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Case Citation The case I chose to do was Patrick Joseph Potter, Appellant, v. Green Meadows, Par 3, Appellee. The case was found in the Southern Reporter, volume 510 starting on page 1225. The District Court of Appeal of Florida, First District heard the case and made its decision on August 13, 1987; 510 So. 2d 1225 (Fla. App. 1 Dist. 1987). Summary of Facts The original case in question consisted of golfer being injured and filing charges of neglect against the owner of the Green Meadows Par 3 golf course for neglecting to maintain the “tee box” areas and this neglect resulted in the golfer receiving a serious eye injury. A final summary judgment was made in the Circuit Court of Escambia County in favor of the owner on the basis of assumption of risk. It was then appealed questioning the golfer’s knowledge of the risk and also once again questioning if the course owner was in negligent in maintaining the course. When the nine hole par three course was built each hole was set up with a tee box which was made out of a 5’ x 5’ slab of concrete that came above the ground anywhere from one to four inches depending on the lay of the land. The slab was then covered with a rubber strip that had a tee coming out of from which the golfers could tee off from. Over the years the wear and tear from the golfers many tee boxes became unusable because the tees in some cases were no longer there. On July 20, 1986 the appellant and his friend were golfing at Green Meadows a course that they ...

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