Role Of Financial Sector In The Banking Sector

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Banks sector is playing an important role in economies. The banking industry, as the classic and the most influential of financial intermediaries, facilitates economic operations. Financial sector in the worldwide country has been changes over these years by looking the changes of financial structure environment and economic conditions. Thus, banks are a very important point to financial system and play an important role as control and contribute growth to the economic sector.
A variety of groups are concerned in bank profitability for various reasons. The bank shareholders would want to know if the value of their investments is high or low. The investors also use current and past performance to predict future price of the banks’ shares traded on the stock exchanged. The management of the bank as trustee of the shareholders is evaluated and compensated on the basis of how well their decisions and planning have contributed to growth in assets and profits of their banks. Employees of bank also are concerned with profits, since their salaries and promotions are frequently tied to the profitability performance of their banks. Depositors use bank performance and profitability as indicators of security for their deposits in the banks. Finally, business community and general public are concerned about their banks’ performance to the extent that their economic prosperity is linked to the success or failure of their banks.
Bank profitability has always attracted the interest of academics, economists, and policymakers. With increasing regulation during the global financial crisis, however is gives an understanding of what drives bank profits is increasingly crucial. Literature that has examined bank profitability in many countries in the l...

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...inga (1999) and Pasiouras and Kosmidou (2007).
The above estimation has left some questions pertaining to fill the gap by attempting to identify and measure factors that determine the profitability performance of commercial banks in Malaysia. What are bank-specific determinants and macroeconomic determinants influence on banks’ profitability in Malaysia compare to other countries? Do capitalized bank is contribute more on bank performance compare to other variables? Did relationships between determinants of banks’ profitability change during the financial crisis? This study therefore, intends to examine the bank specific and macro determinants on banks’ profitability, the impact capital and financial crisis on banks profit. To answer the research questions, the dissertation selected 27 commercial banks in Malaysia including local and foreign banks to fill this gap.

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