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  • Britney Spears

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    Proposal: Britney Spears In this essay I plan to describe a very talented and successful singer named Britney Spears. Britney is from McComb, Mississippi. I will be discussing certain aspects of Britney’s life and some of her many accomplishments. Britney Spears “More than any other single artist, Britney Spears was the driving force behind the return of teen pop in the late '90s… Spears didn't just become a star --she was a bona fide pop phenomenon” (Huey 16). This is usually what critics say

  • Britney Spears

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    will never be the same. Britney Spears was just another victim of the society that brings into their prison. Britney Spears was born on December 2, 1981. She lived in Kentwood, Louisiana and was constantly performing in front of people and always wanted to be on 'Star Search'. Britney tried out for the New Mickey Mouse Club at age 8 and then again at 11 and made it. Then she went solo because her talent was evident and she wanted more (A & E Television Networks, 2011). Britney was very successful from

  • Analysis Of Toxic By Britney Spears

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    video by the female singer and cultural icon, Britney Spears, I aim to analyse the real intentions of the music, and the images that support it, using the themes of sex, gender, and the postmodern movement. I will then contrast it with music and videos of popular female musicians from earlier decades. There will be many factors to consider throughout this exploration, including the social factors that surrounded the era of the video, Toxic by Britney Spears, and how they may have influenced its creation

  • Britney Spears: An Inappropriate Role Model

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    Britney Spears: An Inappropriate Role Model One of the most popular teenage entertainers ever is warping the minds of our youth. Appearing on television commercials, MTV videos, many magazine covers, and the radio, Britney Spears is taking control of raising today’s children. Her perfect looks and sexual appeal have mesmerized young viewers. Children and teens strive to be just like her. Although some people allow their children to idolize Britney Spears, I now see that she is an inappropriate

  • Britney Spears - A Woman I Admire

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    impression on me, but impact and admiration do not always go hand in hand. Then I realized who I really admire: Britney Spears. The teen pop idol singer Britney Spears is a woman that I look up to for many reasons. She has tantalized the entire world's youth with her incredible voice. By doing so, she serves as a role model for many of the young people growing up in today's society. Although Britney is only 19, she al...

  • Britney Spears as Role Model for All Women

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    Britney Spears' prevalence as a pre-teen pop culture icon cannot be denied or ignored.  Spears, along with her colleagues Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore and many others, are ever present on the "Top 40," make frequent appearances on MTV, and can often be found on magazine covers and in photo spreads.  Spears is especially popular among pre-teen girls, who buy her records, singing and dancing along to the lyrics.  These lyrics often deal with love, lust, and sex-topics some consider

  • Transforming and Beyond: Katy Perry and Britney Spears

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    triumphs through the context of there music. I will describe how these artist were able to create pieces of music that took over a particular emotion and were able to get it’s point across to the listener. These artists will be Katy Perry, and Britney Spears. Lets take a look at what music with emotional context is first, before I go on about these artists. When you think of music you also think of emotion but what is that really? What is an emotion? What causes an emotion? Why do we feel an emotion

  • The Life of Britney Spears

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    I have selected Britney Spears as my subject for the reason that I realize that she has been through so much in her life and has a tendency to convey her emotions radically and live life on the edge most of the times. Moreover, I find it simply fascinating to scrutinize Britney Spears’ personality by means of the Psychoanalysis so as to offer deeper comprehension in investigating her personality. Even though this process of personality analysis is hardly ever employed today due to a deficiency of

  • The Hero Of Britney Spears As A Tragic Hero

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    centers, Britney Spears was a 90’s icon who had many ups and downs in her life. She faced obstacles and challenges, but still found time to produce No. 1 singles and albums. Britney Spears is an example of a tragic hero because she was a sensational singer of her time who was brought down by the many struggles in her life. From a young age, Spears was a natural performer. As a child, she participated in a vocal entertainment competition called Star Search in 1992 (“Britney Spears”). She was

  • Pop Culture Icons

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    displaying pop figures who are popular and controversial. These companies look to get any celebrity that is popular and notorious for controversy into their advertisements just so that young people will recognize it. An ad for Tommy Jeans, with Britney Spears in it, is made solely for young people to be enticed by the popular musician, not the jeans themselves. Similar to a Candies Fragrances ad that has Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra posing together. These ads are using popular icons and the celebrity's