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  • Influence Of Calypso Music

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    Calypso Music and its Political and Cultural Influence When looking at music from Latin America, there are vast differences in the styles and types of music found. From Mexico’s mariachi to Brazil’s congado, music in Latin America is very different with each style having its own flavor. Each country possesses music that illustrates its history, and cultural evolution in its music, rhythm, and lyrics. For the southern and eastern Caribbean that music is Calypso. With its direct origins to African

  • Calypso In The Caribbean Essay

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    Dr. Champagne December 11, 2013 Calypso in the Caribbean “She say she don’t like bamboo/but she don’t mind meh cane/She say cane juice real sweet/it does reach to she brain” are song lyrics from the calypso song “Sweet Cane Juice” sung in Roger McTair’s short story, “Visiting”. According to Britannica Encyclopedia, calypso is “a type of folk song primarily from Trinidad though sung elsewhere in the southern and eastern Caribbean islands. The subject of a calypso text, usually witty and satiric

  • The Double Standard: Women Cast into the Shadow's of Men

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    From the 12th century B.C. to today women have been pestered by the double standard. They have had to endure constant reminders that it is a man's world and they are just living in it. While women have tried to and continue to fight the double standard through various feminist movements overtime the problem still persists. The "war on women", as some like to call it, is nothing new and judging by how long the double standard has been around, it seems unlikely that the bar of equality between men

  • Examples Of Values In The Odyssey

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    what had happened to him there. Throughout this passage, the three main values reflected in Calypso and Odysseus’ actions are restraint/temptation, loyalty, and humility. In the following paragraphs, there will be explanations that dig deeper into the values shown in this passage. To start off, this passage shows the value of restraint and temptation. Odysseus shows his restraint towards the goddess Calypso when he denies “her beauty and her offer of immortality” (Odyssey 77) in attempt to have him

  • Odyssey

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    these oppositions they helped Odysseus to get back home to Ithaca, whether they wanted to or not. These women from the novel that have opposing qualities, yet help Odysseus get home and finish off the suitors, are Penelope and Clytemnestra, Circe and Calypso, and Eurycleia and Melantho. This similarity of situation: Agamemnon = Odysseus; Orestes=Telemakhos. Clytemnestra is a disloyal wife and a cruel woman, while Penelope is a devoted spouse and a wonderful lady. When King Agamemnon goes away to fight

  • Homer & The Odyssey

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    band of suitors is living off of his wealth as they woo his wife, Penelope. The epic then tells of Odysseus's ten years of traveling, during which he has to face such dangers as the man-eating giant Polyphemus and such subtler threats as the goddess Calypso, who offers him immortality if he will abandon his quest for home. The second half of the poem begins with Odysseus's arrival at his home island of Ithaca. Here, exercising infinite patience and self-control, Odysseus tests the loyalty of his servants;

  • Free Essays on Homer's Odyssey: Book 5

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    Book 5 finally introduces Odysseus and his captor Calypso. The beginning of the novel illustrates how Odysseus is torn between the charm and will of Calypso and the love and loyalty to the family he has left behind. Calypso is described as beautiful; her island as a virtual Eden and her home a magnificent palace that awes even the gods themselves. Before Hermes delivers the order to release Odysseus he gazes in wonder of Calypso’s abode. Calypso offers Odysseus immortality, to live the life of a

  • Temptations Of Odysseus

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    Temptations of Odysseus Odysseus: a hero in every way. He is a real man, skilled in the sports, handy with a sword and spear, and a master of war strategy. Most of the challenges and adventures in his return voyage from Troy show us this even if we had no idea of his great heroic stature and accomplishments in the Trojan war. I found in my reading of the Odyssey that most of the trials the gods place upon him are readily faced with heroic means. These challenges are not necessarily welcomed by Odysseus

  • The Character Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey

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    org/19300/data/Odyssey/odysseus.html). It saved him and his men many times. "When the poem opens, it is the tenth year since the fall of Troy, and Odysseus has not yet returned to his home in the island of Ithaca, but is detained in Ogygia, an island in the west, by the nymph Calypso" ( Homer (fl. 850 B.C.). The Odyssey. The Harvard Classics. 1909-14). "In disguise as an old friend of Odysseus', Athena travels to his manor in Ithaka, now overrun with noisy, lustful suitor's intent on marrying Odysseus'

  • Powerful Women of Homer's Odyssey

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    Homer characterizes the women in his poem as the real counterparts of men-they have real feelings, real plans and are able to accomplish them on their own. Some of the more impressive and intriguing women in the book are Nausicaa, Arete, Circe, Calypso, Penelope, Helen and Athena. Nausicaa is a sweet girl, and on the outside she may appear to just be the stereotypical woman, but, in the poem she has much more depth.  She is the daughter of a king with dreams of her wedding and other girlish

