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  • Cardinal Richelieu

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    Cardinal Richelieu Cardinal Richelieu was born Armand Jean du Plessis in Paris in September of 1585. The name Richelieu came from the name of his family's estate. The du Plessis' were considered minor nobility and Armand's grandfather, Louis, secured their place in court through marriage to Francoise de Rochechouart, an important family at the time. Louis died young and left five sons, the second oldest of whom, Francois, was Richelieu's father. Francois also died young, leaving his family in dire

  • The Accomplishments of Cardinal Richelieu

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    The Accomplishments of Cardinal Richelieu Up until the mid 17th century, it was evident that France was by no means a major player in the field of European affairs. Spain was still the most powerful state as it held a dominant monopoly over European commerce and economics. However, by 1648, this power would shift, and France would come into it's own in terms of political and economic influence. The transfer of power was aided by a weakening of the Spanish Empire, along with the establishment

  • Political Testament of Cardinal Richelieu

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    Louis XIII, had come to the throne in 1610 at the age of nine, leaving the running of the kingdom to his mother, Marie de Medici. One of her court favorites, Armand de Plessis de Richelieu, rose through the ranks, eventually gaining the title of Cardinal and becoming one of Louis’ key advisors and minister. His political manifesto, Political Testament, was a treatise for King Louis XIII that offered him advice mainly concerned with the management and subtle subjugation of the nobles and the behavior

  • Cardinal Richelieu's Contribution to the Growth of the French State

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    justify the means", applies greatly to Cardinal Richelieu, as he was a very ambitious politician, and would do anything that he saw as possible to strengthen the position of France and the king. Koenigsberger argues that, in relation to the wars of religion, "royal authority was restored largely by the energy of Louis XIII's chief minister, Cardinal Richelieu" . Richelieu had many advantages being chief minister. One of these advantages was that he was a cardinal. The Catholic Church was an extremely

  • D'Artagnan

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    pursue his love interest, Madame Bonacieux. D'Artagnan's bravery also allows him to become a soldier, and later, a musketeer. It also gives D'Artagnan the courage to battle against the cardinal, despite his power. Thus, his bravery also gets him into trouble. D'Artagnan is constantly at battle against the cardinal and his agents. However, D'Artagnan is not alone in his battles. His friends support him throughout the book. And, D'Artagnan is equally allegiant to his friends. He supports his friends

  • The Three Musketeers & Alexandre Dumas

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    Alexandre Dumas’s novels and in particular The Three Musketeers are so great for his ability to mix fact with fiction. As a historical novel, The Three Musketeers bases its story around some major characters and events of 17th century, French history. Cardinal Richelieu, Anne of Austria, and other important characters really lived and acted the way they do in the novel. In fact, the historical basis of Dumas's story extends all the way to his initial idea for the novel, even to the Musketeers and d’Artagnan

  • Nick Carraway as Honest Liar in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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    "Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known" (Fitzgerald Gatsby 64). So writes Nick Carraway in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, characterizing himself in opposition to the great masses of humanity as a perfectly honest man. The honesty that Nick attributes to himself must be a nearly perfect one, by dint of both its rarity and its "cardinal" nature; Nick asserts for himself that he is among

  • Importance Of Cardinal Virtues

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    venial ones, we are in danger of forming bad habits, called vices. The danger of developing a vice is that it makes it easier to commit sin without seriously thinking about it. Eventually, this makes it easier to commit mortal sin. If we develop the cardinal virtues in our life, and practice all other virtues and pure our mind, we become a person of moral character. To have character means that you do the right thing, even under difficult circumstances. Virtues are firm attitudes, stable demeanors,

  • The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

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    they see the landlord's wife with the queen of Spain's secret lover, the duke of Buckingham. She gave him a gift of twelve diamond tags. The cardinal finds out that the queen has given the duke of Buckingham the diamond tags, he asks the king to give a ball and demand her to wear the gift he gave her, the twelve diamond tags. Milady is ordered by the cardinal to steal 2 diamond tags, from the 12, and use it as blackmail. Immediately, the three musketeers and d'Artagnan go to London to help the queen

  • The Model Theory Of Dedekind Algebras

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    integers. Each Dedekind algebra can be decomposed into a family of disjointed, countable subalgebras which are called the configurations of the algebra. There are many isomorphic types of configurations. Each Dedekind algebra is associated with a cardinal value function called the confirmation signature which counts the number of configurations in each isomorphism type occurring in the decomposition of the algebra. Two Dedekind algebras are isomorphic if their configuration signatures are identical

