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  • Basket Weaving: Old Tradition to New Art Form

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    Basket Weaving: Old Tradition to New Art Form Basket weaving is a form of artwork that is common among the Native Americans in the Southwestern United States. At the same time, it may possibly be the oldest textile art known to mankind. Therefore, the baskets we see today are a development of an art handed down through the generations. Throughout time, one thing has remained constant: women have traditionally been the basket weavers in Native American tribes. Women basket weavers, therefore

  • Art in many different forms

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    Throughout history art has presented itself in many different forms. Two forms of art are poetry and paintings. William C. Carlos’ poem “The Dance” paints a picture while Pieter Brueghel’s painting “Peasants’ Dance” tell a story. The odd thing is that both the poem and the painting have many similarities as well as many notable differences. Tone, image, and imagination show the many similarities and differences between William C. Williams’ poem “The Dance” and Pieter Brueghel’s painting “Peasants’

  • Controversy As An Art Form

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    I personally do not believe that painting has died as an art form, people say that painting is dead because painting as a tradition is a fallacy for whatever other form of art they are promoting instead. In actuality, people will keep painting in addition to, for instance, taking photographs, creating conceptual art, digital art, etc. Art forms only die if people stop doing them. Though I can offer likely reasons some may be saying this. First though, this has been said before. When photography

  • Graffiti as a Form of Art

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    Although many people believe that Graffiti is vandalism, it is infact art because many museums display graffiti, people are interested in it, and it displays beauty and emotional power. Many people have learned to appreciate graffiti as an art form and have opened their eyes to the beauty and emotional power it holds. From the video on CBS News, “Is Graffiti Art or Vandalism,” Laura Fanning (museum visitor) explains at 1:42 “… now I see it as more of a commentary and a statement of ‘I’m leaving my

  • Plagiarism As an Art Form

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    One aspect of the creative industry that has remained the same throughout generations is the difficulty for artists to inject their work into popular culture. Utopian Plagiarism, Hypertextuality, and Electronic Cultural Production by Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) written in 1991 argues that “The Video revolution failed for two reasons – a lack of access and an absence of desire” (99) while artists from the documentary Press. Pause. Play. point out how easy access is to creative technology. The artists

  • Video Games are an Art Form

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    Art is a powerful form of human expression.  It is a construct of the imagination and skill that can invoke into the audience feelings the artist felt while creating the work; it can be beautiful or hideous while still carrying a powerful message.  A painting of war can instill the sense of dread that the soldiers felt.  The statue, The Thinker, can lead you to ponder the pondering of the statue.  With the help of technology, films and photography have captured people the same way paintings and statues

  • Video Games as an Art Form

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    The editors of a popular American magazine called Appleton’s Journal, upon laying their eyes on an example of a new kind of art form their reaction was one of surprise and disgust, and they considered any claim of it or anything like it being called “art” as an insult to “true art” and to the skill of the masters who create “true art”. Those editors were not reacting to any video game, the year was 1878 and they were giving their honest opinion on an impressionist painting, but frankly they might

  • Plato : Art, Poetry And The Theory Of Forms

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    Plato: Art, Poetry and the Theory of Forms Plato postulates that poetry and certain art forms including drama, dance, and painting can only mimic truth - which exists only in an abstract state which he describes as “Forms” . In order to understand this rejection of certain arts and poetry, it 's important to grasp the fundamental idea of Plato 's Forms, how they relate to “truth” in his view, and also how representation or mimicry of this truth is all that we see in art and poetry, and can actually

  • Dance is an Art Form not a Mating Ritual

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    Dance: Is it a mating ritual or an art form? The dictionary defines dance as "an artistic form of nonverbal communication" (dance). As Christians we have always heard that dancing is immoral; that dancing only led to one thing- sex. Although this is the general belief, many people find the art of ballet, such as The Nutcracker to be tasteful. Dancing embodies passion, grace and poise. Dancing is not just a mating ritual as we have been told; it is a story that is too good for words. Dancing is

  • Graffiti: Highly Disregarded Forms Of Art

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    child, art is a class in which you are an artist and create a masterpiece every day. A place where you made finger paintings, and hand turkeys for your parents to fawn over and praise you. At this age art is anything you created. As you grow older art is no longer finger-painting hung on the refrigerator but paintings and sculptures behind security systems in a museum. Art is a thing old rich people buy for thousands of dollars and made by artist who died years ago. This perceived concept of art dismisses

