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SCREAM starts out in the quiet country region of Woodsboro, California. The silence is soon broken by the ringing of a phone coming from the inside of Casey Becker's home. The conversation between Casey and the threatening Voice, eventually leads up to having Casey scared out of her wits and being gutted. Sidney Prescott learns about the murder, and also finds out it was almost as bad as the murder of her mother (Maureen Prescott), which occurred almost a year ago. Randy Meeks, Reporter Gail Weathers, and Deputy Dewey Riley all get mixed up in the story with Sidney. If you want to learn anything else about the movie, go WATCH IT!!!!
Billy and Stu were obviously PSYCHOtic. Stu's motive for killing Casey and Steve is simple. Sweet revenge!!! Casey dumped him for Steve, although Stu claims he dumped her. Billy killed several people with admirable motives. He killed Maureen Prescott because she was having an affair with his father, which caused his mother to leave the family. Billy also killed Tatum with good reason. What's the use of having someone around that's always going to be moping about her dead best friend. It would get on their consciences and drive them crazy, not that they already are.
The first murder that occurs, we do not have the pleasure of viewing, but we know the general gist of the story. Maureen was raped and brutally butchered with a hunting knife and was found in her bedroom, getting blood all over the covers. The next two murders were of Casey Becker and Steve Orth. Steve had his stomach ripped open with a knife and he was strapped to a patio chair with duck tape over his mouth. His intestines had been exposed and there was a pool of blood around the chair. Casey received precisely six phone calls before being gutted, yes WITH a hunting knife, and hung outside in her front lawn from a tree. Principal Himbry, the fourth victim, was stabbed seven times (again with a hunting knife) and hung from the school football goalpost. He was found around the time of Stu's party. The next lucky person was Tatum Riley, Dewey's younger sister and Sidney's best friend (ex). She had her arm sliced by a knife (I'll let you guess what kind) and was found in the garage's kitty door with her head crushed.
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