Badminton Essays

  • History of Badminton

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    History of Badminton Many Americans play baseball, basketball, soccer, or tennis. Many of them watch these sports on TV, and many buy tickets to their games and matches. But the average American has never even heard of competitive badminton, let alone gone to see a match. As a player myself, I can assure you that the common misconception that badminton is merely a backyard sport couldn’t be farther from the truth. Badminton began as a leisurely backyard sport and evolved to competitive sport

  • Analysing a Performance of Badminton

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    Analysing a Performance of Badminton OBSERVATION SKILL SUCCESSFUL TOTAL UNSUCCESSFUL TOTAL Short Serve //// 4 ////// 6 Long Serve //////// 8 // 2 Backhand ///// 5 ///// 5 Forehand ////// 6 //// 4 Clear /////// 7 /// 3 Smash ////// 6 //// 4 Drop Shot /// 3 /////// 7 Based on the observations of the player in the above table I have will give the person a tick in the correct

  • The Importance of Sports

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    physical well-being. Everyone knows that exercise is a good way in maintaining a person health. Practice sport on a regular basis could keep us fit, thus prevent obesity which would lead to diseases like heart attack, diabetes and stroke. With regular badminton play, the main health benefit that we could earn is the reduction ... ... middle of paper ... ...omote an overall feeling of unity and social solidarity. Besides that, it provides sport lovers a great platform to exchange their ideas with one

  • Six Week Training Program

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    Six Week Training Program Planning The purpose of this training programme is to improve my muscular strength and speed for badminton. I do not suffer from any injuries or health problems so there will not be any problems with that. However If I do suffer from any injuries during the programme I will write them down and if they have caused me any problems and what I will do to change my programme in order for my injuries to heal quicker. I will need to take some safety aspects into

  • My Idea of a good life

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    sugar in your childhood. Resistance will surely be good for you. My parents always there to support me. Support is very important for your life no matter your 5 years old or 60 years old. They have been there to support and guide me, whether it is badminton, school or any other problems. So it’s very important to have parents, and most important, parents that supports and guides me. Then you grow up and gets older. You start in school and get a lot of friends hopefully. I see the school as a important

  • Badminton Case Study

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    PHYSICAL FITNESS How was the physical fitness of both players? The reason why Malaysian Badminton Teams can be lost to Indonesian Badminton Teams also can be influenced by their physical fitness for each players from both countries. The physical fitness can also can be influenced by a few factors such as how they did the physical exercise, their diets or meals before the game and training that have been provided. Based on the competition video between Malaysia against Indonesia, we analysed that

  • Informative Essay: What Is Tennis A Sport?

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    Tennis should be traced back to the times of ancient Greek and Roman. It's popular at the time called "handball" things in a way that is deemed to be straightened to a rope as the net. Then use a full bag of hair sets live palms, of course, which is called the racket, then evolve into a wooden racket---- now all kinds of racket. The sport originated in the French court, but in the tenth century, the French King Louis IV forbidden playing tennis, because he believes it's undignified for his citizen

  • Benefits Of Badminton Essay

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    Badminton is a sport that many people enjoy playing and forming a bond over as it is an easy sport to learn and equally enjoyable to participate in. Like all sports, there are many health benefits associated with playing badminton. Every time someone plays badminton they find themselves striving to achieve more benefits from badminton. Badminton can be one of the treatments for the improvement of the heart’s health. That isn’t the only benefit, many people who strive for flexibility, muscle strength

  • Analysis Of Badminton Smash

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    Analysis of Badminton Smash During this term the class undergoes the training and testing of Badminton. This sport will be played over 6 weeks, learn the rule and techniques of the sport. We were asked to record our badminton smash at the start of the training and to see if we have improved over the six weeks. To be able to improve an analysis of my smash was needed to be done. The purpose of this essay is use the biomechanical principles to improve the technique of my badminton smash, by doing

  • A Description Of Badminton Stroke

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    Badminton Stroke Chosen: Backhand underarm clear (lob/lift) Importance of stroke: It is an important stroke to execute to return a shuttle from a net drop (front of court) to the far end of the opponent’s court. The option of using a backhand stroke instead of repositioning to use a forehand stroke increases defence coverage with minimal movement. A properly executed clear (sending the shuttle to the back of opponent’s court) allows time for one to reposition himself and also sets up a potential