  • Creativity in Various Art Forms

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    Music and other art forms often go hand in hand. Creativity is not just a one-note deal or rather it is not confined to a singular aspect or form. Oftentimes it is interlaced into many forms, such as, music, writing, artwork, fashion and much more. Like a tree, creativity grows and extends out into infinite directions rooting itself in society. One such artist is Brandon Boyd. During the day he is a contemporary artist and by night he is a singer-songwriter for an internationally recognized rock

  • The Egyptian Pyramids as a Form of Art

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    The Egyptian Pyramids as a Form of Art Imagine living in ancient Egypt. You are an experienced pyramid builder. A highly respected king just died and you are asked to build a pyramid in his name. You know very well what a big job it is to construct a pyramid. First you would help select the type of pyramid to be built. It would help to look at previous pyramids built, including two of the most interesting: the first pyramid and the biggest pyramid. You would design the pyramid and plan for

  • Body Painting Is A Form Of Body Art

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    Kelsey Magee Focus Research Paper 31 March 2014 Body Painting, What is it? ! What is body painting? “Body painting, or sometimes bodypainting, is a form of body art. Unlike tattoos and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and lasts for only several hours.” Body painting originated from the tradition of primitive tribes. “In many cases the painting was only used to decorate bodies, but generally it was used to express sorrow, it was a mark of a special

  • Human Figure Drawing: Form Of Visual Art

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    INTRODUCTION: Drawing, a form of visual art and a non-verbal mode of expression, is one of the oldest forms of human expression with evidence for its existence preceding that of written communication. It is believed that drawing was used as a specialized form of communication before the invention of the written language, demonstrated by the production of cave and rock paintings created by Homo sapiens around 30,000 years ago. These drawings depicted objects and abstract concepts. The sketches and

  • Film as the Most Important Art Form of the Twentieth Century

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    Film as the Most Important Art Form of the Twentieth Century The use of film and its explorations have progressed steadily since the 1800’s and as our title suggests, it has become an important art form and a huge influence on society today. Influencing the way we live, the way we speak, the way we act and more. There isn’t an art form closer to representing ‘reality’; this is why film has such an affect on all of us! The first ‘image of motion’ created was in 1873 when Eadweard Muybridge

  • Argumentative Essay: Ballet As A New Form Of Art

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    continue to be created (film, video, digital) whether they have led or will lead to masterpieces that last for centuries or, what also may be the case, a different idea of art that isn't as oriented around the "masterpiece" per se; and older forms will continue to be imitated in fairly conservative ways. But art, and in particular an art form like ballet, lives by building on its past and transforming it. (And ballet as a medium is nothing I would ever want to lose....) That's what Balanchine did with Petipa;

  • Compare And Contrast The Early Attempts To Justify Photography As An Art Form

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    2. Art and Photography: Compare and contrast the early attempts to justify photography as an art form (e.g. Le Gray, Reijlander, Robinson, Emerson, Cameron and other pictorialists). What forces were against the perception of photography as a fine art and how did photographers work to overcome this? Compare and Contrast: The Artists of Photography Photography has instilled its roots as a form of art in mid 19th century. Photographers and art were on a challenging race, resulted into building the

  • Tattoos Should Be Considered A Form Of Fine Art Essay

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    Tattoos Should Be Considered a Form of Fine Art Tattoos are a form of body art and one of humanities most ancient art forms. They are an artistic and creative way to render personal feelings and beliefs into visual representations on the human body. The problem today is that many people throughout our society view tattoos negative fashion. They have been conditioned throughout time to believe that tattoos are a representation of gang members, criminal activity, and social outcasts. They refuse to

  • Poetic Art Form

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    understand. Poetry is an art form that can be interpreted various ways. The meaning of each text of poetry relies on the readers, and the author 's emotional state of mind. When poetry is being read, it is not being read for fluency. These reading are to be analyzed and interpreted through an individual’s sight, intellection and sound. According to Louis Zokofsky, “ The test of poetry is the range of pleasure it affords at sight, sound, and intellectual. This is its purpose as art”. These three elements

  • Forms Of Art Essay

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    All types of art have been around for many years, starting from 10,000 B.C. The meaning of art is a way for someone to express feelings, thoughts and sometimes used for entertainment. The oldest forms of art were commonly recognized in the form of drawings, paintings and sculptures. There have been discoveries of drawings in caves from the ice age era and inscriptions and paintings of legends in pyramids in Egypt. Other forms of art came with the discovery of music and plays. It wasn’t until later