Broadway Production Essays

  • Musicals in the Splendid Theater or in the Technological Movies

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    Musicals: in the Splendid Theater or in the Technological Movies It is curious to see the great star of the musical Wicked on Broadway, Indina Menzel, giving her voice to a character in Disney’s Movie, Frozen. This movie, that is an example of success, has won many awards, among them the Oscar for the best animation movie and music. However, does a musical produced in a theater such as Les Miserables or Chicago have the same success and prestige as the movie version? The advance of technology in

  • Broadway History

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    One of the very first electrified streets in the United States was Broadway. This gave it many opportunities to become a large icon for our nation. As we know now it is one of the most well-known places for great entertainment. However Broadway was not always the iconic entertainment center it is today; it was stolen, had New York City emerge around it, and persevered through many difficult economic and cultural times. Broadway started out as the main trading route of the Lenape Indians. The trail

  • Choreographer Busby Berkeley’s Contributions to Film

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    as a choreographer to stage camp shows for the troops. It was not until his collaboration with producer Florence Ziegfeld that Berkeley began choreographing for films. When Ziegfeld decided to turn his production of Whoopee into a film, he asked Berkeley, who had become one of the top Broadway dance directors, to choreograph the dance routines. Berkeley, unhappy with the restrictions of his job, raised the bar for film choreographers by taking on decisions about camera angles and editing. Before

  • History Of Shuffle Along

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    Harlem Renaissance. Shuffle Along opened on May 23, 1921 at the 63rd Street Theatre (which wasn’t technically considered part of the Broadway stretch at the time) and ran for 504 performances. This was also the longest running black musical on Broadway to date. Revivals of Shuffle Along would appear in later years but none were ever as successful as the original production. This is largely in part due to the time period that Shuffle Along came from. An upswing was given to the New Negro Movement due

  • A Career in Acting

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    associate actresses, directors, and producers with the screens of Hollywood or stages of Broadway, these workers are more likely to be found in a local theatre, television studio, circus, or comedy club. Actresses, directors, and producers include workers as diverse as narrators; clowns; comedians; acrobats; jugglers; stunt, rodeo, and aquatic performers; casting, stage, news, sports, and public service directors; production, stage, and artist and repertoire managers; and producers and their assistants. In

  • RENT the Musical

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    creative juice to Broadway. A far greater shock was the sudden death of 35-year-old Larson from an aortic aneurysm just before his show opened. His death just before the breakthrough success is the stuff of both tragedy and tabloids. Such is our culture. Now Larson's work, along with "Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk," the tap-dance musical starring the marvelous young dancer Savion Glover, is mounting a commando assault on Broadway from the downtown redoubts of off-Broadway. Both are now

  • David Belasco

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    Hisparents had come to California from London in the gold rush. Belasco grew upin San Fransisco and Victoria, British Columbia. His early education in a RomanCatholic monastery influenced his simple mode of dress and helped earn him the nickname Bishop of Broadway. He had some experience as a child actor, and from 1873 to 1879 worked in a number of San Fransisco theaters as everything from call boy and script copier to actor, stage manager, and playwright. He paid further theatrical dues in the time he spent

  • George Gershwin

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    George Gershwin is one of the greatest influences to American music in the 20th century. His compositions can be found throughout the entertainment world, ranging from Broadway to motion pictures. Though he had a short career, George Gershwin's music continues to bring inspiration and delight almost sixty years later. On September 26, 1898 George Gershwin was born to the Gershowitz family as Jacob Gershowitz. The Gershowitzs' were an immigrant family that lived in Brooklyn, NY at the time. His parents

  • Growing Up In New York City

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    safe. Similarly to sparkling light works, the stars light up the sky as well. Star gazing has been a hobby and interest of mine since I was about the young age of four. New York has everything a person may seek. Proper health care, shows at Broadway productions, the variety of jobs, and many other benefits are found at my home, New York City. Although, despite all of these benefits, we don’t get to see

  • Streamlining

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    Streamlining Ukrainian State Theater: Foyer - Norman Bel Geddes, Horizons Norman Bel Geddes was a Broadway stage designer turned industrial designer. During much of his life, his ideas stretched beyond the vision of most people. He encountered a lot of apprehension toward his innovative ideas, many of which never left the drawing board. Yet, Geddes' notions of "Streamlining" are important to understanding public life. Steven Heller and Louise Fili (1995) write, "[Streamlining] was at once the

