Boiling Water Essays

  • Hypothesis On The Boiling Process Of Water

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    heat-matter interaction is apparent in the boiling of water or any other liquid. Boiling involves the physical transformation (no change in the composition) of a liquid (water) to a gas (steam) by using the heat added to the system to break the intermolecular forces of attractions that hold the liquid together. The boiling process in many physical systems depends on many factors. For this study, the effect of adding other substances on the boiling process of water was determined. This was done through

  • Investigating Surfaces for Insulating Boiling Water in a Flask

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    Investigating Surfaces for Insulating Boiling Water in a Flask Aim I'm investigating which surface (matt black or silvery) is best at insulating boiling water. I will investigate this by covering two equally sized conical flasks in different materials; one in matt black and one in silvery. After that I will fill each of the flasks with an equal amount of boiling water. At regular intervals of 1 minute I will measure the drop in water temperature in each flask. Prediction I predict

  • Which Type of Salt will Increase the Boiling Point of Water the Most?

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    conducting this experiment is trying to find out which salt- Epsom, table salt, and sea salt- will increase the boiling point of water the most. Sodium chloride is believed to increase the boiling point of water because when salt is suspended into the water, the sodium and chlorine ions leave the “salt crystals” and mix with the water molecules. (“Why does salt… raise boiling point of water?”, 2009). People discovered salt around 900 B.C. They would dig up salt near the Dead Sea and in South America

  • Investigation of how Changing the Volume of Water in a Container Affects Its Rate of Heat Loss

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    Changing the Volume of Water in a Container Affects Its Rate of Heat Loss Aim : To investigate how changing the volume of water in a container affects its rate of its heat loss. The variable of this investigation is the volume of water which is put in the container. What I already know: I already know that the larger the volume of water there is the less heat loss occurs. I can tell this from my previous pilot experiment where I investigated, if the volume of water in a beaker affects

  • The Effects of Temperature on the Action of Enzymes

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    ------------------------------------------------------------------- Outline of method You add ice to 150cm³ of cold water in a beaker to bring its temperature down to 10cº. Then a fixed volume of hydrogen peroxide is added to a pre-weighed piece of liver contained in a test tube. Then the maximum height reached by the foam produce was tabulated. For temperatures that were needed to be higher then room temperature, boiling water was heated in a kettle then added to reach the desired temperature. The procedure was repeated

  • An Investigation to Show the Effect of Temperature on Daphnia

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    some daphnia contained in a test tube in water of differing temperatures and measure their subsequent heart rates. Hypothesis I think that the heart rate of the daphnia will increase up until around 40ËšC at which point most of the daphnia's enzymes will have denatured and rate of metabolism will have stopped or decreased sufficiently to have stopped the daphnia's heart rate. Apparatus list Test tube Beaker Different temperatures of water Daphnia Pipette Stop clock

  • A Nuclear Reactor

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    ways, it can be generated by using Thermal Power. It can be employed by using two basic systems a Steam Supply System and an Electricity Generating System these two systems are related to each other. The Steam Supply System produces steam from boiling water by the burning of coals and the Electricity Generating System produces electricity by steam turning turbines. The Nuclear power plants of this century depend on a particular type of Nuclear Reaction, Fission (The splitting of a heavy nucleus like

  • monsanto good or evil

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    -- show that for decades, the corporate giant concealed what it did and what it knew. In 1966, Monsanto managers discovered that fish submerged in that creek turned belly-up within 10 seconds, spurting blood and shedding skin as if dunked into boiling water. They told no one. In 1969, they found fish in another creek with 7,500 times the legal PCB levels. They decided "there is little object in going to expensive extremes in limiting discharges." In 1975, a company study found that PCBs caused tumors

  • Summary on Father Damien of Molokai??s Life

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    Europe. „«     American Protestants raised large sums of money for the missionary „«     In September 1881, the Hawaiian Princess Liliuokalani visited Molokai. „«     In December 1884 Damien went about his evening rituals of soaking his feet in boiling water, he became worried as he could not feel the heat. It was at this point that confirmed he had contracted leprosy. „«     He was a roman Catholic missionary of the congregation of the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary. „«     Father Damien was a spiritual

  • Insulating Materials

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    Insulating Materials Introduction In this investigation I aim to find out which materials are the best insulators. This practical investigation involves investigating what kinds of materials are best at keeping water in a copper beaker warm. A material that prevents this heat loss is called an insulator. Insulators have to prevent three types of heat loss: · Conduction · Convection · Radiation Conduction - This is where heat energy passes through the walls of the copper beaker by

