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  • Low Birth Weight

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    Low Birth Weight Low birth weight (LBW) is a term used to describe infants that are born under 2, 500 grams, or less than five pounds eight ounces. This is a disorder that plagues certain races, age groups, and the poor. Seven percent of all infants who are born in the United States are born too small and eleven percent are born too soon ( Behrman). There are many risk factors that put a mother at risk of having a low birth weight baby, as there are many complications early and later in life

  • Poverty and Low Birth Weights

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    exist some evidence that poverty can result in low birth weight in newborn infants. On Prince Edward Island, low birth weights are currently the lowest as compared to the national average according to Statistics Canada. However, the link that exist between poverty and low birth weights leaves unanswered questions as to what can be done to reduce these low birth weights in newborn infants. The effect of Poverty on Low Birth Weight in Newborns Receiving good prenatal care is extremely

  • Birth Weight Essay

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    Birth weight of a child is the first and most important indicator of his/her health condition. Birth weight is the first weight of fetus obtained after birth. But this is a final result of long process which is accomplished by maternal nutrition. Unless child is a preterm baby (born before the end of 3rd trimester) he/she should be averagely more than 2,500g of weight to consider as normal (WHO, 2000).This is not only a risk for under developed or developing countries but affecting to developed countries

  • Essay On Low Birth Weight

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    Low birth weight is a major health problem in the world.The normal healthy birth weight is 2500 to 3500. Low Birth Weight is defined as babies who are born weighing less than 2500 grams. The estimated low birth weight percentage in world is 15% and it distribute among 3.3% to 38%. According to the DHS 2006/07 low birth weight in Sri Lanka is 16.6% which fluctuated 16% to 18% over last few decades. Low birth weight is a multifaceted public health problem and it is major determinant of mortality, morbidity

  • Low Birth Weight Essay

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    Causes and consequences of Low Birth Weight Low birth weight (LBW) has become a public health problem in many regions of the world and it is the predominant cause of infant mortality. According to statistics of World Health Organization, there are about 30 million of low birth weight babies born in the world annually. Low Birth weight can be defined as the birth weight of a new born baby of less than 2.500 Kg regardless their gestational age at birth. This can be seen on both preterm babies as well

  • Low Birth Weight: Causes And Consequences Of Low Birth Weight

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    Consequences of Low Birth weight" Low birth weight can be defined as baby born with weight less than 2500g. It is one of the adverse pregnancy results in the world, which is affected to the newborn survival, growth and development. There are categorizes in the low birth weight; very low birth weight which a birth weight is less than 1500g and extremely low birth weight which is a birth weight is less than 1000g. An estimated 18 million babies are born worldwide each year with low birth weight and 9.3 million

  • Essay On Low Birth Weight

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    consequences of low birth weight" NTN 2113 - Nutrition in life cycle Index no:- 118080 "Causes and Consequences of Low Birth weight" Future of the world determine by new generation. They must be a healthy and strong for face future world. Billons of babies born every year but they have various type of illness and heath defects. Among this kind of effect major cause is low birth weight. Thirty millions of babies are facing this effect. That is 23.8% percentage from all births. World Health

  • Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

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    risks to the fetus of smoking during pregnancy are well known and include increased incidence of miscarriage, neonatal death, and low birth weight. Pregnant woman who smoke are more likely to have babies who have an increased risk of death from sudden infant death syndrome and respiratory distress. They are also more likely to have low birth weight babies. Low birth weight is linked to many infants’ health disorders. In many respects men and women are quite similar in regards to smoking. There are

  • The Impact of Nutrition and Sleep Upon the Learning Process

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    The Impact of Nutrition and Sleep Upon the Learning Process The effects of nutrition can begin before birth, with the nutrition of the mother. Under nutrition can result in negative effects of the development of the brain that can become permanent and irreversible. One example is the lack of iron, which is a necessary part of the brain’s tissue. When iron deficiency is present nerve impulses tend to move slower. “Iron deficiency…is associated with behavior changes and delayed psychomotor development”

  • Factors that Negatively Effect Fetal Development

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    the ability of the placenta to feed the baby the nutrients it requires. Therefore the babies growth is slowed down. Carbon monoxide causes growing cells to be starved of oxygen, and effects the brain. This can lead to a low birth weight and higher chance of the baby dying at birth. Smoking is the single largest modifiable( changeable) risk factor in fetal growth retardation. Maternal smoking during pregnancy is also associated with genetic defects as well as an increased incidence of congenital malformations

