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  • What Is The Evolution Of Banking Sector?

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    INDUSTRY PROFILE INTRODUCTION: The Banking sector plays major role in the economic development of a country. It is financial institution and a financial intermediary that accepts deposits into lending activities either directly by lending or indirectly through capital markets. A bank is connection between the customers which have capital deficits to those customers with capital surpluses. MEANING AND DEFINITION OF BANKING: A bank is an institution, which deals with the money and credit

  • Singapore: Banking And Financial Service Sector In Singapore

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    Banking and Financial Service Sector in Singapore 1. Introduction Banking is defined as a bank and can provide loans, deposits, and other financial services for financial institutions. Financial services industry is defined as all kinds of financial inter mediation activities in respect of financial services offered by service providers posed. In the last two decades, the economies of developed nations have seen a big shift away from being manufacturing-oriented to being more service-dominated (Ostrom

  • Jamaica's Banking Sector

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    Introduction Since the early 1990s, the Jamaican banking sector has experienced significant structural changes stemming from a disorderly financial liberalization process, which preceded a severely disruptive financial crisis. As such, the last decade has important lessons about factors influencing the relationship between competition and concentration, which has been unexplored. Over the last few months commercial banks have been under fire for their high-loan interest rates and wide spread between

  • Essay On Banking Sector

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    is a known fact that the banking industry plays a huge role in today’s society, the industry has grown rapidly of many decades and still growing. The banking sector is that sector of the society that is actually responsible for the handling of financial assets for other sector of the economy, they do this by investing the financial assets in order to create more wealth in the society while regulating all the activities involved in the process. (What is the banking Sector 2015) The core operation

  • The Banking Sector In India

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    There have been several significant structural reforms in Indian banking sector since 1990s. It has now been open to more competitions by the entry of new private banks and gradual liberalization of the banking sector. The sector is currently valued at Rs 81 trillion (US$ 1.31 trillion). It is believed that there is potential for India to be the 5th largest banking industry in the world by 2020 and the 3rd largest by 2025, according to an industry report. (IBEF, 2014) India is an emerging market

  • Role Of Financial Sector In The Banking Sector

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    Banks sector is playing an important role in economies. The banking industry, as the classic and the most influential of financial intermediaries, facilitates economic operations. Financial sector in the worldwide country has been changes over these years by looking the changes of financial structure environment and economic conditions. Thus, banks are a very important point to financial system and play an important role as control and contribute growth to the economic sector. A variety of groups

  • Importance Of Innovation In Banking Sector

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    Customer services and customer satisfaction are the prime objective of any service organization. Information and communication technology has furnished go-up to new innovations in the product designing and their delivery in the banking and finance industries. The transformation has been very productive for banks bringing in an increase in productivity and organizational efficiency to be more competitive. Banks have no alternative but to employ wireless solutions in device-independent and network-agnostic

  • Role Of Corporate Governance In Banking Sector

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    CORPORATE GOVERNANCE IN INDIAN BANKING SECTOR *Md. Baharul Islam ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION: Corporate governance is “the system by which companies are directed and controlled”. It involves regulatory and market mechanisms and the roles and relationships between a company’s management’ its board its shareholders’ and the goals for which the corporation is governed. In contemporary business corporations, the main external stakeholder groups are shareholders, debt holders, trade creditors, suppliers, customers

  • The Importance of Customer Relationship and Sales in the Banking Sector

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    INTRODUCTION As the competition in the banking sector is continuing to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many banks to achieve growth as before. Facing fierce competition from both customary brick and motor operations and the emerging internet banks, banks fail to meet performance expectations due to poor understanding of their customer’s needs, not making the most of their staff and most importantly tend to not respond to new sales opportunities. Banks that will be able to overcome

  • A Comparative Technical Analysis of Banking Sector with Special to Public and Private Sector Bank

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    Analysis and Interpretation In this chapter, the data collected were systemically processed, tabulated and made suitable for analysis and interpretations. It was a study on stock price movement in selected banking companies through data collected for the nine months from July to March. The performance is analyzed for the stock prices of Current market price, Yearly high, Yearly low, Last completed financial year value, Sales, Operating profit margin, Net profit, Equity, Earning per share, Book value

