Cardiovascular Disease

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  • Cardiovascular disease

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    Cardiovascular disease is also known as heart attack, is a very common disease in the world, especially in the United States. As a fact, cardiovascular disease killed about 17 million people in the world every year. Most of them are caused by heart attacks and strokes. Cardiovascular disease can be caused by tobacco consumption and also smoking, it is also raises the risk of strokes. Another thing that can cause it is physical inactivity and also bad or unhealthy diet, this will lead too, which is

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

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    Cardiovascular diseases are also known as heart diseases. This is a class of diseases that affect the heart and the blood vessels. The blood vessels are the arteries, capillaries and the veins. Principally, cardiovascular diseases are diseases that affect the cardiovascular system. Therefore, they include diseases that affect the heart, vascular diseases that affect the brain and the kidney, and peripheral arterial diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are caused by atherosclerosis and hypertension.

  • Cardiovascular Disease

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    The leading cause of death in the United States is a heart and blood vessel disease called Cardiovascular Disease. This type of heart disease occurs when a “substance called plaque builds up in the arteries that supply blood to the heart” (CAD). This presents of plaque is made up of the excess cholesterol that embeds itself into the inner walls of the hearts coronary arteries. When this occurs it causes a condition called atherosclerosis, “the gradual build up of plaque in the blood vessels that

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    bypass surgery and won’t be able to attend any of your games, which will keep most of your family members from being able to as well because they are trying to take care of him. That was the reality for my best friend, Kathy Jo, last year. Cardiovascular disease does run in their family, so his diagnosis was understandable, but still came as a shock because he was so young and fit. Her dad is fine now and by the end of the year was well enough to go and support her in the last months of her senior

  • Cardiovascular Disease

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    Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in the United States accounts for the highest portion of heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack. It can occur when plaque, or cholesterol deposits in the blood, accumulate in the arteries and lead to blockages in the area, which accounts for atherosclerosis, or narrowing of the blood vessels. When these blood vessels start to close, the volume of blood that reaches the heart decreases at an increasing rate. With time, this leads to a weakened heart muscle that

  • Cardiovascular Disease

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    Due to the very high burden of cardiovascular disease in the general population, there have been many treatment developed to treat it. Various types of medicine have been shown to reduce the heart’s total workload and relieve symptoms of cardiovascular disease, decrease an individual’s chances of having heart-related complications, lower one’s LDL cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and other CVD risk factors, prevent blood clots, and prevent or delay the need for a treatment procedure or surgery

  • Cardiovascular Disease

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    preventing calcium ions from entering cells of the heart and blood vessel walls. They relax and widen these vessels by working on the cells in the muscles of the arterial walls by serving as antagonists to the channels that accept calcium in the cardiovascular system. They work because calcium serves as a crucial second messenger physiologically and is commonly used in channels, exchangers, and pumps. Calcium is also involved in the depolarization of the cardiac muscle cells, which govern the contraction

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    Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death around the world (1), killing more people than any other cause. Cardiovascular disease, also known as heart disease, can be caused by environmental factors, particularly a person’s choice in life style, but is also attributed to underlying genetic factors. Cardiovascular disease causes 25% of deaths in the United Sates, to bring that fact to peoples attention the month of February has been named the “American Heart Month”. A person’s choice in

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    Cardiovascular diseases include a wide range of heart abnormalities, as well as diseases of other parts of the circulatory system, such as the coronary arteries, ther cerebrovascular system, the aorta and pulmonary vessels, and the peripheral arteries and veins. Abnormalities of these structures may be either congenital or acquired over time. It has been said that cardiovascular disease kills about 954,000 people annually, including more than 156,000 people under the age of sixty-five years. "Between

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    Cardiovascular Disease in the African American Community Causes, Preventions, and Treatments Cardiovascular disease (CVD) refers to the dysfunctional conditions of the heart, arteries, and veins that supply oxygen to vital life- sustaining areas of the body like the brain, the heart itself and other vital organs. Since the term cardiovascular disease refers to any dysfunction of the cardiovascular system there are many different diseases in the cardiovascular category, and many of these diseases