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  • Purpose in Artwork

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    Purpose: The Artist’s Reason It astounds me when I think about all of the unique pieces of art and sculptures that exist. Each piece vibrates with its creator’s passions and embraces its own meaning. Two such creations are Albert Bierstadt’s Yosemite Valley, California from 1863 and Maurits Cornelis (M.C.) Escher’s Concave/Convex from 1955. The former is classified as landscape art and the latter is classified as abstract art. Both paintings are distinct in their own way. However, the disparities

  • Ancient Artwork

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    consists of beautiful decorations such as flowers and lines throughout the sides of the piece. I disagree that education was the same as the one back then. In the past, education was completely different from the one we have today. As I look at the artwork drawn in the cup, I realized that they were being lectured. I could also get to the fact that there were only three individuals in the whole room when in present tim...

  • Famous Artwork

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    Famous Artwork It seems unbelievable that a small town in Pennsylvania called Bloomsburg would receive an enormous research grant in the amount of three million dollars for cultural enrichment. The unimaginable has happened though. A former student at Bloomsburg University named Ronald Wilson, President and CEO of United Trust, has presented a grant in the amount of three million dollars in order to move and reassemble four great works of art on Bloomsburg’s campus for the enrichment of the

  • Artworks Review

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    sunsets or 2 sunrises, and the use of chiaro scuro is evident, and there is also allot of value exhibited throughout the work. The piece was created in 1995, and is a acrylic on canvas. The dimensions are 90 by 144 inches, and the time of day of the artwork is either early morning or just before sunset. The work is abstract, because things from real life are twisted around and made different. The colors that were mostly used through out the piece are reds, browns, and greens. In the Painting entitled

  • Stolen and Forged Artwork

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    Stolen and Forged Artwork Since the beginning of its existence, art collecting has been a rather dangerous endeavor. Artwork fakes and even stolen art have been documented since the days of ancient Rome. Even then, the Romans often sought classical Greek artwork and sculptures, and more often than not, works purchased were by Roman artists trying to imitate classic Greek works (Kaufman 36). Today, modern day forgers are still trying to fool art enthusiasts and are becoming increasingly sophisticated

  • Artwork Throughout the Ages

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    from the past.  Despite another millennium passing since the Renaissance, innumerable artists from that time period still have their artworks on display in popular museums today. Similarly, many Greek and Roman artworks are still recognizable and are visited by people in the current century.  Artists from these past time periods grant the modern day examples of artwork that depict their differing religious backgrounds, as well as similarities between their artistic styles. One of the most well-known

  • Artwork Essay

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    Every Saturday at 10am, I inform anxious groups of people about the wonderful statue of “Christ the Redeemer” that was built in 1931 in Brazil. Many people do not know that figures of Jesus relate to the Gospels that are present within the Bible. I love informing curious people of how this statue of Jesus relates to all four Gospels in there own individual ways. I first start with this statues relevance to the Gospel of Mark. The Gospel of Mark portrays Jesus as “Jesus the Sufferer.” Because Jesus

  • The Artwork of Henry Matisse

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    Matisse once said, “A good art work should be like an arm chair in which you could relax at the end of the day”. This statement of Matisse’s indicates that artist’s artwork should be an art of balance, of purity and tranquillity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter. An art which is created for everyone in society and that is like a pacifying influence, something like a good arm chair in which you could rest from physical fatigue. Moreover, his paintings are about imagination, dreams and

  • Interactive Artwork Reflection

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    As this was the first piece of Interactive Artwork I have ever created, I leapt into it with some serious concerns about how we could present a piece with engaging capabilities in a short timeframe. I also knew that whatever we came up with, had to be durable enough to withstand repeated usage. The programming behind the whole project needed to be rock-solid, with code handling any type of scenario that users could subject it to. It means you need take extra care with lots of advanced planning so

  • The Artwork of William Hogarth

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    The Artwork of William Hogarth The artwork of William Hogarth is influenced greatly by social factors and the culture of eighteenth century England. In many of his works, Hogarth satirizes English society, rich and poor alike. His paintings and engravings depict the society of which he lived, with the costumes and ways of life of the times all shown in his work. Much of the time he is being satirical, exaggerating some of the faults of the people, other times he is being bitingly realistic in his