  • Pope Francis The life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio

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    Pope Francis who's full name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio is currently the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. Bergoglio was born on December 17, 1936 to Mario Jose Bergoglio and Regina Maria Sivori. Francis was the first Pope that has ever been from the Americas, since his birthplace was Buenos Aires, Argentina, so this makes him the first non-European Pope in over one thousand years. In this Pope’s childhood he overcame a serious and almost fatal problem. Francis had to have a lung removed at a young

  • The Death Of The Virgin

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    presence of art, living with a painter for four years before moving to Rome to work as an assistant to other painters. In about 1595, he began to sell his paintings through a dealer, who brought him to the attention of the Cardinal. At the age of 24, he was called upon by the Cardinal Francesco del Monte to paint for a church. He was criticized a lot for the realistic and dramatic nature of his works. Despite the criticism, he was a recognized, and eventually envied painter. While in Rome, he was imprisoned

  • Ludovico Ariosto Research Paper

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    Nicoli and Daria Ariosto. Nicoli was the governor of Reggio, which probably influenced his son’s choice of career. At an early age, Ariosto began to study law. Thus began his career in politics. From 1503 to 1517 he served at the court of the Cardinal Ippolito d’Estes as a courtier, ambassador, and administrator. In 1518 it is rumored that he fell out of the Cardinal’s favor, so he sought employment with the Cardinal’s brother, the Duke Alfonso of Ferrara. Ariosto made Ferrara

  • Vice Virtue Essay

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    After viewing the films Remember the Titans and Seven in class it made me realize all of the things in the media swirling around vice and virtue. Nearly everything we use as entertainment in the media revolves around these seven cardinal sins, the vices, and the seven cardinal virtues. The truth is our society today thrives on these things; many times we will not watch or listen to something that is all good, the evil is needed to supplement the entertainment factor. Our society enjoys watching struggle

  • Reading and Writing Skills

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    I remember thinking that she was the prettiest lady I had ever met (besides my mom) and I did everything I could to try to impress her. There were two different reading groups in my class. The better readers were the cardinals and all of the others were the robins. I was a cardinal. Mrs. Garza would sit with us and we’d read different stories and that was how we improved. I was definitely an over-achiever back then when it came to school. Reading was so interesting to me. ... ... middle of

  • The Cardinal of the Kremlin, Kremlin

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    The Cardinal of the Kremlin,   In Tom Clancy's The Cardinal of the Kremlin, there are many characters who play significant, but small roles. They may show up at one part of the book and never resurface again, due to the fact that this book is more about a situation than a person. There are three characters, however, that do appear more relevant and more often than the others, these characters are the Archer, Misha, and Jack Ryan. The Archer was an Afghan of about thirty years of age. He was

  • Paul's Case by Willa Cather - Socrates’ Perspective of the Courageous Paul

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    "model" father. Paul feels that these things are unjust and detrimental to his life. Due to the unjust things in his life, he decides to rid himself of them by running away. Later on when he decides to kill himself, he showcases his possession of the cardinal virtues. Paul's decision to kill himself is just, and therefore moderate, wise, and courageous. Paul is just in killing himself because he possesses moderation. Socrates says moderation is agreement between the classes of society (432b). For an

  • Saint Philip Neri

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    his young clergy men ordained to the priesthood. Saint Philip lived to be eighty years of age. In the year 1595, he was struck by an unusual violent fever and was confined to his bed for the entire month of April. Cardinal Caesar Baronius game him Extreme Unction and Cardinal Frederick Borromeo, an intimate friend, brought him Holy Viaticum. His entire congregation accompanied him on his deathbed. It was shortly after midnight on May 26th, 1595 that he passed away. Saint Philip was noted

  • Physics Behind Why Rockets Fly

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    In order for any rocket to fly, it must obey some basic rules of physics. No rocket can escape the cardinal rule that the center of gravity must be in front of the center of pressure. Center of Gravity The Center of Gravity or Cg is the point that behaves as if all the mass was concentrated in that one spot. Simply put it is the point at which you could balance the rocket on your finger. The Cg is also the point around which the rocket rotates. This becomes very important for the rocket's

  • Everyone In A Man For All Seasons Is Pursuing Their Own Ends. What Mak

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    to spy on others for the King's benefit. One instance of this is on the night More goes to visit cardinal Wolsey, Cromwell ‘ magically' appears as More is on his way home. He asks of More, "You left him…in his laughing mood, I hope?" This was Cromwell's method of establishing whether the divorce had been discussed between More and the Cardinal that evening. For if it was, there was no way the Cardinal could be in any sort of "…laughing mood." One thing Cromwell fails to realise is that by doing his