  • Strong Penelope of Homer's Odyssey

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    The Strong Penelope of The Odyssey "My lady, there is no man in the wide world who could find fault with you. For your fame has reached broad heaven itself, like that of some illustrious king."(Page 289,Book 19) In Homer's epic, The Odyssey, Odysseus is an epic hero with an epic wife, Penelope. Penelope is also the Queen of Ithaca, a vital role indeed. Penelope's love and devotion towards Odysseus is proven when she waits nineteen years for her husband to return from the wine dark sea, rather

  • The Telemachy In Homer's Odyssey

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    The Importance of the Telemachy in Developing Major Themes of Odyssey       As we begin to read the Odyssey, one of the surprising facts is that we do not meet the famed hero until we are well into Book V, on Calypso's island of Ogygia. However, during these introductory four books, we learn of the situation in Ithaca, Odysseus' plight, some of the most important themes of the story and of course Odysseus' son Telemachus. Homer keeps us in suspense, building the reputation of Odysseus by the

  • Odysseus and Aeneas Similar with Important Differences

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    Trojan War. He left to serve his country. After hard work he was victorious. He was forced to go to Hell and back when he was to go home. Of course he did take a long break in paradise to experience the good life. Odysseus landed on the island of Calypso. She is immortal and fell in love with Odysseus. They spent the days having passionate sex and he had the opportunity to stay there forever drinking nectar and eating ambrosia. So why’d he leave? He wanted to go home. Home is extremely important

  • Essay On Calypso Rose

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    known as Calypso Rose. Calypso Rose is the ambassador of Caribbean music. Calypso Rose was born in Trinidad and Tobago on April 27, 1940. She lived her earlier life in a village name Bethel, which was on the island of Tobago. Rose lived in a two-bedroom house along with her parents and ten other siblings. Rose father was a preacher and also a leader of the Spiritual Shouter Baptist. Although Rose grandfather and grandmother was musical, her family did not approve of her singing Calypso in carnival

  • reggae music

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    applied today to reggae’s precursor styles, including mento, ska, and rock steady. (World Book encyclopedia, 2000) The origins of reggae can be traced to the 1940s and the emergence of mento, a hybrid that combines African folk-music traditions with calypso, the carnival music of Trinidad. Mento features rhythmic, syncopated guitar strumming and lively, topical lyrics. By the 1950s the music began to change. Jamaican musicians began to experiment with drum and bass patterns, inspired by the rhythm-and-blues

  • Culture

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    affect on Dominica, which is seen through the majority of Dominicans practicing Roman Catholicism, the French based patois, and the French place names. The best example of this culture is seen in their Carnival, which involves an out pouring of Calypso as the islanders celebrate their heritage through dress, dance, and food. The language of Creole is very different as it is a language formed by the combination of pidginized French, as well as a variety of African languages. Creole not only explains

  • Odysseus’ Search for Purpose in Homer's Odyssey

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    overarching theme of The Odyssey is the belief that man cannot escape the destiny which has been preordained for him by the gods. Destiny plays a vital role in the survival of Odysseus throughout his adventures. As Odysseus languishes on the island of Calypso, Hermes commands her to free Odysseus in order for the will of Zeus to be carried out, "This is the man whom Zeus now bids you send away, and quickly too, for it is not ordained that he shall perish far from friends; it is his lot to see his friends

  • The Character of Athena in Homer's Odyssey

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    Athene also helped Penelope by giving her a dream of gulls, representing the suitors, and an eagle, representing Odysseus, killing the gulls. Athene helped Odysseus numerous ways as well. She helped by persuading the gods to free Odysseus from Calypso. Athene even helped Odysseus by telling Naussicaa to do her laundry at the beach and telling her to help the man she meets. So when Odysseus came to shore he was ugly and  he scared the other women on the beach away, except Nausicaa. Nausicaa

  • Odysseus as Pawn of the Gods in Homer's Odyssey

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    other times he is too foolhardy to receive aid from even the immortal gods. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus’ journey revolves around the cyclical phases of his dependence, independence and his return to reliance upon the gods’ aid. While with Calypso Odysseus relies upon the gods to decide whether he shall return home or if he is fated to stay with the nymph goddess. Though Odysseus is powerful amongst mortal men his attempts to free himself from Calypso’s island prove to be in vain. Instead,

  • Jacques Cousteau

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    Philippe Tailliez and Frédéric Dumas, an underwater research unit to carry out technical experiments and laboratory studies in diving. In 1950 he founded "Campagne Oceanographique Francaise". Also, in the same year, Captain Cousteau acquired Calypso, a retired minesweeper of American construction. Over the next year, she was transformed into an oceanographic vessel, and the adventures of the now-famous ship began. In the four decades since, she has sailed literally around the world and has