The New Beginning

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“There are many ideas or arguments had been done on the internet over immigrant and yet there is still no real solution up until now.” This is an opening sentence from the argument essay I wrote last semester. One general sentence which able to tackle the topic. While looking back at the sentence, I realize there are no attention getter or catch phrases. It’s totally boring from the beginning until the end. However, I able to learn a better way to develop my essay. One of them is to include more emotions into my essay which can be called pathos.
A successful essay needs to have three categories: logical, emotional and credibility which also known as logos, pathos and ethos. These three categories support each other in order for the essay to alive. Furthermore, logos seem to be a strong point for me because it is persuading and reasoning part of the essay. Logos is known as a skeleton bone that connect all the essay together. It is the main ideas and information about what the reader tries to understand.
However, what good is bones without its meat, therefore pathos is the meat that ...

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