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  • Article Review (entertainment)

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    “On the Money”, an article written by Allison Hope Weiner, is a brief article written as an effort to help explain the controversy surrounding the celebrity telethon that was held almost three months ago. The telethon, America: A Tribute to Heroes, ended up receiving donations totaling an estimated one hundred and fifty million dollars all put into a fund overseen by the United Way, called the September 11th Fund. This fund has received over three hundred and forty million dollars all from donators

  • Experimental Psy Article Review

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    Experimental Psychology Article review of ‘Distorted Retrospective Eyewitness Reports as Functions of Feedback and Delay’ by Gary L. Wells, Elizabeth A. Olson, and Steve D. Charman. Iowa State University Journal of Experimental Psychology This article was mainly about eye witnesses and the many errors they make in recalling a situation or describing a culprit whether they are asked immediately or after a period of time. In this study, witnesses viewed a crime video and attempted to identify the culprit

  • Organizational Structure Article Review

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    Review The purpose of this paper is to briefly summarize the article, “The manager’s role in building an innovative organization”. I will give a brief description of the organizing function of management. I will also relate the concepts to Aearo Company, while including my recommendations based on the article. Summary The article discusses how organizations must change to survive in a competitive market. Companies must change how they gather information, implement the information, and support the

  • Article Review: William F. Unsoeld, Characteristics of a True Leader

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    Article Review: William F. Unsoeld, Characteristics of a True Leader In our lives each of us has a certain desire to excel and succeed at one time. Some of us even have desires to accomplish such goals at all times. First, all of us are born with the light of Christ, which is what gives each of us the desire to seek out God and his perfect state. When this happens something inside of us drives to be better and to achieve perfection. At that time we are better than we can be on our own. Some

  • Critical Review of a Technology and Economics Article

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    The article Digital Technology and Institutional Change from the Gilded Age to Modern Times: The Impact of the Telegraph and the Internet describes the difficulties that exist when trying to create an accurate economic model showing responses to new, economy changing, technologies. The author Ronnie Phillips mainly focuses on institutional economics and, by showing the history of other technological advances, the need for institutional analysis. He explains how the challenge is to explain societal

  • Critical Analysis of a Systematic Review Article

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    insufficient for project success and thus conducted systematic research (SR) to determine if something else is the cause of project success. The current paper will present a critical analysis of the 2011 article, “Now, let’s make it really complex (complicated)” (Geraldi et al.). The analysis will review the authors’ justification for the study and the transparency and rigor demonstrated in the five common systematic research phases described by Gough, Oliver, and Thomas (2012, p. 8). The reader will

  • Trends In Copyright Infringement: A Review of Two Predictive Articles

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    Trends In Copyright Infringement: A Review of Two Predictive Articles Abstract: In 1995 Lance Rose and Esther Dyson wrote articles in Wired Magazine expressing polarized views on the future of copyright law and copyright infringement.  This essay reviews those articles, analyzes each article's accuracy as defined by current trends years later. Over the past decade the societal view of creative society has greatly changed due to advances in computer technology and the Internet.  In 1995

  • Critical Review of a Psychology Research Article on Students

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    Research Issues in Psychology Critical Review of a Research Article Pupils who exhibit gifted characteristics along with another disability are referred to as ‘twice-exceptional students’ (Morrison, 2001; Nielsen 2002). This term is used in the article that I have chosen to review, which analyzes the responses and perceptions through interview, of one particular individual (Andrew) who was identified as being gifted and talented (G/T) and who had emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD). What

  • Summary Of Discourse And Real Life Roles In The ESL Classroom

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    Article Review Discourse and Real-Life Roles in the ESL Classroom      Suggestions have been made (DiPietro, as cited in DiPietro J. R., 1981) as to how the ESL/EFL teacher can provide diverse learner personalities with strategically oriented material. Students get the chance to practice discourses in classroom settings but not always in the same way that the learners will use in real-life interactions. This article proposes a categorization for different roles of English

  • child development

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    Article Review Child development is a very important in today’s psychology. That is why it is not surprising that so much research has been developed on that topic. In the article “Transforming the Debate About Child Care and Maternal Employment” the author, Louise B. Silverstein, presents a very interesting point of view on the history as well as the future of psychological research on child care and influence of maternal employment on child development. The very essence of Silverstein’s argument

