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  • Mountain Biking

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    Mountain Biking I have come to love bicycles in the course of the past year. I am especially fond of mountain bikes, including my own. Riding it opens up a whole new world of opportunities and challenges for me. I am still fairly fresh to the whole mountain biking scene, so I push myself to become better with more experience. Riding is an outlet; it is something I can channel pent up energy through. I love the sport because it is a full body, soul, and mind experience that affects all five

  • Nutrition In Mountain Biking

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    Nutrition in Mountain Biking I. Waterworld 1. Muscles produce 30-100 times more heat while riding 2. Water doesn't supply calories, minerals, or vitamins A. But it is used for almost every body function B. 55-65% of body weight is water 3. When losing a quart of fluid heart beats 8 more times a minute 4. Before a long ride start hyperhydrating 1 day in advance 5. Do drinking strategies during your training II. Rehydrate 1. Drink alot after a ride 2. Sports drinks replenish the best 3.

  • Biking can improve your life

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    Biking Can Improve Your Life Exercise is the most important part of a happy life. Americans are some of the fattest people in the world. We are also overly dependant on prescription drugs. These factors stretch from the very young to the elderly. Biking is a great way to introduce activity into sedentary lifestyles. With proper knowledge they will see that biking improves their life. “Over the last decade children, in the United States have been gaining weight. Obesity is rapidly becoming an epidemic

  • Montana Mountain Biking Case

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    The Montana Mountain Biking Case Montana Mountain Biking Company has been in business for 16 years providing guided mountain biking trips at four locations in Montana. The success of the company is linked to retaining its customers. Eighty percent of the customers who sign up for the one week guided mountain biking expedition are repeat customers (University Of Phoenix, 2007). An important part of any marketing plan is to understand the customer relationship because ultimately, all profits come

  • The Curse and Blessing of Montana

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    characteristics are related. There are innumerable examples of Montana's good qualities, far too many to name all of them, but several of these examples are the recreation, history and beauty of Montana. Recreation in Montana includes sports like biking, skiing, hiking, and a many more outdoor recreational activities. The wide open areas create almost endless possibilities for outdoor recreation, and the relatively small population decreases the clutter along lakes, trails, streams, and other venues

  • Biking Narrative

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    forever, we went outside and were escorted across the street by a police officer. I was going to be biking part of the way with with Maddie, part with Mirjana, part with Lola, and part with Hailey. I started off biking with Maddie Lundgren, but we got sent off in one of the last groups. After probably about ten minutes, we started biking. I stayed with Maddie for about ten minutes before speeding up and biking with Mirjana. I stayed with her for the majority of the trip, and we passed

  • How Bike Names are Classified

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    “How bike names are classified as quality.” Freestyle biking is the best sport in the world. I love riding my bike and I love buying new parts for my bike. I really don’t want to go out and buy bike parts that everybody likes and then when I get it come to find out they suck. I buy bike parts for myself and for nobody else’s pleasure. There are many different kinds of bikes from Atomic bike co. to we the people bike co. There are different bikes for different people, such as the we the people

  • Personal Narrative - Bicycle Crash

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    Personal Narrative- Bicycle Crash I used to bike often with my friend Juan in my hometown of Aguascalientes, Mexico. In the narrow streets, a heavy flow of traffic make biking treacherous. Certain streets have traffic signs saying, "CEDA EL PASO A UN VEHICULO" which means "Let one vehicle go through at a time." I biked on the right side of the street and my friend Juan biked on the left side. On our trip to buy tamales Juan and I were supposed to cross an intersection with a "CEDA EL PASO A

  • I Miss Feeling Uncomfortable

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    I Miss Feeling Uncomfortable Going overseas was indeed one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It has had a lasting impact, an impact I feel every day of my life. After living in Swansea, Wales last year, I had grown accustomed to biking along the Atlantic Coast Bay to class everyday, hiking amongst sheep-littered cliffs, more green than I could imagine, and walking the beach, just a quarter-mile from my dorm, on moonlit nights, contemplating the world and my place in it. However, I had

  • Exercise Prescription

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    exercise: Jogging, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, resistance ball, free weights, yoga ·     Individual dislikes for exercise: Stationary bike, treadmill, some weight machines ·     Individual program objectives and goals: 1)     Maintain health 2)     Increase core strength 3)     Increase lean body mass 4)     Decrease body fat percentage 5)     5 months to train for triathlon: Need to increase speed and endurance in running, biking, and swimming ·     Opportunities Live close-by

