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  • Apology In The Apology Of Socrates

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    's “The Apology of Socrates”, Socrates is charged with not accepting the gods recognized by the state, devising new gods, and corrupting the youth of Athens. However, the word "apology" in the title is not our modern understanding of the word. The name of the speech stems from the Greek word "apologia," which translates as a speech made in defense. Thus, “The Apology of Socrates” is an account of the speech Socrates makes at the trial in which he defends himself, not apologizes. (The Apology) (SparkNotes

  • The Apology

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    freedom of speech or freedom of thought. In the Apology of Socrates this is exactly what happened, a man was sentenced to death because of freedom of thought and expansion of the mind. Let’s first clarify the word Apology. Apology does not mean to apologize for one’s action, in Greek it is based on the meaning of the Greek word apologia which means speaking in defense of a cause or ones beliefs or actions (Asscher, S., & Widger, D.(2013). In the Apology of Socrates, Socrates was condemned to his death

  • Apology

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    I am not so certain if Socrates' approach to his defense is particularly the brightest one, and it certainly is not an apology as the title has named it, but, there is a certain wisdom in the simple, plain structured arguments he presents. One of the first things he mentions, is for the jury to pardon him, in the case that he should slip into his accustomed way of speaking, just as they would pardon a foreigner for speaking in his accustomed manner. This appears to me to be a wise idea, as it is

  • Plato's Apology

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    Plato's Apology Plato’s Apology is the story of the trial of Socrates, the charges brought against him and his maintaining of his own innocence throughout the process. At the onset of the trial, Socrates appears to challenging the charges, which included corrupting the youth, challenging belief in the gods that were accepted and reveled by the State, and introducing a new religious focus, but also belittles his own significance and suggesting that he will not attempt to disprove that he participated

  • Plato's The Apology

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    was – such was the effect of them; and yet they have hardly spoken a word of truth.” – Plato “The Apology” In “The Apology,” Socrates represents himself in his own trial. He boldly questions the morality of the people of court. In this report, I will be analyzing portions of “The Apology” in order to reveal the intellectuality of this text within this time frame. I will only discuss bits of “The Apology“ on account that it is a lengthy piece. However, before discussing the speech it is important to

  • Plato’s Apology

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    Plato’s Apology Socrates was a very simple man who did not have many material possessions and spoke in a plain, conversational manner. Acknowledging his own ignorance, he engaged in conversations with people claiming to be experts, usually in ethical matters. By asking simple questions, Socrates gradually revealed that these people were in fact very confused and did not actually know anything about the matters about which they claimed to be an expert. Socrates felt that the quest for wisdom and

  • Plato's Apology

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    Plato’s Apology In the retelling of his trial by his associate, Plato, entitled “The Apology”; Socrates claims in his defense that he only wishes to do good for the polis. I believe that Socrates was innocent of the accusations that were made against him, but he possessed contempt for the court and displayed that in his conceitedness and these actions led to his death. In his defense, Socrates claims over and again that he is innocent and is not at all wise, “…for I know that I have no wisdom

  • Socrates Apology Essay

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    of “ἀπολογία” or Apology would be Explanation or Defense. ¬This is can be compared to the same word which is used to describe the Christian Apologetics of the first century. They were not people known for apologizing for their faith but rather as people who DEFENDED what they believed in. In the trial of Socrates, this is evident as Socrates is standing up for himself against the charges of being a Physicalist, a sophist, a corrupter of the Greek youth, and impious. In the “Apology,” you can Socrates

  • Book Report on Apology

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    Book Report on Apology In the “Apology”, Socrates tackles his accusers against certain accusations made against him in the Court of Law of Athens, Greece. The nature of the accusation that has caused him to stand trial is such that “Socrates is an evil-doer, and a curious person, who searches into things under the earth and in heaven, and he makes the worse appear the better cause; and he teaches the aforesaid doctrines to others” (Plato. The Republic and other plays. pg-449. Doubleday publishing;

  • The Apology of Socrates

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    Socrates is at the age of seventy and appearing in a law court for the first time. For the people of Socrates time is accusing Socrates, for miss leading the youth corrupting them and boasting about being wise, causing him to become very unpopular. Socrates says to the jury I am going to speak the whole truth, for it is me by myself that I have to defend. He says my accusers are many and I don’t know them, they say, “you should be careful not be deceived by an accomplished speaker like me” (Cohen