Gym Observation

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Personal space, body language, and overall interaction between the participants in the gym was something that I hadn't paid enough attention to in the past, from the distance I could see that their interests. The intimate couples that I noticed in the gym seemed again sought to have created a private space for them by erecting invisible barriers through their private body language directed only at each other, resulting in considerable more space between these couples and other groups of people in the gym. It was a clear and present body language of please do not bother us attitude left a sense of diffused power that would be involved power relationships that operate without covert commands and requests. The dynamics of the couple was something that was very obvious, in that I was able to note the dominant and the submissive person. The person who had a tendency to meet the needs and the one who had the ability to be demanding.

Gender roles, specifically within the intimate couple, were clearly observed and noted, the couple gave a snap shot by their behavior into how they functioned as a couple. When the female in the intimate relationship left for the restroom the guy in situation-spent time, cleaning and wiping down the equipment before she returned. He spent time making sure that the machine that she would be returning too was in adequate and working condition before her arrival. His role as the protector to her was clearly established in that his role was such that, to make sure she was fine overall. It is a strange sensation to watch two people who are clearly attracted to each other dance away at, the new T. I song as they work out together. I was left with the question of how they worked together ...

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...hat the athletic groups tended to say together. What my eyes had missed so far is that this is a community that is very closely connected within the larger campus. These are people who share a bond that is clear and so very obvious, part of it, is that they play a sport but they all seem to share the same interest. When watching them it is too see people who are clearly involved in each other's lives, more like siblings that are very connected and concerned with each other. The eye contact I noticed was very intense and deep, to each other they wanted to see and make sure that the person being listened too knew that they were important and cared for. I only saw such looks when looking at other couples, or when I realized that Jim and I had caged ourselves in the corner to be alone at snack time.
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