Apple Pie Essays

  • Apple Pie Thesis

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    and is best executed with a group of willing friends. Apple pie is, besides the hamburger or the Yew York pizza, perhaps the most archetypal American food, and, besides turkey, perhaps the most traditional. This is no doubt because apple pie is delicious, and it is fun to bake. Today in the Student Kitchen we’ll be baking apple pie, but not any apple pie: stuffed apple pie. The ingredients list for this recipe is quite extensive. For the pie crust (New York Times recipe) you will need 2 cups flour

  • Weed Apple Pie Recipe

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    you like apple pies? Then you are going to love a weed apple pie for sure. Here is an easy to bake weed apple pie recipe that can also be used for other kinds of pies. In this recipe the weed is incorporated inside the pie crust. Crust Ingredients: • 3 ¼ cups of all-purpose flour • I teaspoon salt • 2 tablespoons sugar • 1 cup or 2 sticks of cold cannabis butter (marijuana butter) • ¼ cup of cold vegetable shortening • 5 to 6 tablespoons ice water Filling Ingredients: • 3 pounds of apples • 31/4 cups

  • The American Apple Pie

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    ol’ American apple pie. People have grown up with these things just as they have the hair on their head. You see, part of being an American is being a part of this bigger pie rooted in our history called the constitution. Our forefathers created this document stating that we are all born with this basic right to freedom and equality and it is our duty as citizens to uphold these rights and it the duty of our government to protect them. But are we helping to continue to make the pie or are we just

  • A Literacy Event that Changed my Life

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    project about anything to do with the medieval time period. This project was worth a great deal of points. So to try to get a grade without doing anything, I went to Redners and bought an apple pie. I then brought the pie to English class and presented my project. I told them that the medieval people ate apple...

  • A Summer Life by Gary Soto

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    about himself, titled A Summer Life. One of the more interesting portions of the book was when Mr. Soto described a summer day back when he was six years old. On that day, young Gary found out what it felt like to be a true sinner, as he stole an apple pie from the local bakery. Some readers found this as one of the more interesting parts, not because of the plot, but because of the literary devices used, such as detail, imagery, and pacing. The three aforementioned literary devices are almost a backbone

  • Tipping Essay

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    A Tip For All of Us “Tip or die” may very well be the motto of nearly all American restaurants. When we receive a lukewarm dinner accompanied with an unhelpful server, we tip, however meagerly, because we believe it’s the right thing to do. When we have exceptional service, not to mention delicious food, we feel good tipping a little bit more than usual because we believe it’s the right thing to do. If your server thinks you’re going to need a nudge, they’ll be sure to remind you on the check, etching

  • Pizza: A Brief Historical Overview and American Culture

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    of October as National Pizza Month. But whether you bake your pizza in your kitchen oven, in a wood-burning stove, eat it in a restaurant, or choose delivery, there is no denying this phenomenon has become as American as apple pie. Although we love our modern-day version pizza pie, where did it all begin? In my research, I found several opinions of the origin, but there is a consensus that this baked goodness is over one thousand years old. Ed Behr of Art of Eating newsletter states, “The written

  • Coca-Cola in the Indian Market

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    long stretch from when the company was first founded in 1886 and only sold an average of nine drinks a day. Yes, over one hundred years ago it sold for 5 cents a glass and was poured from a jug. The Coke trademark is now as much American icon as apple pie and baseball. Coca Cola Bottling is currently a Fortune 500 company that posts a $3.53 billion dollar net profit. Ironically, only 30% of their sales come from the United States—which means the remaining 70% are from overseas customers. With a

  • Desertion in Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong

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    telling the story to illustrate how all GI's changed in their Vietnam experience. The fact that the main character is a woman drives his point even farther home. She is the very portrait of mainstream, wholesome America; the only thing she lacks is an apple pie. Kiley describes her as "This cute blonde - just a kid, just barely out of high school - she shows up with a suitcase and one of those plastic cosmetic bags." (O'Brien 90) This girl is the antithesis of what one would expect to find in Vietnam. She

  • The Great Wal-Mart Of China

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    obligation toward following direction at work. This fit nicely in to Wal-Mart's style of "red shirts, mass cheering, incessant pep rallies and veneration of a deceased founder." However, the consumers in China are not going to consume hot dogs and apple pie. They want their culture represented. Therefore, Wal-Mart adopted a global geographical divisional structure. Wal-Mart could not offer the same items in Smallville, USA as Mexico City nor Chongqing. The global geographical division allowed the