  • The Three Little Pigs James Halliwell-Phillips

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    Remember the story your parents read to you when you were a child - the enormously popular children’s book called The Three Little Pigs by James Halliwell-Phillips? Almost every child has heard the story of the three piglets whom the Wolf tried to deceive. Although he succeeded in tricking the first two pigs, the third did not allow the Wolf to confuse him. The third Pig managed to outplay the Wolf in almost every situation the Wolf believed he had the upper hand which ended with the third little

  • The Importance Of Macaroni And Cheese

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    I came to realize the importance of mac and cheese while babysitting. The mother had not warned me that her two year old was going through a mac and cheese phase. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all he would eat was mac and cheese. Not being aware of this child’s diet, I had prepared him lasagna for dinner. Although both dishes involve pasta and cheese, this two year old knew the difference. The plate of lasagna ended up on the floor, and he screamed and pounded his tiny fists on his high chair. The

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Consider The Lobster

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    tearing one another up under the stresses of captivity, survive right up until they’re boiled (Wallace, 60). He mentions that the lobster is in fact boiled alive to maintain it’s freshness and describes the boiling process. “[The lobster] comes alarmingly to life when placed in boiling water. The lobster will sometimes try to cling to the container’s sides or even hook its claws over the kettle’s rim like a person trying to keep from going over the edge of a roof” (Wallace 62). He compares the lobster

  • Investigating Heat Loss From a Container

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    change: Room temperature Surface area Amount of water Use a lid Insulate around it Colour of tin We could measure / observe: Amount of time Temperature We will change: Surface area We will measure / observe: Temperature (every minute for 5 minutes) Our question is: Does surface area effect the rate of heat loss? We will keep these the same: Colour of tin Room temperature Amount of water Use a lid Insulate around it Preliminary investigation

  • Investigating How the Volume of Water Affects the Time It Takes to Boil

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    Investigating How the Volume of Water Affects the Time It Takes to Boil The Plan -------- · Q. What am I trying to find out? · A. How the volume of water affects the time that it takes to boil. · Q. What do I think will happen? · A. The larger the volume the longer the time to boil. · Q. Why do I think it will happen using scientific ideas? · A. The larger the volume, the more atoms you need to heat. · Q. What will I measure? · A. Time versus volume. · Q. What will

  • Kitchen Science

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    notable characteristic of an egg is how much an egg white can foam up. Why does this happen? Eggs are approximately 90 percent water and 10 percent protein. There is an electrical attraction between water molecules (for this reason you won't get any results from trying to whip up water alone) and when you beat them you are allowing the proteins to break apart the water molecules. When they get farther apart, the electric attraction decreases which allows the egg whites to spread out and bonds to

  • Out Board Propeller Dynamics

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    rotates (fig 3-1) it forces water down and back as this is happening water must move into the void created by the spiraling blades. This creates a pressure differential across the blade- Low pressure on the back side and high pressure on the front side. This causes water to be sucked into the propeller and accelerated out the back (fig 3-3) much like a house-hold fan (fig 3-2). This action creates the thrust that drives a boat. It is common knowledge that water boils at 100deg C (212deg F)

  • Investigating Temperature in Insulators

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    Investigation Question Which of the four materials acts as the best insulator when wrapped around a glass beaker which is filled with boiling water? Aim The aim of this investigation is to test four materials (polystyrene, fibre glass, cotton wool and bubble wrap), to see which one acts as the best insulator. The temperature of the boiling water and the material inside and outside will be taken at regular intervals by a data logger and form this it will show the material that can insulate

  • Consider The Lobster Argumentative Essay

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    tortuous method for killing any animal. When lobsters are put into steaming hot water, it is unjust to assume that they don’t feel any pain while being boiled. In his essay “Consider the lobster”, Wallace states, “Lobsters do have nociceptors, as well as invertebrate versions of prostaglandins and major neurotransmitter via which our own brains register pain.” (Wallace par. 13) Humans just throw the lobster in the boiling water without a second thought of the intense pain the animal is about to go through

  • Lobster

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    Someone walks into a fancy seafood restaurant, he/she would usually get some sort of lobster-oriented dish. Lobster is just food to many people and those people do not think much about the fact that those lobsters that they are eating were once living creatures. “Consider the Lobster” by David Foster Wallace talks about lobsters during the Maine Lobster Festival. PETA is also brought into the piece as they dispute the cooks who think lobsters do not feel anything while being boiled alive. Lobsters