The Challenges And Benefits Of Mountain Biking

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Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but later on enhanced features designed to make durability and performance in rough terrain easier to maintain. Mountain biking can be broken down into different categories, cross country which is mostly flat, trail riding is the way people usually ride and consist of mostly flat riding, but also some up and down, all mountain consist of riding uphill and downhill , downhill is strictly all down with very technical riding, and freeride is just like downhill but has jumps and berms. Mountain Biking has some controversies, but also has a variety of outcomes, such as health, community, environmental, and wildlife benefits. Mountain biking can benefit a rider’s health in several ways. There…show more content…
Conflicts include what happens when encountering other riders, hikers, and wildlife. When encountering another rider, if one person is going up the hill and one person is going down the hill, typically the person going up the hill will move over for the person going down. Hikers are usually very respectful when someone is riding on the same trail, typically they will move over so the rider can pass. Riders can come across wildlife at any time, when encountering a horse rider, mountain bike riders will usually pull over so they can pass. It is very important that the rider is very caution when riding, they can come across Moose, Bear, and Mountain Lions. Riders are in the wildlifes territory and it is very important to stay cautious. "No scientific studies show that mountain bikers cause more wear to trails than other users.”(Culture change) Many people claim that mountain biking tears up the trail with their tires, but studies have proven that horse hooves do more damage to the trail then bicycles, and hikers do slim to none damage in the trail also. On sharp turns mountain bikers do the most damage, because on a sharp turn they are gradually making the turn wider and wider which is the only effect it will have. "failed to perceive that they were having as great of an effect on wildlife as our biological data indicated.”(Culture Change) Riders can come across wild life at any moment, it's just a matter of staying caution and trying to stay safe while enjoying
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