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  • Biblical Apologetics Methods, Definitions, and The Basic

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    Biblical Apologetics Methods, Definitions, and The Basic Since its birth until today, Christianity has been in the context of “pluralism” that the beliefs are very diverse (Carson 270-272) . These conditions are of course become serious challenge to the claims of truth and the existence of Christianity. However, these challenges have led to a response from believers who gave birth to Christian apologetics. The word " apologetics" is derived from the ancient Greek word apologia which generally

  • Presuppositional Apologetics: The Moral Argument for the Existence of God

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    A Christian apologetic method is a verbal defense of the biblical worldview. A proof is giving a reason for why we believe. This paper will address the philosophical question of God’s existence from the moral argument. The presuppositional apologetic method of Reformed thinkers Cornelius Van Til and John Frame will be the framework. Topics covered here could undoubtedly be developed in more depth, but that would be getting ahead, here is the big picture. Apologetics comes from the Greek word

  • Christianity and The Chronicles of Narnia

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    Christ (Schakel 133). As a child, Lewis always favored fairy tales and fantasies; as an adult, he decided to write one (Lewis 60). And so began The Chronicles of Narnia. Rather than planning to write a fictional book that succeeded in using apologetics, Lewis admits that the "element" of Christianity, "as with Aslan," entered "of its own accord" (Hooper 31). Walter Hooper, C. S. Lewis' biographer, describes Lewis as being the most religious man he ever met (Schakel 132). For this reason

  • Apologetics Essay

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    Can an auto run without a generator? So also, of God's world. Apologetics is not apologies. It is the art of defending the faith. It accounts for our hopes. If human beings tried to invent God, they would never come up with one that died on a cross to save us. He who is love could not help but love us! He chose the way of the cross to save us. Imperfection doesn't deny the truth of faith in God; e.g. contented Catholics and Protestants, brain-washed jihadists, largely negative Limbaughs,

  • Apologetics Essay

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    Learning apologetics helps us be able to present the gospel in a convincing, truthful way to those who don't know as much about the Bible. Apologetics is evidence towards proving Christ’s existence, his resurrection, the Biblical manuscripts, etc. There is serious debate against the Bible and its truth and with a good knowledge of apologetics we are equipped to fight off these debates. Another reason we need apologetics is that it helps us to know our faith. With apologetics we can correctly

  • The Apologetics of Christianity

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    The Apologetics of Christianity Jesus, a name known by billions throughout the world. To each, this name means something different; savior, friend, philosopher, prophet, teacher, fraud, fake, liar. Some even believe that He is just an imaginary character from the minds of those who wrote about Him. The Westminster Dictionary of Theology describes apologetics as, "Defense, by argument, of Christian belief against external criticism or against other worldly views" (Apologetics 31-32). Though

  • Catholic Apologetics Essay

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    Catholic Apologetics The Apocrypha: Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, 1 and 2 Maccabees The Protestant argument is that the Catholic Church added the 7 books known as the Apocrypha to the Canon Bible at the Council of Trent in the mid-16th century (after the reformation) to back up things the Church taught Reformation: 1517 Martin Luther Council of Trent: 1545-48, 51-52, 62-63 The truth is that these books were part of the original Canon. They were there in 1442 at

  • What Is Servanthood?

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    The heart of Jesus is that of a servant; and the foundation of the Bible is the Servant of everyone which is Jesus. Jesus is the veracious exemplification of a leader because He is a Servant first. Jesus said, "...whoever wants to be great must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be the willing slave of all--like the Son of Man; He did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give up his life as a ransom for many.” If one were to define the word servant, the simplest interpretation

  • An Apologetic Letter

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    Hopefully, you will not consider this an intrusive communication. This is the only avenue I view that does not violate your boundaries. It is time for you and your truth to be a focus of my mind, my heart and my actions. My efforts, therefore, are not about me. They are about you. It is with deep humility and heart-felt sorrow, I offer you my sincerest apology for betraying your trust in me and the subsequent risk I exposed LO and his well-being to. For your justified hurt, anger fear, frustration

  • Purpose Of Apologetics Analysis

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    The Purpose of Apologetics The purpose of apologetics is to evaluate the question asked and give a skillfully, earnest answer assisting the listener to understand what and why you understand the infallible truth, the way you do. For instance, family reunions. Family reunions are designed for families to meet and greet one another and tell the family stories, secrets, and responsibilities. Each individual listen to the apologetics told of how the family got where they are? Who started the family

