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  • Conflict Between Believers

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    Conflict Between Believers Introduction There is an obvious difference of opinion between two members of the Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church as it relates to whether as Christian we should celebrate Halloween. Couple A argues that is not up to Christianity to dictate what they should and should not celebrate, and uses Romans 14:5 to support their argument. Romans 14:5 reads, “In the same way, some think one day it is more holy than another day, while others think every day is alike. Each person

  • The True Believer Summary

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    Hoffer, Eric. The True Believer. New York: Harper & Row, 1989. The True Believer is a manuscript that attempts to grant justification as to why people would be drawn to a mass movement. A mass movement is a form of social, economic, or religious movement where a large group of people attempt to rise up and evoke a change away from the status quo. "This book deals with some peculiarities common to all mass movements, be they religious movements, social revolutions or nationalist movements." The

  • Baptism, Believer Or Infant?

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    church. “Grandma, this is different. This is my choice, this is my faith, my relationship with Jesus.” I told her trying to stay calm. “Well, whatever I don’t get it. Just let me know when it is and I’ll be there.” The topic of which type of baptism, believer or infant, gives the better understand of baptism itself has been discussed for quiet some time now. Believer’s baptism is when the person makes a choice to be baptized, while Infant baptism is when an infant is baptized by the choice of their parents

  • Importance Of Prayer For Believers

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    Prayer Prayer is another extremely important discipline for believers to practice. When explaining prayer one must first understand what prayer is. An anonymous author in an article known as the Quiver wrote the following statement about what prayer is: “Prayer is the application of want to Him who alone can relieve it. Prayer is the voice of a sinner to Him alone can pardon sin. Prayer is poverty pleading, humility worshipping, penitence confessing, and truth trusting. Prayer is no eloquence, but

  • Skeptics and True Believers

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    Skeptics and True Believers In the first chapter, Raymo, opens with talk of his childhood. He brings to the surface the fact that children will believe just about anything they are told. In this chapter Raymo explains how people grow frm children into grown sdluts, peolpe somehow retain some of a child’s ability to believe in the unbelievable. It is the True Believer that retains “an absolute in some forms of empirically unverifiable make-belive...” (13), wheras the Skeptic always “keeps a wary

  • Eternal Security of the Believer

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    Of all the past and present theological debates within Orthodox Christianity, few have managed to claim the perpetual debate as has the discussion surrounding the eternal security of the believer. For many generations, faithful Christians have stood on opposite sides of this issue, decrying the view of those standing opposite them. Broadly, some view the Bible as teaching that a man who has experienced a genuine conversion can, by his own will, turn from the faith and forfeit his salvation. The

  • Muhammad And The Believers By Fred Donner

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    its current manifestation today with Muhammad and the Believers. Donner admirably conveys the early history of Islam and its success to its centrality and “Believers’ Movement” opposed to many western historians accrediting it to the need of social and economic reform. Muhammad and the Believers is split up into five chapters, all of which Donner imparts his main thesis of Islam being a group of believers (mu’minun) opposed

  • The Effects of Teaching on Actions of a Believer

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    The Effects of Teaching on Actions of a Believer Some Christians believe all human life is sacred and that abortion is murder and should never be allowed. They believe all embryos have the right to live and that only God can end life. Believing these teachings will influence the actions of that person in many different ways. A pregnant Christian woman will believe abortion is wrong and have the baby whatever the circumstances, except if her own life is at risk If the mother does not want

  • Dance- A journey of a Believer

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    Shifali is an eleven-year-old girl, who is passionate about Bharathanatyam. In addition excelling in school, she attends a dance academy to pursue her passion of dancing. Dancing makes her happy and even though it requires hard work, she never complains. She is willing to do anything to reach her dream of becoming an excellent dancer. Mrs. Asha, Shifali’s instructor, admires Shifali’s unique style of performance and wants to showcase Shifali’s talent. One day Asha receives an invitation from Dance

  • Can a Believer be Demon Possessed?

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    The best place to find the answer to that question was in the Bible. The answer is no. Everyday believers desire to sin. When that happens, who is to blame? Usually ?Satan made me do it? is the typical excuse. Wrong! Our desire to sin comes from our lusts (James 1:13,14), the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21) and evil hearts (Mark 7:21,22). Satan knows these weaknesses and uses them to his advantage. If Satan cannot cause us to sin, he certainly cannot indwell in us. When we are told to put on the whole