The Night Of The Broken Glass

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Have you ever wondered what was the real cause of the Holocaust or how was the Holocaust brought about? Well have you ever heard about the “Night of the Broken Glass” or what is called the “Kristallnacht”? The Holocaust started with the laws leading up to the Night of the Broken Glass; the lack of German reaction or outrage and the lack of response from the world to these efforts to discriminate and persecute the Jews allowed the Nazis to eventually proceed to the final solution.
It began with the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party. Hitler was in the run for president but lost to Paul Von Hindenburg. Hindenburg soon appointed Hitler as Chancellor in January 1933. President Hindenburg appointed Hitler chancellor after Hitler tried to run for president but was denied (Fitzgerald 28). Hitler was assigned to keep the Nazis under control, which mean he would have to work with political parties within the government, but that would only back fire on Hindenburg. After Hitler became the dictator in March, he quickly began enforcing power against the Jews. Hitler became dictator and quickly started enforcing power against the Jew (Fitzgerald 30). August 17, 1938 Laws passed that required Jew to distinguish themselves from the Germans (The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum). Hitler was on the rise.
Hitler became known as the fuhrer, the ruler of Germany. “Hitler combined the positions of president and chancellor and named himself fuhrer absolute ruler of Germany” (Fitzgerald33). This ensured Hitler that he had the power to take over Germany, and so he began his work. His goal was to try and make Germany one of the most powerful countries. He felt that in order to complete this goal he had to get rid of all the Jews. He wanted to make life ver...

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.... This was the start of the Holocaust
Some would say Jews were the blame
Nazis would say that the Holocaust was caused by the Jew because they claimed that the Jews started the Kristallnacht; however that’s only because they had so much hatred toward the Jews that they blamed them for the cause everything. Nazi officials blamed the Jews to have caused the riots (Jewish Virtual Library). “The Nazis would blame Herschel Grynszpan in particular and Jews in general for Kristallnacht” (Fitzgerald 60). The Nazis need a reason as to why they were getting rid of the Jews which was why they blamed the Jews for everything.
The laws leading up to the “Night of the Broken Glass” was the start of the Holocaust and because the Jews or the Germans didn’t react to the laws or complain about the laws Hitler continued to enforce them, working on his plan to get rid of all the Jews.
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