  • Red Badge Of Courage

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    Article Review on "Red Badge of Courage" 	The book Red Badge of Courage, is about a physical and emotional pain that a solider of the Civil War might of went through. The soldiers pain comes from all of the horrible things associated with war. The main character, Henery Fleming, joins the Union army dreaming of the heroic things he will accomplish. During the war he discovers that war is not so great and becomes real unsure of himself. Henry then meets up with his friend Jim Then halfway

  • Article Review

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    Article Review Business face a number of potential legal issues that affect the way they operate. Businesses potential legal issues include intellectual property, privacy, ethics, and security. Legal disputes always cost money to resolve. The money needed to resolve a legal dispute puts strain on businesses. Some legal disputes can drag on for years, for example in the case of Kraft vs. Starbucks a case that began in November 2010 and was finally resolved in November 2013. Article Synopsis In 1998

  • article review

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    and logic is still undefined. Ikenberry has established a set of elements that let to categories various logics of liberal international order and classify variables that will outline the movement from liberal internationalism 2.0 to 3.0. As the article states it has two goals, one is to plot the several examples of the liberal international order- “both in ideal typical terms and in their historical setting”. This involves identifying the dimensions besides with liberal international order can contrast

  • Article Review

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    there is more to cultures of the Roman people. To prove that Rome’s culture is not how it seems, historian Paul Veyne published “Pleasure and Excess in Roman Empire” to explain to the audience more about the culture they are not fully aware of in the article. But how well does Veyne’s explanation in his book hold any weight and do explain these facts rather well? At a first glance of the story Veyne seems to organize his topic paragraphs topically and breaks them down before moving to the next subject

  • Article Review

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    Philip George Zimbardo is an American psychologist whose most famous work is the prison study, “Interpersonal Dynamics in a Simulated Prison”, in 1973. This experiment has had an exceptional change in social psychology. In this experiment Zimbardo, Banks, and Haney set out to create a mock prison in order to record and analyze the environment on a person’s overall social behavior as well as how the sample would react socially to being guards or prisoners. Because of the unexpected nature of this

  • Qualitative Article Review

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    Summarize both professional, peer-reviewed articles by addressing the follow for each study. What hypothesis do you believe was being tested by this data? Explain why you believe that. 1a. The first article that I chose for this assignment was written by Pamela Rogerson-Revell and is titled Constructively Aligning Technologies with learning and Assessment in a Distance Education Master’s Programme. The authors hypothesis which is being tested throughout this article includes a report on the need for improvement

  • Quantitative Article Review

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    randomly selecte... ... middle of paper ... ...l leaders is important is an important area of study. The thesis addressed by the researchers was clearly stated. They successfully identified an area of need, adequately supported the thesis with the review of previous literature, and attempted to collect and measure data. It is possible that their research tried to address to many aspects at the same time causing the quality of the study to suffer. Additionally, the measures created for the study created

  • Article Review #1

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    From my reading of this article I believe that biblical principles should guide a Christian accountant in every aspect of their business. However, there are two particular ways that using Christian Principles within the discipline of accounting could help shape the way that Business is conducted. These two ways are, the way they are accountable to others as well as in the way that they steward the responsibilities given to him by his authorities. First, the author was clear to elaborate that we as

  • Article Review: The Teen Brain

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    The article under review in this paper is 'Neurodevelopment: How does the teen brain work?' by Kendall Powell (2006). this article appears to be credible based on the following: although the author is a freelance science writer, his work lead one to believe he knows what he is talking about. In addition, he provides several supportive resources to back up his topics. He has several other articles and writings available on the internet. However, while no educational background is available, he writing

  • Quantitative Research Article Review

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    Quantitative Research Article Review The quantitative research article that I chose to review was a study completed by Dougherty and Thompson (2009), found in Research in Nursing & Health. Very few researchers have focused their study on the impact of cardiac arrest and ICD implantation on a patient’s intimate partner. What little is known about caregiving responsibilities and caregiver burden after a cardiac illness or event has previously been focused on the spousal experiences following an