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  • Bally Fitness

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    OVERVIEW Obesity is a serious problem in America where, as of 2004, two out of every three adults were classified as obese (Wells, 2006). In response to this alarming fact, the US Surgeon General’s office has voiced its concern about the effects of obesity. With such a highly publicized campaign against obesity, Americans have become increasingly-health conscious, driving growth in a variety of industries including the health club industry. During the ten year period from 1995 and including

  • Bally?s Total Fitness

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    Bally total fitness originated as an average health and tennis club in 1962. Who would have thought they would be where they are today. Like many other major companies sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time. Today they are one of the major companies in a 14 billion dollar health club industry. “They are the third biggest health care chain behind Curves for women and the YMCA”.Currently they have around four million members and 420 facilities. They currently have operations in

  • Creative breif of Ballys Gym

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    Creative Brief- Radio For Bally Total Fitness our intended advertising strategy is to appeal to young men and women aged 18-25. We would like to reach them through various channels by appealing to their emotions. We feel that by evoking such emotion will encourage each potential customer to take action. With our radio commercial, we want to reach out to those who believe that working out is like a chore. Also we want to let them know about the support system that Bally has to offer. Most people are

  • Pinball’s Struggle

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    If someone told you pinball was cool again you may disagree, or wonder when it ever was. Still, it can’t be denied pinball’s popularity is on the rise again. Sales of pinball games on computers and video game systems are up. A prime example is that the hottest new gadget, Apple’s iPad, has a surprise top-selling game called Pinball HD. Its gorgeous visuals and fast paced play have seduced the new tech-savvy generation (Saltzman n.p.). Generally, pinball’s popularity has always come in waves and its

  • Marketing for Bally Total Fitness

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    organization will be analysis in order to determine the best market research approached and a well develop marketing strategy and procedure to introduce this new service successfully. As the leading fitness and weight loss platform in America, Bally Total Fitness is the largest and only nationwide commercial operator of fitness centers in the U.S., with nearly 390 facilities and 30 franchises and joint ventures located in 29 states, Mexico, Canada, Korea, China and the Caribbean (Bally's Corporate

  • Bally Total Fitness Marketing Audit

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    Bally Total Fitness is the largest, and only nationwide, commercial operator of fitness centers. Bally’s has approximately four million members and 420 facilities across the United States and around the globe. (, 2004) A marketing audit was performed on the company in order to assess their total marketing program to see what was and was not working to increase business. The following will summarize key findings of environmental aspects and marketing. Finally, any recommended actions

  • Scope of International Operations of Bally's Total Fitness and Wal-Mart

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    and fitness clubs in Europe. This will help to expand the Bally Total Fitness name brand in Western Europe and bring the Holmes Place brand name to the United States. Korea is one of Bally's strong franchising successes. "Growing the brand through international franchising efforts is a strategy that ensures we maximize our growth while incurring no capital costs for the company," said Paul Toback, president and chief executive officer, Bally Total Fitness. "By offering high-quality, affordable fitness

  • The Truth Behind Servant Leadership

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    this situation the common goal is shared. In an attempt to debunk the pyramid myth similar conclusions resonated in the literature reviewed , that nursing leaders that produced the greatest success empowered staff and helped develop a common goal (Bally, 2007 & Buerhaus, 2010). According to Sherman and Poss 2010 flourishing leadership styles involve a “paradigm shift from a traditional command-and-control style of staff supervision toward a transformational style of leadership in which leaders enhances

  • Homosexuality and Billy Elliot

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    us on what we have seen, to form our own opinions to whether Billy is gay or not, there is simply no wrong or right answer. There are various incidents in the film to suggest that Billy is indeed homosexual. The fact that he participates in bally means that in they eyes of his father and undoubtedly others, he is a 'po...

  • Job Satisfaction among nurses working in different setting

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    Introduction The inadequate number of skilled trained nurses is a universal phenomenon. The shortage of nurses has raised many healthcare delivery burdens worldwide. Known earlier studies reported that fewer qualified school leavers chose to be trained as nurses (Knox, Irving & Gharrity, 2001; Fonza & Tulker-Allen, 2007; Zysberg & Zisberg, 2008). In our local context, registered nurses form the bulk in the forefront workforce of our Singapore healthcare system, thus training ample number of registered