Art Project Essays

  • Proposal for An Advanced Art Project

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    Proposal for An Advanced Art Project First off, I need to propose my theme that will encompass the majority of my art works in my stated media. Out of painting, print making and sculpture, I am choosing to work with the latter for two main reasons. One, I'm not that great at capturing visual ideas on the somewhat two- dimensional surface of paper or canvas. Adding to that I thought that sculpture would allow me to have a greater release of creativity as my work can explode into the third

  • Evelyn's Art Project

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    “Strive to make art, but change the world” is the advice Evelyn’s graduate advisor gave her for her thesis project. Evelyn, in return decided to change someone’s world; to sculpt them into a seemingly better person using just “human flesh and the human will”. Human beings, in my opinion, are art in themselves, therefore, I believe that Evelyn’s art project was actual art. Although manipulative, she helped create something different and unique. She believed that she sculpted Adam to be better, on

  • The Importance Of Project Management: The Art Of Project Management

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    role that project management plays in business, how supportive it is and place it at the core of their business processes. Simply a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result and it’s a collection of team work, planning, time management, budget management and leadership where every single person in the team must understand the scope of the project and their responsibilities towards the project. For a project to be deemed successful, project targets should

  • Project Management is an Art Form NOT a Science

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    Project Management: Art to the Rescue! "Is project management more of a science or more of an art form?" Introduction Today’s business executives are asking their managers and employees “to do more… with less”. Fewer Project Managers are leading more projects with poor results, the latest Standish Group – Chaos Report shows that only 28% of IT projects succeed. Many believe that the key to Project success in not applying technical management principles, but rather, more artful soft skills

  • 3D Art Project

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    artwork. What 3 (or more) different media will I use? In our project, of course, we had to utilize several different media to create the outcomes we desire. In the case of my project, I used a variety of media such as acrylic paint, glue, an Exacto Knife, construction paper, and wire. These are the materials that aided in the creation process. How does my piece extend into space?

  • American Art Project

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    American Art Project Name of student Institution Instructor Date   American Art Project Baptism of Pocahontas by John Gadsby Chapman This image was commissioned in 1837 and placed in 1839. It commemorates a particular ceremony in either 1613 or 1614 which occurred in Jamestown, Virgia. In this ceremony, Pocahontas who was a daughter to chief Powhatan, a very influential Algonkian, was baptized in the Anglican Church and subsequently named Rebecca. Considered to be the first native convert to

  • Summary of my Art Project

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    Summary of my Art Project I like the soft tone that fabric creates. I chose a piece of corduroy and folded it into a U shape. For the chalk paining, I selected a small area where was the turning part of the U shape and enlarged it. In order to achieve the tenderness of the material on my drawing, I used tissue to blend the areas so the gradual change from light to dark was successfully completed. I also found

  • Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner

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    Jackson Pollock was born in Cody, Wyoming. He was the youngest of five boys, and began taking an interest in art after his oldest brother, Charles Pollock. He later enrolled at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles, first doing sculptures, and then later doing paintings. After getting kicked out for starting fights, he moved to New York and shadowed Thomas Hart Benton, attending the Art Students League. Benton’s family took Jackson under their wing. But after his father died suddenly, Pollock became

  • I Want to be an Art Teacher

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    to be an Art Teacher Have you ever been to a point in your life where there were to many decisions and not enough time? This is what happened to me in my senior year of high school. Throughout my teen years, I never discussed college with my family or did they with me. College for some reason was not on my agenda. Then I realized that I wanted to go to further my education. The reason I chose to go to college was that I am an artist, and felt that I needed to learn more about art techniques

  • Cows On Parade

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    public art project, organized by the Chicago Public Art Program , commemorates the city’s industrial history, while bringing a sense of community and beauty to Chicago’s citizens and tourists. In this “parade”, every cow is full of meaning as well as artistic value. Although many might argue, I, to the contrary, would like to applaud the City of Chicago for the implementation of this great project. This project’s idea was brought to Chicago by Peter Hanig, after he saw a similar project in Zurich

  • Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Artists

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    once said “The work of art is a scream of freedom.” Christo is a sculptor who had worked with his wife until her death in 2009. Christo had financed all of his projects himself. He had raised money by selling small paintings he had created. But his main works of art were giant wrappings of different things. His favorite wrappings were buildings or places seen everday by people. By wrapping these places he was giving them a new identity. Christo has undertaken many projects. One of the most well known

  • Crowdfunding Practices Of A Project Initiator

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    Project initiator, also known as creator or founder, is a term for anyone that utilizes crowdfunding practices to funding their concepts, ideas, project or venture (Wechsler, 2013). This project initiator can be individual, organization, small medium business (SME), students, event organizers, entrepreneurs, musicians, filmmakers, designers, inventor, non-profit organization, politician, artists, writers, philanthropists and the crowdfunding platforms themselves. It could be anyone with an idea or

  • The La Jolla Project

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    The La Jolla Project The presence of the past is everywhere. One does not have to look very far to realize that the past has quite an influence on the present. In fact, there are a few examples of modern works of art at the University of California, San Diego, that bring to mind architectural works of the past. One such example is the La jolla Project, which is a collection of stone blocks on top of a hill on the Revelle College lawn south of Galbraith Hall. The isolated groups of blocks refer

  • Frank Lloyd Wright: A Comparison Of His Early Works With His Projects

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    Frank Lloyd Wright: A Comparison of his Early Work with His Projects in Alabama Time has ravaged many of the greatest works of art that mankind has created but one form of art has far outlasted all of the rest. Architecture is the art of buildings but it spills over into designing furniture, bridges, and even cities. There have been many great architects, from the classical builders of ancient Rome and Greece to the Modernists of the last century. All of these men were great in their own right but

  • Examination of The Winton Dinosaur Project

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    The Winton Dinosaur Project Findings in the Queensland, Australia Winton Dinosaur project show that the sauropod named "Elliot" may have died with his mate by his side (Salleh 2003). Anna Salleh from ABC Science Online discusses the new fossil evidence found by Dr. Steve Salisbury from the University of Queensland, who is one of the leading researchers on the Winton Project (2003). Dr. Alex Cook and assistants Scott Hocknull and Dr. Steve Salisbury lead the Winton Project. Elliot is one of

  • Supermarket Project

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    Supermarket Project After a quick stop by my place of work on Saturday afternoon, I ventured across the street to the local Albertson’s grocery store. This excursion was an oddity to say the least as I couldn’t recall a time before high school when I was ever in a grocery store before dark. This, I figured, made a very familiar environment seem very alien to my senses. The purpose this was, and I knew I was correct in my decision-making as I found it difficult to locate a parking space that was

  • Art Therapy in Group Setting

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    is worth a thousand words, art can have the same effect. Art can often give meaning to the words we choose. Art can also give a voice to the words we can find to describe what we feel or think. As a drug and alcohol counselor, our clients will often at times not be able to put words to what they are feeling or thinking. Sometime clients may also need to be able to just stop to experience what they are feeling rather than over thinking and explaining their life. Art therapy techniques can elevate

  • Art Integration History

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    Art has always been a large part of my life. As a young girl, I always looked forward to receiving kits for watercoloring or a new set of colored pencils. I’d doodle on my papers in class to pass the time. I yearned for opportunities to express my creativity even doing so on poster board projects where I’d spend hours creating borders and framing my information with various colored papers. However, it was not until I began to take art courses at the high school did I recognize the value that creativity

  • The Architectural Design and Significance of The New Art Gallery of Ontario

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    then taken great revolution from time to time. There are several Current Trends in Architectural Designs which have taken place since its launch (Anderson, 2011). Architecture is dependent on current trends. It was comparable with any other form of art, whether it is music, fashion design or painting. There is great demand for the incorporation of the latest and greatest advances in architectural design into the modern structures. Many people would want their structures to be at-per with the latest

  • Jane Baker

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    involved in the art program which would not be where it is today without Jane Baker. Jane Baker is the Studio Art teacher who transformed the art department’s capabilities, rallied for its funding and gave students a chance to truly pursue art in a dynamic environment. I have taken her class since freshman year from studio art one and now AP art. Throughout her course’s I have learned about art history, I have gained an understanding of the time and tediousness that goes into projects and their planning