Drug Cartel Crime Film

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A Cuban immigrant rises in rank within a brutal drug cartel organization, while alienating and endangering his family.

REGRET presents as an epic dramatic, cartel crime film. Comparable films are THE GODFATHER and GOODFELLAS. The main character being of Cuban descent makes this script stand out as being more unique.
The script is driven by solid themes about power, control, redemption, revenge, and regret.
The first 30 pages establish the protagonist’s ordinary life, as he rises in ranks within a brutal drug cartel organization. This domain is depicted as violent and seduction. There’s betrayal, double crosses, romance, and murder. All of these elements fit appropriately for this type of world.
The first act features Ramon
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Isabella is strong and feisty and Miguel is protective of Isabella. Ramon is pushed around, but the scene reveals his anger issues when he pushes the boy into the path of the bus. This foreshadows more violence to come.
Catianna whispers to Velez that: She remembers him being inside her. It might work as a line foreshadowing a later reveal or twist, or maybe there’s no need for a line. She’s clearly dangerous and seductive. The tattoo of the serpent is well crafted to convey her personality.
The assassination of Famosa escalates the stakes and is the catalyst that propels the story forward. The bathroom scene after the murder feels a bit awkward. First, cut Velez saying, “Who?” when Ramon wants to know if he’s dead. Consider showing more inner conflict in Velez in the bathroom as he washes his hands – maybe a look at his reflection or rubbing his hands raw. Diego walks in the bathroom, but he shows no emotion to the murder that just took place.
The danger rises with the attempted assassination of Velez. It’s a good scene in which the audience is first teased by the teens in the car, only to then have the real attack
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