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  • Shapes and Their Areas

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    Shapes and Their Areas The objective of this coursework is to find out which shapes have the biggest area. The perimeter must be 1000m, and the shapes can be regular or irregular. First of all I will experiment with different rectangles, the different triangles, then pentagons. Then I will experiment with more regular shapes (or whatever type of shape has the largest area) to see the effect on area changing the number of sides has. I predict that the largest shape will be a regular circle

  • The Power Areas of Life

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    The Power Areas of Life The significant elements in Of Water and the Spirit were the elements that contrasted starkly with the modern world. There were many aspects of the Dagara culture that were alien to my culture. The use of and belief in magic and the supernatural ama zed me. I found an absence of secularism in the African society. The Dagara's inability to distinguish between thought and reality stunned me. The element that I chose to talk about is the strong bond displayed between the very

  • Urban area and rural area

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    the two areas of living people choose to live are urban area and rural area. Malaysia has not much differences from others countries because the community in Malaysia also can be characterize between live in urban area or rural area. Live in urban area and rural area necessarily have it own differences and advantages. Because of environment, cultures and facilities, live in the urban area is differ from the rural area. Firstly, the different between living in the urban area and rural area is the

  • Area 51: The Existence Of Area 51

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    doesn’t believe so, they have been denied the existence of Area 51 for decades now until the about a year ago. Area 51 is a conspiracy magnet in which they say there are aliens, alien weapons, and a UFO parking lot. Area 51 was built in 1955 as a base for the U-2 spy plane. It’s located is 83 miles away from North Las Vegas. It was supposed to be temporary, it became permanent (Knapp). Area 51 was official confirmed in 2013(10 things…). Area 51 was originally known as Paradise Ranch (10 things…), but

  • Wilderness Areas are Under Threat

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    Examine the ways in which the unique indigenous lifestyles found in wilderness areas are under threat. A significant proportion of the world’s population – about 300 million people – are described as indigenous, or native, peoples. They belong to a rich and diverse array of cultures spread across the globe. Indigenous peoples are defined as the descendents of those people who inhabited an area before it was colonised by Europeans, or before a modern state was established there. Where groups

  • Area 51

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    The creation of Area 51 began in April of 1955, when a Lockheed test pilot, Tony LeVier, searched for a remote site to test the U-2. Grooms Lake is chosen as the location for the runway. By August of 1955, the U-2 makes its first flight from Grooms Lake. That was only the beginning for test flights from Area 51. In April 1962, the first A-12 Blackbird was tested at Groom Lake. February 1982, the F-117A Stealth fighter takes off for the first time. All other test flights have not been released to

  • The Mysteries Of Area 51: The Mystery Of Area 51

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    Hollar1 Mrs. Ledbetter English I 13 December 2013 The Mysteries of Area 51 Area 51 has been the center of controversy for many years. Its existence was denied by the government , but it cannot be explained why 200 or more jeeps patrol a nonexistent area. Many factors contribute to the mystery of the place known as area 51. Aliens and aircrafts are two main theories that encompass the mystery of area 51. Area 51 is the unofficial name for the United States military installation popular for UFO

  • Urban Areas Essay

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    from which new ideas and businesses diffuse. Their control reaches far beyond the immediately surrounding areas. Some large cities, such as New York and London, are referred to as world cities because of the extensive control they possess over the world economy (Getis et al., 2014). Despite the prominence of cities and urban culture,

  • The Gray Areas of Human Gender

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    The Gray Areas of Human Gender It is an all too integrated part of our culture to assume that humans can be neatly fit into two categories: male and female. For society, the end all be all is the genetic pattern of a person that dictates whether that person does or does not have the potential to give birth. So how does this "theory" explain transsexuals, hermaphrodites, homosexuals, or even masculine women (feminine men)? The answer is that it does not address any of these issues. Our theory

  • Functional Areas of a Chosen Business

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    Functional Areas of a Chosen Business The different functional areas within the business of Sainsbury’s are as follows: * Customer Service * Retail * Marketing * Trading * Finance * Human Resources * Administration * Payroll I shall not write about what each department actually does within Sainsbury’s: Customer Service This is basically the majority of Sainsbury’s workforce. This involves general duties to be carried out on the shop floor such as checkout