  • Kids Baseball, A Great American Tradition

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    really great American tradition. Fathers can relate to their kids who play Little League because male adults remember the experience as something vital that taught them life-skills and socialization during their youth. Little League is as American as apple pie and now the rest of the world is finally wonderfully acclimated to enjoying everything American including baseball. Even an institution as wonderful as Little League has its critics. Some complain that it emphasizes competition too much and that

  • Analysis Of As American As Apple Pie

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    The article “As American As Apple Pie” is about, poverty and welfare and how they are looked down upon and treated with suspicion or outright antagonism, and how many associate those in poverty with negative stereotypes often seen as deviant such as homeless, lazy, and criminals. Mark R. Rank points out how poverty across the world is a lot more normal than we think it might be. Some people are at greater risk than others, depending on age, race, gender, family structure, community of residence,

  • Cabin in the woods

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    hundreds of soldiers have marched this very path. As I walk even farther down the winding trail, I can see the cabin in the distance. It appears as if the sun is only shining on the cabin itself. As I get closer, I get the redolence of home made apple pie. This is the exact moment that I forgot about everything else that existed and began to wonder, “Am I still on Earth?” I finally arrive at the cabin, in amazement; something this beautiful sits so far back in the woods. After admiring the cabins

  • America: Myth Of Equality

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    America: Myth of Equality To many, the Unites States serves as the ideal model of democracy for the modern world. Yet, how truly worthy is America of this status? Although it has been said that, “Equality is as American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie,” one must be extremely critical when analyzing such a statement. By taking a historical perspective to the question of how “equal” American equality actually is, it is simple to recognize how problematic the “Land of the Free” mentality can be.

  • Religion In American Life

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    Religion In American Life Religion used to be a very important component in an American's life. Protestantism was as American as Mom and apple pie. Families would don their "Sunday best" and go to church early on Sunday mornings. However, this situation has changed quite a bit. After reviewing the 1994 statistics I gathered from the Micase system and comparing them to the statistics received in class, I discovered a trend away from traditional religious beliefs and practices, and one toward

  • Sugar

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    that mother beautifully made and decorated with frosting and glazes. A typical night out with dad can be transformed into a magical evening with a trip to the ice cream parlor. The end of a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner turns heavenly when a hot apple pie is brought to the table and topped with delicious, melting vanilla ice cream. A good wedding is never complete without the cutting of the splendid multi-level wedding cake, when the happy new couple gets to playfully shove and smear cake and white

  • What I Did This Summer

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    faithfully vacationed in Camden, ME. It is truly a wondrous place right on the ocean and qualifies for a very relaxing vacation. This year, we thought we'd try something different and booked ourselves a pilgrimage to Disney World. Along with apple pie, a trip to Disney World probably completes the quintessential American childhood experience. So we all flew down to Florida. The first day, it rained so much a twenty-minute drive from airport to hotel took us three and a half hours! Senior daughter

  • The Negative Portrayal of Native Americans in Children’s Literature

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    1950’s the educational system in America was given the responsibility of teaching children the horrors and injustices they would suffer if the "evil" communist took over the world. Schools taught students that communist wanted to take away music, apple pie, baseball, and anything else that Americans cherished. Students learned that it was best to believe in the righteous of America. The preceding discussion has much in common with the treatment that Native Americans have received from picture books

  • Child Labor and Sweatshops are a Current Problem in the Fashion Industry

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    Child Labor and Sweatshops are a Current Problem in the Fashion Industry Many societies face the much overlooked problem of child labor and sweatshops in the fashion industry. Recently, Americans were stunned to learn that their apple pie sweetheart, Kathie Lee Gifford was associated with the exploitation of underage workers in Honduras. Gifford's story began the resurgence of knowledge of the growing problem of sweatshops in today's society. Contrary to popular belief, sweatshops still exist

  • Food Fight

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    two hours. Then reality sinks in. The increasing popularity of TV dinners, microwave gourmet, and prepackaged snacks caters to a family without the time for such luxury. Why cook when you can heat up a frozen entrée of teriyaki beef or homestyle apple pie in just four minutes? As the tendency for both spouses to be employed full-time has increased from 33% of families in 1972 to 67% in 1998, according to the National Data... ... middle of paper ... ...heir lives before they can begin to conquer