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Purpose for Research This study intended to examine the effectiveness of initiatives implemented regionally, and determine if the leadership formation activities accomplished their intended purpose of successfully improving the leadership quality and the quantity of future candidates available to fill leadership positions. Research Questions The research question deals with the issue of how to address the critical shortage of qualified candidates needed to fill school leadership positions. Formation experiences that will effectively increase both quantity and quality of potential leaders are analyzed as a possible solution to these concerns. To answer the needs three specific areas are examined, “(a) the implications of current “reform” efforts for school leaders and school leadership candidates, (b) the identification of standards and competencies for school leaders, and (c) the need for innovative developmental processes for the education of prospective school leaders” (Busch, O'Brien, & Spangler, 2005. p. 96). Hypothesis The hypothesis presented by the researchers is that one effective way for schools to address the shortage of candidates qualified to fill leadership positions is that they implement leadership sessions that will afford potential leaders formation activities with the purpose of informing them about the reality of school leadership roles. These same activities are proposed to create a heightened awareness of individual leadership abilities. Sample Participants It is unclear what type of method was used to select the sample and whether the sample was a simple random sample. The participants are the individuals of three different cohorts. One might assume that these three cohorts were randomly selecte... ... middle of paper ... ...l leaders is important is an important area of study. The thesis addressed by the researchers was clearly stated. They successfully identified an area of need, adequately supported the thesis with the review of previous literature, and attempted to collect and measure data. It is possible that their research tried to address to many aspects at the same time causing the quality of the study to suffer. Additionally, the measures created for the study created undeniable problems with the validity of the study, although the researchers did recognize these problems. Ultimately, these findings are useful for future research in the area. Works Cited Busch, J. R., O'Brien, T. P., & Spangler, W. D. (2005). Increasing the Quantity and Quality of School Leadership Candidates Through Formation Experiences. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 11(3), 95-108.
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