  • Area 51 Conspiracy

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    Area 51, also known as Homey Airport is a US Air Force base. It is located in nevada north of las vegas. It is also unknown what is kept inside because everything is top secret. However, it is most likely new aircrafts and technology for aircrafts. There is little information about the Air Force Base available so it is easy to spin any story one wishes to put online. Then one might look at the way many believe the conspiracy. One might also be interested to understand the process that goes through

  • Careers in Rural Areas

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    going to work in a rural area there are many things that need to be considered. One job that a starting social worker may take would be in the area of activism in the community. Community activists are present in many organizations and even work in many rural environments. One good example of a rural area that has community activists is Jay County. In order to transition to a new job in a rural setting it is important to look at all areas of life. Some of the areas that should be looked at are

  • Racism in the Chesapeake Area

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    Racism in the Chesapeake Area The Chesapeake area in the seventeenth century was a unique community that was almost absent of racism. In this community, at this time, property was the central and primary definition of one’s place in society. The color of one’s skin was not a fundamental factor in being a well respected and valued member of the community. Virginia’s Eastern Shore represented a very small fellowship of people that were not typical of the Southern ideals during this time period and

  • Human Resource Areas of the Shell Group Companies

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    Human Resource Areas of the Shell Group Companies Abstract: This Assignment examines one of the human resource areas i.e., recruitment and selection practices of the Shell Group of companies. We examine how Shell is implementing its concept of fairness and equity as a fundamental value in the management of its human resources. By explain the criteria used for recruiting and selecting process at Shell, we answer the question. What Shell looks for in candidates? We look into the Shell’s

  • A Proposal to Ban Smoking in Public Areas

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    A Proposal to Ban Smoking in Public Areas Every year, there are over 400,000 smoking-related deaths in the United States. A large percentage of these are due to lung cancer, whose leading cause is smoking. However, not all deaths are smokers themselves. Anyone in the vicinity can fall victim to second hand smoke. These people, through no action of their own, can have their lives threatened. This problem, which plagues all Americans, should have action taken on a local scale to help protect

  • Essay Assessment across Content Areas

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    Essay Assessment Across Content Areas Literacy is an important issue in education. It is vital that students of all ages demonstrate the skills of reading, writing, and communication. Curriculums across the state of New Jersey as well as through out parts of the United States push for ways of including literacy processes in every content area. Administrators and school officials see written and oral communication as abilities students should utilize in their social studies, science, and mathematics

  • Argumentative Essay On Area 51

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    “Everything that goes on at Area 51 is classified 'top secret' when it's going on.”-Annie Jacobsen, area 51 one of the most top secret , skeptical place in the world. You here so much about area 51 the first thing that might pop into your mind when you hear about area 51 is probably alien aircraft or “there is some extraterrestrial stuff going on at area 51 that the government doesn't want to tell us”. Which might be true or maybe not, no one except the people who work at area 51 knows what going on maybe

  • Argumentative Essay On Area 51

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    Area 51 I. The F-117 Nighthawk is one of the most well-known stealth aircraft said to be tested in Area 51. Located in a small town about eighty miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, Area 51 is a military base and airfield in the United States. The base was originally used as a bombing range and later used to test government aircraft such as the U-2 spy plane and the SR-71 Blackbird. Although it has been disclosed as being a military base, many have suspicions that it is correlated with extraterrestrial

  • Argumentative Essay On Area 51

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    Area 51 What is Area 51? Area 51 is “...testing site for the government's U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs. The U-2 program conducted surveillance around the world, including over the Soviet Union during the Cold War.” (Koran.) It’s also known as “Groom Lake.” It’s close to Las Vegas, and in the middle is a huge air base the government doesn’t speak of. This place is also well known to have had many alien and UFO sightings. Area 51 has been known to be a “U.S. government UFO set-up.”

  • Urban Areas Case Study

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    1. Describe the factors that influenced your decision to locate your urban area where you did. Remember to identify factors that influenced the location of you CDB. I placed my urban area on the east opposite to the industries on the west because the winds blow west so when polluted air from the industries will blow opposite to the urban area and communities. My CBD is found right below the urban area, south of the city. My CBD includes the regional shopping mall of Brina City, the city hall, University