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  • The Objectivity of History

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    The Objectivity of History The issues that are raised in this source by Marc Trachtenberg are is whether or not objectivity is still a relevant idea, and if it is not then is history in fact dying. Keith Jenkins' "What is History?," Carl Becker's "What are Historical Facts?" and Richard Evans' "In Defence of History" will be used to discuss and examine these issues. Marc Trachtenberg is questioning if objectivity is possible and desirable in today's society, and this is a question that many

  • By using computers in schools, do students become smarter?

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    views on whether or not students become smarter by using computers in school. Henry Jay Becker, an education professor at the University of California has been evaluating how schools and teachers use computers for classroom instruction for over 20 years. He believes that computers should be integrated into classrooms for students to use so they can have more skills. The constructivist philosophy that Becker supports stresses student interest and teachers see themselves more as facilitators rather


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    occurs, we do not have the pleasure of viewing, but we know the general gist of the story. Maureen was raped and brutally butchered with a hunting knife and was found in her bedroom, getting blood all over the covers. The next two murders were of Casey Becker and Steve Orth. Steve had his stomach ripped open with a knife and he was strapped to a patio chair with duck tape over his mouth. His intestines had been exposed and there was a pool of blood around the chair. Casey received precisely six phone calls

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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    more often than girls (Becker, 1990). Although there are many theories in regards to the cause of SIDS, the principle cause has not as yet been identified. Most researchers attribute the underlying mechanism of death to acute respiratory insufficiency occurring predominantly during sleep. Due to the lack of evidence of lung or heart abnormalities, recent studies have focused on the theory of a dysfunction of the neural control of respiration and cardiac function (Becker, 1990). There are currently

  • Labeling Theory

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    to explore the contributions made by labelling theorists, the criticism towards labelling theorists, and the discussion surrounding its reality as an actual theory. In essence, the main focus of this paper besides proving an understanding of Howard Becker, is to describe and evaluate `labelling theory` to the study of crime and deviance, by way of an in depth discussion. THEORETICAL IMAGES The theoretical study of societal reaction to deviance has been carried out under different names, such as

  • Resistance to Imperialism and the Zulu War

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    enslavement of black Africans along the eastern coast of the continent by Arabian pirates began. This slave trade, however, met fierce resistance from the flourishing African kingdoms of Kush and the Somali king, Nagus Yeshaq, who was a Christian Becker). Because the strength of the Arabic incursions was based mainly on conversion, the Islamic armies never penetrated deeply into sub-Saharan Africa. In the middle of the 15th century, Portuguese explorers began to establish trading outposts along

  • The Continuing Mystery of SIDS

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    status, and it is more common among non-whites. Although SIDS seems to be associated with a low socioeconomic status, SIDS is not caused by malnutrition. A more recent article also reported that more male infants were victims of SIDS than females ( Becker 361 ). Finally, SIDS has been more often associated with prematurely born infants. This seems to suggest that developmental immaturity may present a likely situation for the development of SIDS. Each of these characteristics must be considered when

  • Declaration Of Independence

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    thought it was a nice thing, and after it became famous was adapted as a work of art. And to be honest I didnt even know what signifagance it had and how much it really did for out country. But after reading the Declaration of Independence, by Carl Becker, I found out what it really meant. In this report I will not only prove that I read the book, but show what affect it had on our country, the independent Unites States of America. Actually, the decleration wasn't even the officiol act of seperation

  • just war

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    under which conditions war is just. Opposition based on the Just War Theory differs from that of pacifists. Oppositionists oppose particular wars but not all war. Their opposition is based on principals of justice rather than principles of pacifism (Becker 926). In the monotheistic religious traditions of Christianity and Islam, one role of God (or Allah) is to limit or control aggressions among humankind. In these religious traditions, God establishes an ideal or standard for the righteous use of force

  • Sex, Masculine Pride, and War in Henry V

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    as crowd-pleasing devices or filler, "only casually related to the main action" (Becker 74). The filler theory can be dismissed outright given the length the play already enjoys. The scenes involving Pistol, Nym, and Bardolph, or Fluellen and Gower actually fit the play perfectly. As far as the play's themes go, these... ... middle of paper ... ... of many of this play's lines. Works Cited Becker, George J. Shakespeare's Histories. New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., 1977

