Basketball Team Essays

  • Role Of The Leader In The Basketball Team

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    school girls’ basketball team is made up of many different individuals with very different personalities. These different personalities lead to different roles on the team. These roles are evident on most teams, and each personality type contributes to the function of the team; however, some roles are not as beneficial as others. One major role on the team is The Leader. The Leader is usually the loudest and most positive player on the team. A senior who is very dedicated to the team usually fills

  • Overcoming Obstacles In A Basketball Team

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    obstacles are encountered through life, and some of them stick out because they change the perspective of those who’ve endured them. For me, one of those obstacles was joining the basketball team without ever having played 5 on 5 coached basketball. Such a task would have been seen as impossible to others, seeing as I joined the team my junior year in high school. Most of the things said were that I, an inexperienced athlete, should quit and that I would never be successful. But that wasn’t the only hardship

  • Competition Within a Basketball Team

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    Basketball is a highly competitive sport, usually played between two different teams. Yet, the competition runs deeper than just the game played between two opposing teams. The truth is, players on the same team compete over roles all the time. This type of in-team competition is normal, but it must be kept at a healthy level. The Legacy Girls' Basketball team suffers from this type of competition everyday. In the past, the girls have had very successful seasons––just last year, in fact, they went

  • My Journey with Havoc Basketball Team

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    Narrative: I am on a basketball team we are called the Havoc. We are mainly out of Aplington-Parkersburg (A.P.), Dike-New Hartford, and Iowa Falls. There are 6 from A.P., 2 from Dike, and 1 from Iowa Falls, and that is me. We have won tournaments in Ames, Des Moines, Cedar Falls, and Waterloo. We go all over the state, for tournaments. Our coach’s names are Andy Luscomb, and Cody Switzer. The guys on my team’s names are Elijah, Sam, Kale, Jayden, Christian, Jake, Benton, Parker, and Me of course

  • Analysis Of The OU Men's Basketball Team

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    The OU men’s basketball team is a monochronic, masculine, collectivistic, and individualistic co-culture. They come together as a team, but each player has their own identity attached to this co-culture in their own way. One of the teammates, Bob, was kind enough to provide answers to a few questions that will bring a little more understanding to how the players view themselves within their co-culture. All of the members of this co-culture are college students at the University of Oklahoma and range

  • Personal Narrative: The Motivation Of A Basketball Team

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    my daughter’s last year of high school basketball, she will be more motivated to continue pursuing sport related activities in the future. She did run with me in the Peachtree Road Race this year and during spring break, she hiked with me in Arizona on some difficult trails. So, she does consider physical fitness and eating healthy to be priorities in her life. However, to get her motivated to set the goals I just discussed and continue playing basketball will be the challenge. I believe she is

  • Michael Jordan's Life: Basketball And The Basketball Team

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    was the basketball team and see if he can earn a place there. He knew what he was good at but he wasn’t sure how good these kids from the Bronx where, he heard they were tough and very good but he always stayed optimistic and confident. He knew that high school was was suppose to be harder for his education, but in all honestly, he was more interested in the basketball team. Jordan was more interested in making the team for many reasons, he always thought that if he made the basketball team he would

  • Basketball Team Game Analysis

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    The professional basketball team miami heat are well known across the united states.There are 7 known for their great achievements,wins and a long list of well known players.A few names of these well known players is,Lebron james,Dwyane wade,Chris bosh,Dion waiters,Hassan whiteside,James johnson,Justice winslow,Goran dragic,Udonis haslem,Josh richardson,Willie reed,Rodney mcgruder,Luke babbit,Josh mcroberts,Wayne ellington and Okaro white. To continue in the 2013-2014 Lebron james averaged 38.2

  • Personal Narrative: I Will Make The Basketball Team

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    I Believe I’ll Make It I believe that i will make the basketball team. I say this because i trained over the last year. Even though a lot of people have more experience than me, and some are even stronger. I believe that because of my hard work that i put toward my favorite sport, i will make the basketball team. Last year moved from indiana, unknowing of what sport i would like to join, due to not playing many sports, other than football. When i thought about it football was the choice i wanted

