Do The Simpsons Follow the Conventions of a Typical Sitcom?

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A sitcom is a situation comedy. In a sitcom there is usually a nuclear

family, which involves there being a mum, dad, sister and a brother as

the main focus. A normal stock plot for a sitcom is that everything

more often than not starts happily and ends pretty much the same.

There are a few minor hiccups in-between that are easily worked out.

They usually contain farce, satire, and puns or slap stick comedy to

amuse the audience. Sitcoms generally last about thirty minutes, for

example in ‘My family’ and ‘King of the Hill’. Sitcoms have changed

and modernized considerably to fit in and relate to society today. For

example the 1950’s sitcom ‘Leave it to Beaver’ was about a typical

middle-class white family who had their fair share of problems, but

managed to resolve them in the end. They were extremely polite to each

other and acted as role models of how a ‘proper’ family should behave,

but of course not every family was like that. Real life families have

bigger problems, and are more controversial. This is what the sitcoms in the

50’s lacked in, real life issues. Nowadays sitcoms relate to young

people today and how life is affecting today’s culture and traditions.

A sitcom such as ‘The Simpson’s’ is vastly popular because they are

not afraid to tackle real life issues, which are in-fact very diverse

and controversial. Homer doesn’t always get along with his in laws.

Bart is very naughty, but we still understand where he’s coming from.

Lisa is very clever and she does sometimes get some grief for being

too clever. The Simpson family are not rich and do go through money

problems just like the rest of us. They are like a factual family ...

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...Simpsons’. I disagree with his view, as The Waltons

is an outdated family that is not very realistic and is stereotypical,

whereas The Simpsons deal with real life issues. Mel Gibson believes

that ‘you can learn all life’s lessons from watching The Simpsons’. I

agree with him because The Simpsons deal with real life issues and the

run into problems as a realistic middle class family would and they

resolve their problem at the end. The Simpsons is very successful and

watched by people of all ages for many reasons. A reason is a comedy

appeal to a wide audience is because The Simpsons is a family the

audience can relate to, not on ideal family. The Simpsons depicts

stereotypical images, but individual characters subverts stereotypes

this creates humor which will be a form of escape from a busy

lifestyle for the audience.
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