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  • Essay On Car Safety

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    Car Safety Features Essay Nowadays, technological developments are made on a daily basis. One of these developments is in the manufacture of cars. These modern cars are able to reach farther distances in a shorter period of time; attaining a much faster speed, and thus making commuting a lot more efficient. However, on the other hand, increased car accidents is also a byproduct of this technological advancement. Car accidents lead to injuries, even deaths, generating pain, suffering, and economic

  • Car Safety

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    Traffic and Safety Administration). In an accident seat belts are usually the difference between life or death. The NHTSA estimates that over 7,000 lives could be saved if the victims had used their seat belts. There are also many other safety features of a car, like the airbags, zones, and even padded dashboards. Car safety is very important in our everyday lives, and there needs to be more awareness about the effects of not being safe in a car. The most common safety feature of the car is its seat

  • Car Safety

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    CAR SAFETY Active and Passive: Car safety features are grouped into two categories: Active and Passive. Active feature are designed to reduce the likelihood of a crash. Things such as tires, brakes, lights and steering are active features. The most important of all of them however is the driver. Passive safety features aim to reduce the damage done to a car’s occupants in the event of a crash. These include things like seatbelts, airbags, and crumple zones. For all these features any car can still

  • Car Seat Safety

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    Car seats became a major priority for your child's safety in the car. safety is your number one priority for your child's safety. About 30 years ago car seats weren't required for children, only half of all the children under the age of five were riding in a car seat. in the US I will give 10 common mistakes people do for your child's safety in a car and car seat. Many people don't look back on a car seat's history before buying it. You don't want a car seat more that six years old. Make sure

  • Driverless Car Safety

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    if you got to sit and relax in your car while you were going somewhere but not actually having to drive? Well thanks to the advanced technology driverless cars are already in the making. People may think it is a good idea for the United States to move toward a society with driverless cars but it is not because the cars would have safety issues, the cars wouldn’t be able to go very far without help from humans and the car will be expensive. The driverless car also would not be able to drive very

  • Car Crash Forces And Car Safety

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    Car crash forces and car safety are important things to understand when driving. Using Newton's laws of motion, how does a car crash happen scientifically? Besides looking at safety features your car has, to prevent you from getting in a crash such as car cameras, horns, and GPS, what other forces in the car prevent you from getting injured? After participating in many labs dealing with how the force works and reading an article called, “Car Safety” I found some answers to those questions. Forces

  • Issues in car safety

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    Introduction Movement is an everyday household word that we use instead of saying motion. Motion is a change of an objects placement in relation to the direction it went and time. Motion was explained by a now famous scientist who goes by the name of Issac Newton. He came up with the 3 laws of motion. The law that is being focused in is Newton’s first law, often called “Newton’s first law of inertia”. Newton’s first law is commonly stated as “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion

  • Car Safety: An Essay Summary: Automobile Safety

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    Munoz Civics P.2 December 8, 2017 Automobile Safety Automobiles have been around for well over a century now. I think the most impressive thing about cars in today’s world is the safety features that come with the cars. Think about how much testing goes into making one car. There is seriously so many things that companies have to take into consideration when building a new automobile to assure that it is safe enough for the consumers. Automobile safety has advanced extremely and is continuing to

  • Car Seat Safety Essay

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    The main concern of new parents is what car seat is right for their newborn baby. Not only do they have to decide what car seat is right for them they have to make the more important decision which is if they should go rear facing or forward facing. In 2008, research was done to provide the information that kids under the age of two are 75% less likely to become injured in a rear facing car seat. Rear facing and forward facing seats have pros and cons depending on the severity and type of crash

  • The Use of Computers on Car Crash-Analysis Programs

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    Computers on Car Crash-Analysis Programs In the world today, computers are used in every field. Be it a major space exploration or a small chore like cleaning our room. The use of computers has made our lives easier but at the same time a computer failure can make our lives miserable too. We trust computers more than we trust anything else these days. We use computers to communicate, share personal information, buy goods online, etc. We also trust computers with our safety. Starting from