  • Essay On Mountain Biking

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    Will Need What is mountain biking? The sport of riding bicycles often over rough terrain and unpaved surfaces is called mountain biking. Specially designed mountain bikes are used for this adventurous sport. Through the years, there has been an increase in the number of people who are getting enthusiastic about mountain biking. Types of mountain biking disciplines • Cross country – it is basically riding bike up and down hills and is one of the most popular mountain biking discipline. It is the least

  • Physics of Mountain Biking

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    Mountain biking is enjoyed by millions of people throughout the year, and is attracting more and more people everyday. Physics plays a vital role in this sport and without it, mountain biking would have no challenges and would cease to exist. The concept of mountain biking is simple. Just take your primitive bike riding skills, and ride trails found off the beaten path. From this notion of riding a bike, an Olympic sport has evolved and many people have found meaning and joy in their lives. m

  • Essay On Mountain Bike Riding

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    hill your legs start to burn like there is no tomorrow. But, all of a sudden you reach that hill, and gain the confidence that you can do this. The next hill is bigger, and you need to remember to shift your gears while pedaling harder. “Mountain biking is not a series of obstacles, but a succession of opportunities. Every rock, every log, every hill offers an opportunity to better your skills and broaden your experience” (King and Kaminer 145). Aerobic fitness is an extra bonus for the mountain

  • The Challenges And Benefits Of Mountain Biking

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    and performance in rough terrain easier to maintain. Mountain biking can be broken down into different categories, cross country which is mostly flat, trail riding is the way people usually ride and consist of mostly flat riding, but also some up and down, all mountain consist of riding uphill and downhill , downhill is strictly all down with very technical riding, and freeride is just like downhill but has jumps and berms. Mountain Biking has some controversies, but also has a variety of outcomes,

  • Persuasive Essay On Mountain Biking

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    Mountain biking for a lot of women is a sport in which they can gain both physical and mental strength over time. There are rough terrains ahead, which help to strengthen the body and if you’re a woman who loves to exercise and mix cycling in, then mountain biking is more than likely your favorite pastime. Between the beautiful and clear fresh mountain air, to all the core exercise you can obtain from mountain biking, this sport is an excellent choice for almost all persons, not only women. Some

  • Personal Narrative: My Blue Bike

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    The wind hitting your face, the thoughts in your head, the music’s bear urging you on. The feeling is like nothing in the world. It is an experience that is both soothing and deeply moving. In the past I used not care for biking at all. I finally learned in 4th and 5th grade, before that it seemed like an arduous task that I had no interest in. Even when I did learn to ride a bike, I still could not get into riding. My blue bike made it hard for me to get any enjoyment from it. It had no gears to

  • The Girl I Never Thought I Could Be

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    When I was a little kid, I went on a camping trip with my family. I was surrounded by relatives of all ages. All of my cousins had brought bikes, and I had brought one as well. We would all spend hours biking around the campsite, laughing and shouting to each other as we pedaled along. Trying to outdo each other, we all sped down wooded trails and rocky slopes. Although I never was able to catch up to my older brother, the bike rides were exhilarating to me. The fun times didn’t last, however, when

  • NICA Argumentative Essay

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    Cycling has a multitude of benefits, more than getting from one place to another. Cycling improves your cardiovascular system, nervous system, muscular structure, and helps to build your core strength, just name a few. However, once kids reach junior high and high school cycling as a whole starts to wane or becomes a distant memory. NICA, National Interscholastic Cycling Association has recognized this issue and has taken actions to get kids off the electronics and back outside where they are

  • Essay On Mountain Bike Racer

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    Isaac Louisma Mrs. Scott – Jackson Block 4 January 13, 2014 How to become a mountain bike racer To become a mountain bike it is really hard you have a lot of things to do. You have to race people you might know or you don’t know. Do you have what it takes to be a mountain bike racer? If you do have what it to become one try and sign up for a race? Mountain bike is an extreme sport so there are things you need to do before you go to a race and after. This is the reason why you want to be a mountain

  • Write An Informative Essay On Mountain Biking

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    Biking Mountain biking can bring you places, and new experiences that you would never see or do if you didn't bike. Biking has taken me new places such as whistler B.C which is just one example of the amazing places biking has taken me. Biking has been around since 1817 when a German man by the name of German Baron Karl Von Drais, but they didn't become popular until the late 1800s.(associates 2010) Even though it can be dangerous, and there are risks, in the end if you take it easy biking will