 30 PAGES REGRET presents as an epic dramatic, cartel crime film. Comparable films are THE GODFATHER and GOODFELLAS. The main character being of Cuban descent makes this script stand out as being more unique. The script is driven by solid themes about power, control, redemption, revenge, and regret. The first 30 pages establish the protagonist’s ordinary

  • Sinaloa Cartel Tactics

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    Currently the Sinaloa Cartel utilizes guerrilla type tactics. The cartels in general are accustom to fighting again military forces rather than typical law enforcement techniques. Due to their experience in fighting military forces, they are more of a threat to U.S. forces. Part of their tactics against civilian populous is to instill fear. The cartels are very violent and will threaten the local populous with the lives of their family. They are known for their lethal tactics that involve kidnappings

  • Introduction To The Sinaloa Cartel

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    war heavily lead by the Sinaloa Cartel. B. Background: The Sinaloa Cartel has become one of the most predominate suppliers of illegal narcotics in the entire world. The United States alone has provided the cartel with a huge amount of business The Human Rights Watch 2013 report of drug cartel income, "Mexican drug cartels take in between $19 and $29 billion annually from U.S.

  • Mexican Cartels Essay

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    The cartels are constantly fighting to gain control over Mexican border territories. They will utilize tactics such as kidnapping, extortion, torture, assassinations, and murders in order to gain what they desire. Nothing will stand in their way, even if it involves the atrocities of extreme brutality, even death. There is one motivating factor that keeps the cartels fighting harder and smarter, that is the war on drugs itself. The demand for cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, MDMA, and marijuana

  • Sinaloa Cartel Essay

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    When the Mexican drug cartel first started out in the 1950’s and 60’s there were not many cartels, but since then there has been a dramatic increase in the number of cartels and the cartels have had a significant impact on the U.S. Throughout the drug cartels’ existence, an estimated 60,000 drug cartel members have been killed fighting other drug cartels for territory. Mexico is a main supplier of marijuana and methamphetamine in the U.S. and nearly 90% of the cocaine that enters the U.S. transits

  • Cartel Land Essay

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    We often hear stories about the Cartel and the drug wars and they aren’t the good stories we like to hear. It is a twisted situation, with the uprising conflicts between the Cartels and drug enforcement agents, between the corrupt and the corruptible, and those who have power and those who have no power. Then you have your hundred and thousands of citizens that work all day, who meets the violence from all possible sides. Cartel Land takes an in-depth look at the effects of vigilantism from both

  • Cartel Land Sparknotes

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    A critically-acclaimed documentary Cartel Land, (2015) directed and written by Matthew Heineman is a gritty, and daring tale documenting the lives of Tim Nailer Foley, and José Manuel 'El Doctor' Mireles, 2 men on 2 different fronts of the war on cartels, hell-bent on doing what their respective governments won’t and that being stopping Mexican drug cartels from plaguing their communities.. This award-winning documentary goes on placing the viewer on the frontlines showing the rough everyday lives

  • Essay On Mexican Cartel

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    Mexican Cartels Mexican Cartel’s beginnings have a interesting story. Mexican Cartels came to be when Pablo Escobar, the most powerful drug lord, started expanding even farther than just Colombia. He needed a quicker and more efficient way to get the product to the people who actually bought them. Mexico was a perfect spot to transport all the merchandise to United States. The gangs that distributed these products made a deal with Pablo Escobar and received some share of the merchandise for their

  • Sinaloa Cartel Essay

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    This paper attempts to examine the characteristics of the Sinaloa Cartel, which is revered as one of the most well established criminal organizations in Latin America having been quoted by Columbian newspaper El Tiempo, as controlling 35% of the cocaine exported from Columbia. Columbia itself is regarded as the largest producer of cocaine in the world. They have long been known to exploit transnational commerce and communications to protect and guide their illicit, profit driven activities. The

  • The Roles Of The Zetas And The Gulf Cartel

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    Navy Seals and Israeli special forces members deserted their ranks within the Mexican Army to join the Gulf Cartel as the security force for high ranking cartel operatives and as escorts for special shipments of drug trafficking. This was new for the Mexican military as thru the 80s and 90s the Mexican government had a generally laissez faire approach to cartels. Basically if the cartel wasn’t attacking the government and being blatantly obvious about their operations, then the government would