  • Movie - Philadelphia

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    turns down the call at first, but then receives it after realizing that, Andrew Beckon has no one else. Next, in the hero’s journey Joe goes though the "jumping off point" of his journey. He is interfaced between the know, that Andrew Becker was fired from his job at the law firm. Also, The unknown why was he fired from a well-known law firm after being called " One Of the best", by the head director. Joe Miller is faced with finding the facts, mainly about why was this "promising"

  • An Integrative Approach to Teaching Writing

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    experience as if it were static, or as if it were dynamic, or as if it were a network of relationships or a part of a larger network. Note carefully that a unit is not either a particle or a wave or a field, but rather can be viewed as all three. (Young, Becker and Pike 122) Thus, the way we see the world has enormous influence over the way we see the teaching of writing. Some see writing as a product (static particle), some as a process (... ... middle of paper ... saying that we are here

  • labelling theory

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    Becker was influenced by the following: Charles Cooley's Human Nature and the Social Order (1902) examines the personal perception of oneself through studies of children and their imaginary friends. Cooley develops the theoretical concept of the looking glass self, a type of imaginary sociability (Cooley 1902). People imagine the view of themselves through the eyes of others in their social circles and form judgements of themselves based on these imaginary observations (Cooley 1902). The main idea

  • Free Personal Narratives: Camping!

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    Camping! "Hey, be careful and don't do anything stupid," my dad said to me right before I hopped into Chase Miller's dark blue Chevy S-10 with a camper shell on the back. I looked at Chase and Tyler Becker and said, "Let's go camping." As Chase pushed down the gas pedal, a big cloud of black smoke shot out of the back of the truck and the smell of burning motor oil filled the cab. It was in July, and we wanted to go camping. I asked my dad if we could go up to our family's cabin in Elk Springs

  • Social Deviance in Australia

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    cultural factors of all kinds in pushing or pulling certain types of individuals into courses of action which involved rule breaking. Interactionists', however, like Becker are primarily concerned with the role social control plays in the social production of deviance, which may take two main forms- rule making and rule enforcing. As Becker (1963:9) writes: 'social groups create deviance by making the rules whose infraction constitute deviance... and by applying these rules to particular people and labelling

  • A Psychological Analysis of Romeo and Juliet

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    can understand the actions of Romeo and Juliet. The ideas used to interpret this play are not classically Freudian, but rather a more contemporary understanding of psychodynamics as influenced by modern existential theory. The ideas of Ernest Becker, one of the more influential figures in the new psychoanalysis, are used throughout this psychological examination. Suicide is the doma... ... middle of paper ... ...t life. Suicide is the most extreme manifestation of this fear of life. A

  • Compare & Contrast 3 Essays

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    The three essays, "Thank God For The Atom Bomb" by Paul Fussel, "Democracy" by Carl Becker, and "Chief Seattle: Letter to President Pierce, 1855" are three different rhetorical modes of writing that exposits theoretical, personal reasoning on the realities of certain controversial historical topics. The main focus of the essays are in proving a steadfast view of an ambiguous subject through sarcastic criticism of opposing ideas and by applying clever use of irony; the authors’ sentiments vary from

  • jeff dahmer

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    England to Akron, Ohio. Even when psychologist Judith Becker recounts his lonely and sometimes tragic childhood, Dahmer doesn't show a moist eye. But Becker's anecdotes of the killer's pathetic youth seem to move the audience. She tells of how Dahmer, as a young boy, found a snake and took it to his garage to keep as a pet. The snake, though, wound itself around the spokes of Dahmer's bike and once he went for a ride, the new-found pet was killed. Becker says Dahmer wondered why, of all places, the snake

  • Robert Becker

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    Robert Becker: Old-fashioned Responsibility At a young age, my grandpa Robert started practicing financial responsibility. He worked all through his childhood on his family farm. He would take care of pigs and chickens and also butcher them. He also tended to his family’s wheat fields. The small amount of money his parents gave him as wages were saved for a rainy day. My grandpa was never one to spend unnecessary money. After leaving his family farm in Wallace County, my grandpa went to technical

  • Helen Tamiris Biography

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    On April 24, 1903, one of the founders of American modern dance was born to parents who emigrated from Russia. Helen Tamiris, originally Helen Becker, grew up in New York, New York on the Lower East Side. In her lifetime, she danced, choreographed, and helped initiate modern dance. Later in her life, she moved to the “Great White Way,” otherwise known as Broadway, to choreograph many shows. In 1911, or at the age of eight, Ms. Tamiris began studying dance at the Henry Street Settlement with Irene