  • SWOT Analysis of the Balanced Scorecard in the UK Banking Sector

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    In the last two decades of the 20th century, the UK banking industry experienced huge change because of three factors: deregulation, new technology and increasing competition (Gardener et al, 1999, cited in Hailey et al, 2005). Some banks such as NatWest, Halifax and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), have successfully survived from the impact of the new century. Just as the head of employee at RBS indicates, the most significant part of their success is the use of the Balanced Scorecard in the performance

  • The Impact Of Information Technology On The UK Financial Sector

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    The Impact of Information Technology on the UK Financial Sector I have studied that in business, information technology can be used if effective in a strategic way in order to gain a competitive advantage and this can be seen in the UK financial services. In such an industry it can be said to be one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors of the economy. Such a rate of change and growth has created a prolific environment for the innovation of information technology. The application of information

  • Banking: Merging and Acquisitions

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    Consolidation in the Banking Industry through Mergers and Acquisitions Banking scenario since 1991 has been a process of transformation and consolidation. With financial sector reforms implementation, the microenvironment of banking sector has undergone a radical change. Almost all insulations to commercial banking have been peeled off and it has been susceptible to all types of exposures now. There has been paradigm shift in operational, functional, environmental, technological spheres. The reforms

  • Nigerian Banking Strategy

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    In 2004, the Nigerian banking sector had undergone a significant policy change which led to the waves of consolidation and recapitalisation exercises in the financial sector and the policy in part include the increased in minimum capitalisation requirement from N2 billion naira to N25 billion. The consolidation and recapitalisation exercise that followed saw the emergent of 25 banks from the 89 banks operating in Nigerian prior to the banking policy implementation. The policy implementation not

  • The Importance Of The Banking Industry

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    The banking industry plays a vital role in an economic growth and the stability of a country. The industry focuses on the in and out flow of the money. This industry is well known for financial dealings, investing, borrowing, and storing money. The banking industry plays a pivotal role in providing capitals whereby the financial intermediaries would be channeling the fund to companies or institutions that is in dire need of funds to expand their business. The soundness of a country’s economy is

  • The Importance Of Banking Supervision

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    c. Why Banking Supervision is needed? While banking and financial institutions have play an important role in contributing the economic growth by collecting and allocating the resources to those who in need of finance, it also can bring the financial chaos to the economy as well. Since this industry is a sentitive and fragile one, the banking superivision is required to monitor on the banking system aiming to identify and measure risks in order to protect not only the financial institutions but

  • Analysis Of Basel III

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    crisis of 2008 – 2009, the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision (BCBS) extensively revised the existing capital adequacy guidelines. The resultant capital adequacy framework is called Basel III. In a paper published by KPMG entitled Basel III: Issues and Implications Basel III proposal had two main objectives: • To strengthen global capital and liquidity regulations with the goal of promoting a more resilient banking sector • To improve the banking sector’s ability to absorb shocks arising from

  • Abu Dhabi Bank Case Study Model

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    Personal Banking products and services to the UAE market and globally. The integration of both National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) and First Gulf Bank (FGB) has led to the creation of the largest bank in the UAE with $183 billion in assets. FAB aims to meet the banking needs of its customers around the globe via strategic personal, corporate and investment banking offerings. Personal Banking offers a wide range of segmented products through Elite Banking, Private Banking and Islamic Banking. The Bank

  • Anti Money Laundering Case Study

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    launder money The various measures adopted all over the world for money laundering are discussed below • Structuring deposits or smurfing large amount of money is broken into smaller, less-suspicious amount. • Overseas banks underground or alternative banking Money launderers send money through various "offshore accounts" in countries that have bank secrecy laws, which allows criminals to proceed all their intents and purposes. It allows customers to make many number of bank transfers to and from offshore

  • Bonuses and Investment Bankers

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    bankrupt but didn’t because the company took bailout money from the government? Most bankers say yes, yet to the general public, this seems to be absolutely inexcusable. I decided to look into this topic further to satisfy my curiosity. The large banking businesses are in many ways at blame for the current recession. They lobbied for, and got, the relaxation of rules limiting how much debt they could have. By going into greater debt, they could increase their profits. However, this also greatly increases