Binary Oppositions

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  • Binary Oppositions in Leda and the Swan

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    Binary Oppositions in Leda and the Swan Yeats' "Leda and the Swan" uses the binary oppositions of the beauty and viciousness of Zeus as a swan and the helplessness and eventual strength of Leda, Yeats reveals that even the mightiest entities may suffer the consequences of their misuse of power. In "Leda and the Swan," the beauty of the swan is contrasted with the physical attributes of a swan who acts out his male animalistic power over his female prey, demonstrating the raw male and female

  • lighthod Binary Oppositions in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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    Binary Oppositions in Heart of Darkness     In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad used a series of reversed traditional binary oppositions to convey the theme that every man has his own heart of darkness that is simply masked by the superficial light of civilization.   The novella focused primarily on the adventurer Charlie Marlow's journey into the African Congo, but dealt with larger themes. Marlow was from Europe and understood the basic premises of imperialism, but was unprepared

  • Turban as a Symbol of Binary Oppositions in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford

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    society, the obsession Cranford ladies have with fashionable headgear to carry on a certain aristocratic image is justified. However, none other than the turban stands for paradoxical concepts on its own. I will therefore analyse how a turban symbolizes binary opposites in Cranford: Occident versus Orient; “civilized” versus “savage”; aristocracy versus lower-class and female versus male by doing close-readings of relevant passages from the novel. For the Western world in general, for the Victorian

  • Analysis Of J. Cole's 2013 Crooked Smile

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    J. Cole solemnly looking though a window appearing to have been arrested. The video then reverts backwards to show a comparison of two men leading similar lives earlier in the day. It is then revealed these men, although similar, are identified as binary opposites through ideological representation. Throughout the video a repertoire is built showing a white man, and a black man (J. Cole) living their natural lives. They then interact as the white DEA officer enters the home of the black drug dealer

  • The Usefulness of Structuralism as an Analytical Tool for Uncovering How Meaning is Generated in The Wizard of Oz

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    to it’s meaning. Structuralism encompasses a large range of analytical tools, however, this essay will examine Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and Claude Lévi-Strauss’s theory of binary oppositions. Through analysis of Victor Fleming’s film, The Wizard of Oz (1939), it will be shown that although the monomyth and binary oppositions are useful tools with which to unveil how meaning is generated in this text, structuralism can undermine the audience’s ability to engage with their own interpretations of the

  • Comparison Between The Bacchae and The Medea

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    are significant binary oppositions in both plays. Binary opposition is the two opposite terms, such as good versus bad. Binary opposition is used to present both sides of a contrast (Marvin, 1). In The Bacchae and the Medea, Euripides used binary opposition to highlight the central themes. The significant binary oppositions that are used are men versus women, foreigner versus citizen, and god versus man. The contrast between men versus women is an important opposition in both plays. The

  • The Self and Society in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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    great pleasure in this unexpected pause in his journey. The binary oppositions present in the poem indicate that, regardless of his responsibilities, the speaker would like to remain in the woods and take in the scene set before him. For it is here in the woods that the speaker feels a sense of individualism; it offers an escape from the communal responsibilities with which he is laden. However, while the "natural" side of the oppositions within the poem seem to be privileged, the speaker finally

  • Myths and Parables

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    to life. This essay will examine several aspects of story. First, I will examine the relationship between story and humans’ lives and how it is limited by language. Second, I will examine the differences between myths and parables and their polar opposition within the field of a story. Third, I will examine the Prodigal Son to illuminate the necessary elements of a parable. Stories serve to define humans’ reality and the use of specific types of stories evokes different reactions from their audience

  • An Analysis Of An Advertisement For The Palm-Centro Cellular Phone

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    finding details and words that are binary oppositions (Rosenwasser 26-52). The first binary oppositions this advertisement features is the main two images, one of a human palm with pen writing all over it and the other of the Palm Centro phone. Other binary oppositions include the use of the word “chaos” on one picture and the word “order” on the other picture. Step four of “the Method” is an explanation of the importance of one repetition, strand, or binary opposition that can be viewed as the most

  • A Journey to Adulthood

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    rebirth in this book. Ged’s coming of age process in this novel is also illuminated by the use of binary oppositions, one of which can even be seen in the book’s title; earth/sea. The relationship between these oppositions helps us to better understand Ged’s journey into adulthood as being also a journey into the self.      Ged’s first major rebirth along with significant binary opposites can be seen in his Ceremony of Passage. In this ceremony his aunt, the witch, first takes