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She was the first of her kind. An inspiration to young and old. Someone who chased their dream and never gave up. She believed in equality among both sexes. Linda McCartha Monica Sandy-Lewis was her name. She was better known as Calypso Rose. Calypso Rose is the ambassador of Caribbean music. Calypso Rose was born in Trinidad and Tobago on April 27, 1940. She lived her earlier life in a village name Bethel, which was on the island of Tobago. Rose lived in a two-bedroom house along with her parents and ten other siblings. Rose father was a preacher and also a leader of the Spiritual Shouter Baptist. Although Rose grandfather and grandmother was musical, her family did not approve of her singing Calypso in carnival tents. Calypso is “a carnival…show more content…
In the year 1968, she competed for the Calypso Crown with this very said song but she did not win. She performed with Bob Marley and the Wailers n 1967 in New York City at the Grand Ballroom. In 1968, she released “Palet,” and in 1970 she releases “Engagement Ring.” Soca was a popular sub-genre of calypso became popular in 1970. It was in this year Rose wrote her very first Soca son called “Action is tight.” In 1972, American Blues and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician, Bonnie Raitt covered one of Rose song on her album. Her song “Do Dem Back” was written in 1975 and it won a Gold Record in New York. In 1977, she won the Trinidad Road March and she won again in 1978. In this year, she also won the Calypso King Competition in Trinidad. The title of the competition was changed to Calypso Monarch in her honour because she was the female to win the competition. Her song “Her Majesty” placed second in the Road March Race. Not only did she Win the competition in 1977 but she won Calypso Queen titles from 1974-1978. In 1983, she moved to New York city to live. From here on out, Rose received many awards and

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