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  • Building Brand Equity

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    elements needed to build brand equity; Brand Salience, Brand Imagery, Brand Performance, Consumer Feelings & Judgements and Brand Resonance (appendix 7). From the conducted research this report will ascertain the degree to which HTC satisfies each level of Keller’s model. Brand Identity According to Keller the first step in ‘building a strong brand’ involves creating ‘brand identity’ (Keller, 2001). “Achieving the right brand identity involves creating brand salience. Brand salience relates to

  • Building the Puma Brand

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    describe branding as “endowing products and services with the power of a brand” (2009, p. 110). Puma is an exceptional global sports apparel brand producing high quality fashionable footwear, apparel, and accessories. In 1924, Rudolph Dassler established the Puma brand in Germany as a track and field sneaker company. Puma is a global company that has become a leader in the athletic apparel industry. Also, Puma has a great brand equity because of the company’s focus on innovation and design to produce

  • Brand Building - Hamam

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    Brands and Marketing Commodities A commodity is a good or even a service whose widespread availability typically leads to smaller profit margins and diminishes the importance of factors other than price, such as brand name. By definition, commodities lack differentiation and the consequent ability to charge a price premium distinguishing them from strong brands. Brands also ensure repeat buying and publicity thus ensuring a predictable and grow-able share of the market based on their unique positioning

  • Building a Strong Brand Equity

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    customers might have doubt about the brand of the firm. Additionally, the range of products and services provided by the shop is narrow. Moreover, the company does not have an effective way to communicate with the public, neither by the internet nor by any advertisement. SWOT Analysis A SWOT Analysis can be done to help us understand more about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The firm’s strengths are the actual products, which include brand name, service features and quality,

  • Suggestions for Building a Strong Brand

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    I will make three suggestions that you could use to help build a strong brand. I will apply this to the three levels of a product. First I will make a suggestion to help your core product, which is at the center at your business, then secondly another suggestion to aid with the actual product, then secondly the augmented product, this is known as the three product levels. The three product levels is a theory Philip Kotler talks about in his book “Principle of Marketing”. The first level is the

  • Lenovo: Building A Global Brand

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    In 1984, the same year that Compaq introduced a PC that included Intel’s new and more powerful 80386 class of microprocessors, beating IBM to market and Michael Dell began building IBM compatible computers in his college dormitory, Lenovo was form as a shop in a small concrete bungalow in Beijing with a mandate to commercialize the Academy’s research and use the proceeds to further computer science research. Lenovo first original product was the Legend Chinese-character card in 1987, which translated

  • The Essence of Building a Strong Brand Identity

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    a memory, is the essence of brand marketing.’ A great brand stands out. It dares to be bold and different, thereby creating innovative products or offering first-rate services that people remember, respect and value. It also has an established reputable brand identity, which sets it apart from other competitions. Indeed, for a business to prosper and succeed, it needs to build a brand identity that is noticeable, notable and memorable. Brand Identity Defined Brand identity is one of the most

  • The Significant Factors To Building Brand Awareness

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    identify what's brand awareness and how to carry out in strategic marketing, and consumers' behavior. The study prove that the significant factors on brand awareness as a perception of product, service, and image of the company and has a tremendous effect on consumers’ evaluation of system results. From reading all of the relevant journals, it is understandable that the significant factors on building a successful brand image and awareness is consumers and their relationship with the brand, company, service

  • More than just a graphic: The role of a logo in brand building

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    terms might just be a graphic, but it is its functionality which makes it more than just a graphic. A logo is a graphic which is generated to represent the identity of an organization. It affects and holds a significant share in an organization’s brand image and remembrance amongst the mass. According to Conlon (2003), logos (word derived from Greek) have been used by different ancient civilizations. It was used as a trademark, for religious and professional representations. A logo pictographs

  • Social marketing: building brand value and influence in the UK tourism industry to sustain brand consumption in the current economic recession

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    Social marketing: building brand value and influence in the UK tourism industry to sustain brand consumption in the current economic recession 1.0 Chapter one: introduction 1.1 Background The current economic recession that began in June 2008 and intensified in 2009 had an effect of decreasing international tourism which was also augmented by outbreak of AH1N1 flu virus in 2009 which resulted into restriction of international travel. The tourism sector suffered economic downturn due to decrease