  • Sharon Lockhart's Goshogaoka Girls Basketball Team

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    Lockhart’s 1997 image, Goshogaoka Girls Basketball Team Group #1, the viewer is engrossed by the clear, hard-edged collection of four photographs, each depicting young girls decked out in blue and red jerseys participating in a simple game of basketball. Arms out, playfully shoving, and cheering sets the scene. Lockhart utilizes harsh lighting and colors which consequently depict the innocence budding from young girls, even while playing a game of basketball. In a series of four photographs, Lockhart

  • Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Team

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    to my first basketball practice. I remember gripping the brand-new basketball, the smell of genuine leather I began getting familiar with, and I naturally started dribbling the ball to break it in. It felt invigorating. I immediately started running towards the net for the first time on a full-sized court, imitating what I saw on tv. I was close to the basket when I coordinated my steps accordingly. Left foot, right foot, left

  • High School Basketball Team: A Short Story

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    the school basketball team. We sat at the rectangular lunch table comfortably while he chuckled in disbelief as if he weren’t taking me serious. I proceeded to yell at him in a jokingly matter when I noticed that I was overheard by a group of former basketball players. The group proceeded to walk past our table laughing and pointing fingers just as though an audience would to a comedian during a comic show. They were dressed in oversized bright red lettermen, each with an orange basketball patch on

  • Personal Narrative: High School Basketball Team

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    about our high school basketball season, which had just ended at the time, and we were talking about how we should have won state. Cory then says, “well I guess we’re just gonna have to put in more work over the summer!” then I said, “Aint that the truth!” Cory then told me that he had a club basketball game in two days and so I told him that I’d try to make it, but I’m not making any promises. He told me that I should try out for his team but since our high school basketball season had just ended

  • Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Team

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    It was a frosty winter morning in the town of Nashville. My basketball team was on the way to our last tournament of the season. The sounds of the crowd cheering and the teams playing were the only sounds on that Saturday morning. The teams were enthusiastic about the games ahead. We all woke up early that Saturday morning because of the enthusiasm leaping out of our bodies. I felt something in my heart, that told me something offbeat was going to happen. As we pulled up to the exhilarating gymnasium

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Why Not Start A Basketball Team

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    any kind, I can’t even hear the celebrating from the opposing team, well, the winning team. This is my first official match as well as the worst drugging. I score the last goal but I missed too many shots before that. The coach comes to me and says “what’s wrong with you today? Your performance in the training was much better than this.” For a moment, I

  • How The Dream Team Changed Basketball Forever

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    Although the 1992 Olympic Men’s Basketball Team is considered the greatest assemblage of professional athletes in history, the Dream Team does have its critics. Regardless of the bureaucratic problems that stemmed from allowing NBA players to compete in the Olympics, many benefits were reaped by intertwining the two associations. Even though the basketball that was played with the Dream Team did not differ fundamentally, it changed the game of basketball forever because it respected the historical

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Why I Become The Basketball Team

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    sports team causes you to feel a little overwhelmed. Taking on so many new things can lead you to feel quite out of place at times. When I decided to join the basketball team my freshman year of high school this was exactly the case. I had just began my freshman year which, is enough stress and struggle as it is. Everyone is just trying to keep up and learn to fit in their freshman year, which in itself, can be very challenging at times. To top that, I decided to join the basketball team. Although

  • Ken Carter: The Coach Carter Basketball Team

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    leadership concepts. Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of Ken Carter. Ken is offered employment to instruct the basketball team at his previous high school, Richmond High. He appropriated the position of basketball coach in order to try and expand the neglected community of Richmond. Nevertheless an even more important aim of his was to inspire and lead the student athletes on their basketball team. He makes the athletes sign an indenture stating that, they will only be allowed to contribute in games if

  • What Makes the Miami Heat a Winning Basketball Team

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    When an NBA team wins back to back championships it is no coincidence that they are the best team in the league. But what makes up a winning basketball team? Most people would assume that if the team has the best player, or the best coach, or the biggest team, then the team has the best team. In reality, it takes more than that. It takes a combined effort from different factors of a team to be considered “elite”. This paper will discuss what makes the Miami Heat so special. The Miami Heat are a winning

  • American Basketball Association: The Rocket Trucking Team

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    A charter franchise in the American Basketball Association, the team was originally slated to play in Kansas City, Missouri before moving to Denver. They were named the Denver Larks before they changed their name and became known as the Rockets for their first seven years of existence, winning division titles in 1970 and 1975. The name "Rockets" was derived from the Rocket Trucking Company, owned by the team's owner and having the same colors (orange and black). However, they tended to struggle in