  • Analysis of A Perfect Ganesh

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    A Perfect Ganesh Analysis of the play elements. The author: Terrence Mcnally’s career began in the New York off-off-Broadway boom of the late 1960s. Most of his 60’s plays are not really relevant although some are funny. However, during the 70’s his plays began to get recognition. Nowadays, his plays are performed in off-Broadway theaters and he is known as the author of tragicomic plays, filled with breadth and depth. He still lives in New York and is one of the America best playwrights

  • Okalahoma critical analysis

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    Okalahoma critical analysis The original production of Oklahoma opened at the St. James Theatre, New York, on Wednesday March 31, 1943. The top ticket price was $4.80. It ran on Broadway for over five years, besting the previous record holder Hellzapoppin by more than two years. For fifteen years, from 1946 until 1961, Oklahoma held the record as the longest running show in Broadway history. When Okalahoma closed on Broadway May 29, 1948 after 2,212 performances, more than four and

  • Desi Arnaz

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    Desi Arnaz Cuban bandleader and singer-turned savvy TV mogul who, after his marriage to comedienne Lucille Ball in 1940, parlayed their successful "I Love Lucy" series into the Desilu TV production empire, which in its heyday also produced the successful and highly lucrative "The Untouchables" and "Star Trek" series. *p*Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III was born in 1917 to wealthy Cuban landowners. His father was also the mayor of the town they lived in, but that soon changed. At the age of

  • Globe Theater

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    its stage was open air, acoustics were poor and the actors were compelled by circumstances to shout their lines, stress their enunciation, and engage in exaggerated theatrical gestures. What would seem most striking to a modern (Broadway) theatergoer about the productions staged at the Globe is that they were completely devoid of background scenery. Although costumes and props were utilized, changes of scene in Shakespeare's plays were not conducted by stagehands during brief curtain closings. There

  • Susan Cooper

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    Susan Cooper has been writing for over 30 years. In this time she has written numerous newspaper articles, books for children and adults, screenplays for TV, the cinema and a Broadway play. As a writer she is hard to classify, what is universally accepted is that she is a writer with extraordinary gifts. Born in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England in May 1935, Susan Cooper attended Slough High School before going up to Oxford University. At Somerville College she read English. During her time at

  • Essay On Noble Sissle

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    Blake, too old for military service at 35, stayed stateside, putting music to songs they sent back. When the armistice was signed, Europe and Sissle returned, and the three hoped to work together to bring African-American theatrical shows back to Broadway. It all came to an abrupt end when Europe was killed by a band member. After Europe's death, Sissle and Blake were encouraged by his manager and the backers of the band to enter the white vaudeville circuit. There were very few black performers

  • Comparing The Rake's Progress and The Threepenny Opera

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    anything in common with the two works might seem to require a great stretch of the imagination. While the 1951 Rake's Progress is clearly neo-classical, and specifically Mozartian, the 1928 Threepenny Opera is as easily termed the precursor to the Broadway musical as it is termed "opera." Closer examination of the collaborators' sources and motivations, however, reveal several striking coincidences. Both operas draw upon eighteenth-century works as their primary sources: The Rake's Progress was

  • Review of the on stage performance Of The Lion King

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    Review of the on stage performance Of The Lion King Drama In 1999, a spectacle hit the west-end after it roared through Broadway in the USA, and a few weeks ago I went to see it at the Lyceum Theatre. Disney's award winning animation, The Lion King, was brought to life in musical fashion by director Julie Taymor. It was seen with its story line intact, but as a completely original and sophisticated piece of theatrical art. With over 40 actors, singers and dancers giving a stunning performance

  • Jennifer Lopez Research Paper

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    that it’s stupid and ‘No Latino did this’. The difference in their opinion led Jennifer to move into an apartment in Manhattan. During this time, Jennifer performed in the regional production of the Musicals ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Oklahoma’. From there, she was hired to do the chorus in a ‘Golden Musicals of Broadway’ which was also toured in Europe for five months. Later on, she got a job in a Japanese show ‘Synchronicity’ where she acted as a dancer, choreographer and

  • The Life Of Ruth St. Denis

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    Belasco noticed the young Ruth during one of her vaudeville performances. Belasco was a very successful and well known Broadway producer and director. He hired Ruth to perform as a dancer in his company. He was also responsible for giving her the stage name "St. Denis." The popularity of Ruth St. Denis exploded in the United States and Europe as she toured with his production of "Zaza." During her touring, she was introduced to many influential artists, such as Japanese Dancer Sado Yacco and