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  • A Brief Biography of Mother Teresa

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    1910 she was baptized by the name of Agnes Gonxha Bojazhiu, a name given by her parents (Mother Teresa, Biography [1]). Her parents, Nikola and Drana Bokaxhiu, were Albanian grocers (“Mother Teresa” Encyclopedia [1]) and weren’t very wealthy. When Mother Teresa was 8, in 1919, her father became ill and died. Throughout the rest of her life she was very close to her mother (Mother Teresa, Biography [1]). Her work for others started at home when every night her family would invite someone to eat dinner

  • Florence Price

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    Florence Price, Composer The purpose of a biography is to enhance the reader’s knowledge about a particular person’s life, in this case, Florence Beatrice Price, and offer a sort of historical background focusing on significant events, accomplishments, and personal aspects of that particular individual’s life. Ideally, the writer molds complex biographical facts—birth and death, education, ambition, conflict, milieu, work, relationship, accident—into a book [or article] that has the independent vitality

  • Analysis of The Biographer's Tale

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    propositions on which biography rests (in particular, the notions of identity, history and life writing) have been challenged. According to Catherine Peters, biography is “a traditional, rather old-fashioned form, evolving slowly rather than by great imaginative leaps” (p.44). Therefore, these challenges to biography are most often dramatised within fiction, rather than in biography itself. However, this fictional exploration is not divorced from the theoretical implications of biography. The Biographer’s

  • The Impact of Books on Our Lives

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    reach for students because it was too expensive to purchase and back then there were not enough much selection to choose from. One book though changed my life. When I was in high school, we were required to read the biography of our national hero “Jose Rizal.” Just by reading his biography opened my mind that if you persevere, you will be able to achieve your dreams. He fought hard using paper and pen to give the Filipino people their freedom. I also learned that his life was no different from mine

  • Defining the Autobiography

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    along gender lines.” Women tend to write about different subjects than men do. Despite subjectivity and differences, there are similarities that make autobiography an autobiography.” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines autobiography as "the biography of a person narrated by himself".” This is a vague definition that does not delve into the common similarities found among many autobiographies that separates them from other forms of writing. Author of The Forms of Autobiography, William

  • Virginia Woolf's Orlando and the Relationship between Virginia and Vita

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    Virginia Woolf's Orlando and the Relationship between Virginia and Vita It has been said the novel Orlando is the longest love-letter ever written; a celebration of the bond between women. The relationship between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West is well documented and known to have been intimate. That Virginia was passionate and giddy about her relationship with Vita is also known and displayed in Orlando. But Orlando also offers a rare intimate glimpse into the mind of Virginia Woolf

  • Virginia Woolf’s Orlando

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    "allowed" Virginia to read and write, Leslie Stephen can be attributed with only a little more than genetic contribution to his daughter’s genius. Orlando is the paragon of Virginia Woolf’s literary genius. Published in 1928, the novel is a fictional biography of Woolf’s friend Vita Sackville-West. The novel is dedicated to Vita and "has been called ‘the longest and most charming love letter in literature’" (Meese 469). This crucial biographical context is often overlooked, a displacement which hinders

  • A Comparison of Orlando and Othello

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    Orlando and Othello In her novel Orlando: A Biography, Virginia Woolf draws upon Shakespeare's Othello to both enhance the images within her novel through allusion and further Orlando's character development using juxtaposition. Spanning about 400 years, various historical eras, and gender ambiguity in the characters, Orlando is certainly not a traditional novel. Thus, it follows that its use of historical information and literature breaks from convention as well. This is true for Woolf's use

  • Biography: Antoine Lavoisier Biography

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    Antoine Lavoisier Biography Cody Sears Teacher: Mrs. Kepler Language Arts 26 february 2014 The chemist I have chosen is Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. As you might know, he was a fabulous chemist. Antoine Lavoisier is famous for formulating the theory of the chemical reactivity of oxygen. He also co-authored the modern system for the nomenclature of chemical substances. I have chosen this chemist because he is not one of those people that boast about all their accomplishments, but his achievements

  • Biography

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    It was near Christmas time, and the Whitleys were getting into the Christmas spirit. The family was celebrating their third Christmas in Colorado and they were sure it would be a white Christmas, just by looking out the window; it was already snowing. In the corner of the family room was a 12 foot Christmas tree. When Wendy and her family were decorating the tree from bottom to top they were sure to cover it all in ornaments. It was glowing already. But soon it all was going to go crashing down.