What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cameras

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The Use of Cameras to Provide Better Justice Cameras go way back to the year 1879, and have advanced greatly throughout the years. They used to be huge and bulky with all kinds of attachments and stands. Now they are so small and thin that they are put in everyday items that we use, for instance, cell phones and laptops. Backs then cameras were less than $40 and they were made with glass that was 6.5 by 8.5 inches thick (Patti). Now in this time of age, cameras can go from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars depending on the camera, and they are much smaller with clearer pictures now. In 1912 Kodak came out with the Vest Pocket camera, which sold for only six dollars. It had a glass lens of 2 1/4 by 3 1/4 inches thick, which is much…show more content…
In this case, some of the pros of police officers wearing body cameras are that the cameras record all interactions that police officers have with citizens. These body cameras provide evidence of every interaction while the cop is on-duty. These body cameras can end most rumors that are created by public, and get rid of false witnesses or faulty information. The camera may also provide proof of witnesses so that they may be contacted for questioning. These cameras will also make court processes much faster, so that there is more time in court for more important and serious cases. Minor cases as well as large cases will not be dragged out as long with the information the body cameras could proved resulting in smaller court fines as well. These are some of the pros of body cameras. However there are always two sides to every story according to the article "Police Departments Implement Body-Worn Cameras". One of the cons to police officers wearing body cameras is that the police officer has full control of when the camera is on or off. They would manually have to turn on the camera every time they get in and out of the cop cars. Another con is for citizens who may not feel comfortable with the camera, for instance a sexual assault victim may not want their situation to be recorded. The citizen will be able to ask for the police officer to turn the camera off if the citizen prefers. Another problems of cameras are people privacy; they do not want people in the background to be shown. They would have to blur out the faces, before they blur out the faces they would talk to them about what they saw for a witness. Another problem that they could face is money. Money soon adds up. Depending on the camera you buy it can range anywhere from $300 and $1700. That does not include the storage where all this record videos are going. In South Carolina, they have already set 2 million dollars to the side to start having police wear body
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