An Analysis Of An Advertisement For The Palm-Centro Cellular Phone

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This essay will examine an advertisement for the Palm Centro cellular phone with regards to the techniques referred to as “The Method” by the authors of the book Writing Analytically (Rosenwasser 26-52). This essay will then describe how the ad for the Palm Centro appellates the viewer, and what meanings are then transferred from the advertisement to the viewer. Advertisements have an enormous effect on the collective conscious of consumers today. Advertisers, through advertisements, have the ability to manufacture a world that may seem real to the consumer. In these manufactured realities, advertisers entice consumers to buy products specifically marketed to them. As defined by Writing Analytically, “The Method” is a five-step process to observing repetition and contrast within a text (Rosenwasser 26-52). The Palm Centro cellular phone advertisement I have chosen is ripe for this sort of analytical dissection. The first step of “The Method” is to recognize repetitions within a text. In the Palm Centro ad, there are several instances of repetition. The word “Palm” is used five times and the word “Centro” is used 3 times. Five phone numbers of friends are written on five fingers and a five item to-do list can also be seen. Substantive words within this ad are “Palm” and “Centro”, which clearly makes sense because those are the words of the product that is being advertised. Step two of “The Method” states that the repetitions, or strands, of similar words and details can be found (Rosenwasser 26-52). Within this ad, the five names and phone numbers of friends along with the phrase “call BFF” can be seen. This strand-connecting logic is that the consumer that may be interested in the Palm Centro cellular phone, or at lea... ... middle of paper ... ...eem to imply that an individual’s life is going to improve, or at least become simpler, because of the product being advertised. Mobile phone advertisements, such as the Palm Centro ad, focus on creating the illusion of friendship, organization and social approval. This is important to advertisers because, as social creatures, we demand a social support network and we look for ways to expand those networks. If we find that a product can allow us to expand said social network, we feel compelled to purchase that product on the grounds that it provides us a certain amount of potential use. We use products and other displays of material wealth as the means of leveraging social capital against one. It is important that we look at advertisements critically because we, as a culture, create the meanings and definitions of the objects that comprise our collective realities.

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