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  • “Multiple New Beginnings”

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    her truck and checked the gas gauge: full. She slid her “road trips” CD in the player and pressed play. The song “For Beginners” by M. Ward came on, and she chuckled to herself about the irony of the song and the way her life was going. She was beginning a new life somewhere else, where she would in fact be a, beginner. She started the engine and was off to wherever her truck took her. Haidee had passed through state after boring state and none had appealed to her. Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas

  • Creative Writing: The Bad Beginning

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    The Story begins on a beach with three young children playing. Violet, 14, inventor; Klaus, 12, amateur researcher; and Sunny, baby, professional biter who has not totally developed speech. When they arrive to the beach it is a cloudy foggy overcast day. Violet is spending her time here skipping rocks, Klaus is studying tide pools and Sunny is just enjoying her time being at the beach with her older siblings. Even though it is not the greatest day in the world, the children are enjoying their time

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

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    wrongs. But sometimes sheltering them with the goodness of this world can do them more harm than good. Daniel Handler seems to think that children are not terribly fragile and they can handle an unhappy ending. He did just that in his novel, The Bad Beginning, the first novel in The Series of Unfortunate Events. The writing style unmistakably sets a gloomy and dire world for his characters. It starts off with the three siblings Violet, Klaus and Sunny experiencing the great grief of their parents’ sudden

  • A New Beginning In The Bean Trees By Barbara Kingsolver

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    A New Beginning “The Bean Trees” one of the best-selling novels written by Barbara Kingsolver writes a story about a girl by the name Marietta who leaves home in hopes of starting a new life. Marietta who avoided pregnancy her high school years, which was very common to happen finishes school and gets a job at a hospital after about 5 years she saves enough money for an old car to finally leave Kentucky and start a new life. Starting a new life meant she wanted to have a new name. She chooses

  • The Paradox Of Vision In The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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    like to know that no matter whether my eyes were opened or closed it made no difference, everything was still dark.” (53) Reuven's thoughts make an allusion to the Book of Genesis, which connects light to goodness and darkness to badness: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hove...

  • In The Beginning

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    In the Beginning The theory of evolution, formalized by Charles Darwin, is as much theory as is the theory of gravity, or the theory of relativity. Evolutionary theory is a scientific theory dealing with scientific data, not a system of metaphysical beliefs or a religion (Wilkins). Biological theories, and especially evolution, unlike the theories of physics, have been argued long and hard in social and political arenas. Even today, evolution is often not taught in primary schools. However, evolution

  • In The Beginning

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    they should have the same treatment as heterosexuals. God declares that this lifestyle is sin, while the Gays declare it is not their fault that they desire the same-sex. This is a subject that has become a dominate debate. Let us reflect on our beginnings and realize that heterosexual’s do not have to fight for their rights in marrying and are the ones that give birth. Gays have been pleading their case for many years; however, God’s word has remained unchanged. Homosexuality is sin in God’s eyes

  • In The Beginning

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    In The Beginning In reading the chapter entitled "In The Beginning" I discovered many interesting events that took place. I will attempt to explore the roles of the Genesis matriarchs which include Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, Leah, and Rachel. Also I will compare their stories with those of Lot's wife and daughters, Jacob's daughter Dinah, and Potiphar's wife. First, lets take a closer look at Sarah who is the wife of Abraham. Here we see a woman who is a devoted mate and concerned with fulfilling

  • In The Beginning

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    In the Beginning This article talks about the role of many different types of women in early America. It also has the thoughts of men about these women. The area of black slavery is also covered in this article and it touches on who the slaves were before the blacks came. The different women that are covered are the Indians, then the whites, and finally the African Americans. First, the Indian women were covered. The Englishmen as promiscuous thought of the women living with their tribes. They came

  • The beginning

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    During my childhood and adolescent years I grew up in very small town. I can remember thinking that I knew everyone and that everyone knew me, and if the truth were known, the majority of them did. I guess this is where you could say that my memories of literacy began. As a child I can remember myself, and many other members of my community not having the literacy skills that most of those who visited or passed through our town did. The folks that passed through were proper whereas those of us who