  • Early Childhood Education and Social Inequalities

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    non-maternal care is influenced. All of these are risk factors that are likely to have a bearing on the child’s social inequalities on their health. The biological factors include premature birth, low birth weight, and a serious medical illness. The significantly influence and infants growth. “Low birth weight, less than 2500 grams, has a prevalence of 6 percent in white middle-class U.S. women, and 15 percent in ethnic minority teenagers. These teenagers tend to be single mothers.” At the Infant

  • The Effects of Smoking on the Developing Fetus

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    development has several effects. The most well known result of smoking is low birth weight of the infant. There are also some studies that reveal nicotine as a drug that can affect the brain of the developing fetus. Nicotine also has direct effects on the neurotransmitter systems in the CNS and may cause a decrease in cell growth which could result in mental impairment. The correlation between maternal smoking and low birth weight has been strongly established. Nicotine affects the placental function

  • Teen Pregnancy in America

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    developing physical, social, and cognitive problems and deficiencies. Teenage mothers are at increased risk for pre-term labor and premature childbirth. They are also at increased risk of pregnancy complications, infant physical disability, and low birth weight. In many cases prenatal medical care is frequently delayed or inadequately delivered. Not only are there personal issues, there are social issues as well. For example, adolescent mothers are less likely to receive child support from biological

  • The Effects of Prenatal Cocaine-Exposure On Cognitive Development

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    great impact on the babies’ inutero development. Some outside factors like second-hand smoke, smog, or fumes from cleaning chemicals can cause negative effects on the child inside the womb. A few major affects from teratogens could result in low birth weight, head circumference, slow physical growth as well as an effect on mental, behavioral and motor skills (Berk, 2003). The environment around the mother provides many of these outside factors affecting the baby’s growth. But the main link to teratogens

  • Low Birth Weight Research Paper

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    Causes and Consequences of Low Birth weight Birth of a baby is the start of a new era of a generation. As the new born infants are the internodes of the future, In order to have a health and strength population they should be given the proper health status from the beginning of their life. From the birth an infant can cause lot of health risks such as birth defects, severe organ damages or functional problems and even the death. All most all the above health risks are occurred due to the nutritional

  • Losing Weight After Birth Essay

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    7 Tips for Losing Weight After Child-birth Pregnancy means a changes not only in your life and family size but also in your body. It is totally a personal choice as to if you want to lose the weight or not. But, more than your physical appearance, the extra weight affects your health and fitness. Research shows that if the woman does not lose the extra weight she gained during her pregnancy, her chances of obesity increases. Here are some easy ways by which you can shed those extra pounds: Take

  • Low Birth Weight Research Paper

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    Consequences of Low Birth weight" When the human beings open up their eyes to the world they know nothing about the world. But they were already live with their own mother for nearly 10 months. Human birth is an very important aspect for their own future life that they are going to live in this world. Mothers are thinking about babies since pre pregnancy period. But birth of a baby is the best moment in every mothers' life. Therefore, every mother hopes a healthy baby for them. Birth weight of a baby is

  • Low Birth Weight Case Study

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    Ch 2 discussion post due by Wednesday at midnight Length of gestation (i.e., number of weeks in utero) and weight at birth are both related to birth risk. Demonstrate your awareness of key related concepts by discussing the concepts of prematurity, low birth weight, and extremely low birth weight. The length of a normal and healthy pregnancy is 38 weeks since conception. During the 38 weeks (9 months) the baby is developing in stages in the utero. The 38 weeks are divided into three periods of

  • Analyzing Factors That Influence Infant Birth Weight

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    The birth weight of an infant is an important issue, as it plays significant roles in infant/childhood mortality and also has important health implications in overall growth and development of individuals.1 Birth weight has been shown to be an index of intrauterine growth and a reliable predictor of child survival and mental development.23 There are numerous research studies concerned with the factors that determine birth weight.4-10 Factors such as maternal weight gain, smoking, alcohol consumption

  • Causes And Consequences Of Low Birth Weight (LBW)

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    of low birth weight(LBW) It is obvious that the dream of every mother is to deliver a healthy baby to the world. The health of the baby can be directly reflected by his or her birth weight which must be in a proper range around 2500-3500g.And this character can have a little variations which are due to sociocultural factors like the situation of the country, whether it is developed or not and etc. For instance majority of the babies born in developed countries usually having a birth weight closer