Car Safety

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Did you know that seat belts save over 13,000 lives each year, according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration). In an accident seat belts are usually the difference between life or death. The NHTSA estimates that over 7,000 lives could be saved if the victims had used their seat belts. There are also many other safety features of a car, like the airbags, zones, and even padded dashboards. Car safety is very important in our everyday lives, and there needs to be more awareness about the effects of not being safe in a car. The most common safety feature of the car is its seat belt. Unfortunately this is also the most commonly ignored feature of the car. You can increase your chances of surviving a car crash by 50% just by putting on your seat belt. There are different types of seat belts. The most common one on cars that you buy are the three point seat belts. They stretch across your shoulder and your lap for better protection if you are in a crash. There is a lot of engineering that goes into seat belt, and the technology that we have today makes them as safe as they can possibly be. Your seat belt automatically secures you as so as the ignition is turned on. If your car comes to an abrupt stop, your seat belt stops you from moving forward because it has pretensioners that tighten the seat belt and prevent you from flying through the windshield. The seat belt is connected to a retractor mechanism that has a spring to rotate it. It has the technology to lock itself during a collision. It can either be triggered by the car or belt’s abrupt movement. Airbags are also an important asset to a car’s safety features. In moderate to severe crashes, the airbags stop you from hitting harder parts of the car which can result in serious injury. Newer models of cars have been modified and have a variety of airbags. Say your car was hit from the side

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