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    eternal life. Paul was an apostle who preached the gospel. Through his letter, 1 Corinthians, Paul conveys the essence of Christianity; he emphasizes on important beliefs and Jesus Christ so that people may go on to living an eternal life. Before understanding the message of Paul, it is quite necessary to understand who Paul was. At first, Paul was a Jew and was on his way to persecute Christians. On his way, he had a vision of Jesus after resurrection. This completely changed Paul and he put his

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    Christ. The apostle Paul, who once rejected Jesus Christ, later became one of the greatest men of God. In the history of the Christian church, he was the most significant missionary. He was faithful to the Lord and preached Jesus Christ and His crucifixion. Paul was a devoted missionary and he taught the gospel wherever he visited. This character study will focus on the life of Paul as a missionary and how he changed the course of world history. Lesson One: The Background of Paul I would like

  • Paul The Apostle

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    Paul the Apostle, was a famous preacher of first century Christianity and was God’s tool used to spread the light of the gospel to the Gentiles. Paul is credited fir having written many books in the New Testament of the Bible. He was born an Israelite to a clan of the tribe of Benjamin, speaking the Aramaic and Hebrew tongues from infancy. He was an enthusiastic student and a stringent devotee of the Torah. He was the man that later had a peculiar meeting with the Lord Jesus Christ while on the

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    Harris calls Paul “the most influential apostle and missionary of the mid-first-century CE church and author of seven to nine New Testament letters” (H G-33). It would be quite an accolade to receive such recognition, but what makes it even more remarkable is that Paul, or Saul, (Saul was his Judean name and Paul was his Roman name (footnotes B 1943)) originally persecuted the ekklesia or “church”. Paul went from persecuting the ekklesia or “church” to being its “most influential apostle and missionary”

  • The Apostle Paul

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    The Apostle Paul The Apostle Paul was born around the year of 3 A.D. in the Jewish community of Tarsus. When he was born, his strict Pharisee parents dedicated him to the service of God and did all they could to bring him up as good Jew. From age five to ten he studied under his father, a Jewish Pharisee. His father taught him the scriptures and traditional writing. Paul was sent to Jerusalem at about ten years old to attend the rabbinical school of Gamaliel. Gamaliel was the most famous

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    Welcome back to the Men’s Huddle Bible study as we continue to look at the second missionary journey of the apostle Paul and his companions. Last week, we looked at the first half of Paul’s second trip. Paul and his companions faced opposition and were even thrown in jail, but that did not stop them from spreading the Word of the Lord. We left off where Paul and his companions went to Lydia’s house before they left. This morning open your Bibles to Acts, chapter 17. Follow along as I read the first

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    ecclesiastical politics of Edward III, with which he was well acquainted, which are fully reflected in his political tracts.Wycliffe wanted to see his ideas actualized--his fundamental belief was that the Church should be poor, as in the days of the apostles. He had not yet broken with the mendicant friars, and from these John of Gaunt chose Wycliffe's defenders. While the Reformer later claimed that it was not his purpose to incite temporal lords to confiscation of the property of the Church, the real

  • Analysis Of Paul The Apostle

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    the most important one who is known as Jesus, then there are those like Peter and John the Baptist who are often mentioned throughout the Gospels, but by far one of the most prominent characters (aside from Jesus) is Paul the Apostle. But, the question then becomes just why can Paul be placed at such a high standing? In party the reason for this is because he wrote much of the New Testament, but not only this he also lived quite the interesting life. For instance, his life prior to his conversion

  • The Life Of Apostle Paul: The Discipleship Of Paul

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    In the divine religion of Christianity, the life of Apostle Paul set a legendary example of devotion, loyalty, and commitment to the Holy Christ and the church. He was the true apostle of Jesus Christ who tried his level best to spread the Divine mission of peace and love to all civilizations and different cultures. Unlike other apostles he was the one who enlightened the Asia world with the great teachings of Jesus Christ through his ceaseless endeavor in the form of preaching. His mission was to

  • The Apostle Paul As An Effective Leader

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    knowing effective leadership. Perhaps the Apostle Paul is who is thought of first as being an effective leader. Paul, after being converted on the road to Damascus, delved into preaching immediately. He says in Galatians: "nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me; but I went away to Arabia, and returned once more to Damascus." (Gal 1:17). It 's interesting that Paul didn 't consult with the church of Jerusalem or the other Apostles before spreading the Word. Indeed, God