  • Seat Belt Enforcement Laws are Beneficial

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    physicians determined that a lap belt should be used in automobiles to avoid serious injury or a fatality. Over the years, the simple two-point lap belt has evolved into a multiple point seat belt used for many different types of driving. Racer car drivers generally use a five-point harness. However, for normal every day driving “the three-point”, lap and shoulder combination “is considered the safest version and is the kind found in most vehicles today” (“Seat Belts”, 2010). Seat belts are

  • Dangers of Driving

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    dangerous if not more dangerous than murder and suicide? A car accident is. Being in the seat of a vehicle put’s a driver’s life in jeopardy the instant they are in the seat of a vehicle. Adam Ford explains drivers licenses were issued first in the 1900s and conditions have changed substantially: More powerful cars exist, and more are on the road (Ford). With this notion, Ford explains why cars are more dangerous on the road; however, the types of cars that exist in present times are not the sole reason

  • Increasing the Driver´s Age

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    Car crashes are the leading cause of severe injury and death among teenagers. "In 2010, seven teens aged 16-19 died everyday from motor vehicle injuries." (Injury Prevention and Control: Motor Vehicle Safety) The reason these accidents are happening is because too many teens are getting behind the wheel without enough experience or common sense. Many studies have shown that teens are more likely to be distracted, experiment with drugs and alcohol, and take more risks in general with their vehicles

  • Pros And Cons Of The Legal Driving Age

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    Qu: Should the legal driving age for obtaining a learner’s permit be increased to 18 years old? A question commonly thrown around between road safety groups and the government is about the legal driving age. Some say that the legal driving age should be raised to 18, whereas others say it should be kept at 16 years. The majority of accidents involving young people all revolve around kids who have only just gotten their P plates. Accidents like these most likely occur when the driver is with friends

  • Cars and Road Safety

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    dangerous pieces of machinery. With the rates of injuries and fatalities caused by vehicles continuously increasing, it has become the role of engineers to evaluate and improve the measures taken to prevent further damage. One major aspect of road safety is intersections, where the possibility of collisions is very high. 20% of all accidents occur within 100m intersections (K.W Ogden, 2001). The intersection that will be discussed in this report is the Broadwater Rd and Newnham Rd intersection at

  • Car Safety Case Study

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    Auto Repair Shops Lewisville, TX The mechanics of Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops Lewisville, TX want driving your vehicle to be a safe experience. Read on to learn how to improve your vehicle safety. Automobile accidents are a risk associated with driving. The leading cause of accidents is impaired drivers due to texting, alcohol, and drug use of both legal and illegal kind. Driver error is an additional cause of crashes. Driver error can be numerous things, including distraction, fatigue

  • Should the Driving Age be Raised to 21?

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    effect that that would cause. For instance, if the age increased, teenagers would lose independence and freedom, parents would have to sacrifice their time and freedom, and even though teenagers die in car crashes every year, it would not decrease the overall number of deaths per year. Driving a car and obtaining a driver’s license does perhaps seem to provide people with a great sense of independence and freedom. Teenagers need to feel independent in order to learn to become successful on their own

  • Persuasive Essay On Car Safety

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    automobiles safer in order to reduce these deaths. Teenage drivers are inexperienced and need the extra protection to keep them safe if an incident was to occur. Automobile safety features are necessary for the teenage driver to stay protected and alert. Modern internet technology is introduced into new vehicles as a safety feature. One recent idea is having connectivity between vehicles. Ankeeta Patel of Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology presents the Seatbelts have been around since

  • Safety Changes In The Race Car

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    Safety changes are not only changes within the racecar or to what the drivers wear, there have also been changes to the walls that surround the tracks. Many officials realized that there was an increase in high impact crashes into walls (Aumann). In the article, “SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS, CHANGES DEFINE RACING ERAS”, Aumann states, “Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Tony George began looking for a solution”. There were many attempts to create a safer wall. The first attempt, “was designed by retired

  • Persuasive Essay On Car Safety

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    done before making the big decision of what vehicle to buy. When making that decision, would you want to buy a car if it is not the safest vehicle out there? Not everyone can purchase a truck due to different life situations. If life did not influence how a person purchased a vehicle, would that person become a proud new owner of a vehicle if it is not the safest out there? Modern day cars are