  • Reflection Paper On Badminton

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    before our friendship got a lot stronger and we soon began to do everything together- homework, shopping, and even sports. Badminton, a sport I have never played but have seen people play it. She convinced me into going to the first open gym; after seen people play it the first thought I had was, why is this even a sport? I kept that thought to myself because I knew that badminton meant a lot to Bella. We walked across

  • Health And Safety Rules In Badminton

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    Badminton is not a contact sport and it is also an indoor game, therefore possibility of injuries is not very high, however, due to the quick movements such as jumping and stretching for the shuttle the game can have an effect on your body. Most health and safety rules are unwritten which means they are not official, nonetheless it is still followed. Given below are the most important health and safety regulations: 1. Stretching – any sports performer no matter what level would always warm up well

  • The Origin of Fencing, Rowing, Tennis, Cock-fighting, Swimming, Golf, Badminton, Boxing and Bullfighting

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    The Origin of Fencing, Rowing, Tennis, Cock-fighting, Swimming, Golf, Badminton, Boxing and Bullfighting It is thought that the Egyptians began fencing as a sport and this is derived from images on walls and relics from that time. The images show fencers wearing forms of protective clothing, earflaps and having covers on the ends of their swords. It is also thought that they may have been used to let fighters practice their swordsmanship, without any danger of being harmed. Fencing will

  • The Obsession Of Australian Sport

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    world. Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Badminton gives the opportunity for an individual to utilise their skills in performing specific shots to enable themselves to defeat their opponent. The access and equity to badminton is seriously disadvantaged, comparing this to sports such as Rugby League (NRL). NRL has wide

  • My Personal Survival Kit

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    Imagine that you are being isolated on a remote island for approximately one year. What would you take with you in order to survive, excluding nutrition, medicine, clothing, energy, room and board, and safety needs (our basic needs)? I call this a survival kit. In general, I may divide my survival kit into four basic personal needs. These are entertainment apparatus, things that I already own, things that you don't own but want, and, the last but not least, people. Generally, I want to take something

  • Imagery In Football

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    Lyly Ho 11/12/15 Sport Psychology Imagery Essay The sport I choose to do an imagery script on is badminton. My father taught me and my siblings how to play when we were younger and even though I don’t play it as an competitive sport, I still like to play on a regular basis and during those matches, I find that I am very competitive. Imagery is the ability to form mental images of things or events and it is a form of stimulation. It should involve senses as many senses as possible (kinesthetic, visual

  • The 5 Levels Of Figueroa's Framework

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    Figueroa’s Framework is a tool used to investigate the issues surrounding access, equality and equity in sport and physical activity. It is split up into 5 separate levels; Individual, Interpersonal, Institutional, Structural and Cultural, starting off with ‘Big Picture’ of society (Cultural Level) and working down to the individual (Individual Level). Each level within the framework connect with the others to shape the overall joint effect. They show the different functions that reinforce, create

  • Personal Narrative: How Tennis Changed My Life

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    and i was hesitant at first because i was thinking whether or not would i be as interested as i was in tennis. A few days after the session, i have never felt so much pain in my body and this was a completely new experience for me. After trying badminton, i knew that i had to put more effort in becoming better at this sport because it is very tiring and strenuous. At the same i have never felt such excitement and adrenaline compared to when i play tennis, thus the start of my love for

  • Why I Want To Be A Medical Practitioner

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    1. Why do you want to become a Medical Practitioner / Health Professional? The medical profession has interested me since I was a child. I have always had a keen interest in science and the human body. I also enjoy working and interacting with people. I feel that clinical medicine strikes an ideal balance between science and people that I would find satisfying in a career. Medicine also has an exciting future, with new technologies and research affecting all aspects of medical practice. I look

  • Ap Physics Tutoring Program

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    A meaningful extracurricular activity that I have done in high school is the Physics Tutoring Program. AP physics 2 is one of the most challenging AP subject tests that students are facing in our school. After conquering AP Physics, I launched the tutoring program of AP Physics 2 in our school, trying to solve people’s difficulties in studying physics. Teaching a 40-minute lesson on the white-board was challenging for me, as it required scientific pedagogy, organizational skills and endured interaction