  • Persuasive Essay On Apologetics

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    long hours of studying and dedication, you need passion and determination for the truth.While every Christian should be well-versed in apologetics, not every Christian should make apologetics their career. Do not view this as a personal attack if it applies to you, I do not intend it as so. Blogging about the Christian faith is my hobby, I don't get paid, Apologetics isn't my career, it's just something I like doing. But if you're considering it as a career, may I humbly recommend you consider these

  • Reflection Paper

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    The college I have graduated from has changed my way of thinking and imagining the world in ways I didn’t see coming. It would take an apologetics conference in Atlanta, Georgia to realize fully what my college experience had planted in my heart, and it was ugly. In the middle of June, I attended the RZIM summit, which is a world-class Christian apologetics conference featuring Christian intellectual speakers–many of whom are Oxford scholars. They didn’t carry themselves like the most brilliant

  • Presuppositional Apologetics Essay

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    After looking through and analyzing the various methodological positions, I feel as though the position that most closely represents my own philosophy of apologetics right now is Presuppositional Apologetics. Presuppositional Apologetics is more persuasive to me because I strongly believe that in order to make sense of reality we need a strong reliance on God and our Christian faith. It is only through our Christian faith and this theistic worldview that we are able to have a basis for rational thought

  • The Word Apologetics: The True Meaning

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    INTRODUCTION Although the word "Apologetics" may, sound like the need to apologize for something, but the real meaning is rather different. The word comes from the Greek word "apologia" which means to give a defense. The word means a defense with reasonable support and thought similar to the reasoning of a solicitor on behalf of a client, arguing an innocence of the client. When a person is always in defense of a position or a belief in a system, then such is an apologetist. An apologetist must

  • Classical Apologetic System

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    Classical Apologetics The ability of the RAW system to come to an understanding of real truth is one characteristic that sets it apart from some other methods. One apologetic system that greatly differs from the RAW approach is the Classical system. The greatest difference between these systems is the foundation on which they function. While the RAW method acknowledges Scripture as the highest authority for truth, the classical system relies primarily on reason and reaches the rationality of

  • Christian Apologetics Reflection

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    It is from a basic and admittedly ignorant understanding that I enter in the study of Christian Apologetics. In general, I understand that Christian Apologetics is the rehearsal and study of prominent thinkers and theologians. The arguments and opinion of Christian faith made by prominent thinkers that help to develop strategies for persons to gain an understanding of Christianity are dually utilized as strategies to defend Christianity. Growing up in a Christian household, attending a Christian

  • Christian Apologetics Essay

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    The topic of Christian Apologetics is one that has been developed and studied with much diligence through the years; a large amount of history and documentation have been reviewed and preserved to paint a clear picture of the great fight that has been fought throughout all of time to bring salvation to all mankind. Paul said in I Timothy 6:12 that we are to “Fight the good fight of faith,” and many have heeded Paul’s advice and have earnestly contended “for the faith which was once delivered unto

  • The Case For Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation Of The Evidence For Jesus

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    Being a Christian and a student of Communications, I felt compelled to reading The Case for Christ. I decided to use this book for this review especially due to the large amount of criticisms and backlash it had received. Lee Strobel is known for being a hard-nosed skeptical journalist and ex-investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune. He also described himself as a "former spiritual skeptic" before his personal mission for the proof of God. Skeptics around the world claim that Jesus either never

  • De Testimony Of The Soul By Tertullian

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    For 2,000 years people all around the world have followed Jesus. For 2,000 years people have resisted Jesus and persecuted those who follow Him. As followers of the God of love, who is perfect and has called us to be set apart, what is our response? We cannot just sit by the side and say nothing, but we cannot retaliate. Out of resistance to the Gospel arose people called apologists. These are people who wanted to intelligently and logically defend their faith, opening the minds and heart of unbelievers

  • Analysis Of Mere Christianity By C. S. Lewis

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    effect on the Christian movement. During his lifetime, Lewis went through an amazing transformation from an avid Atheist to a strong Christian, and dedicated his career to sharing the truths of Christianity in his writing. Lewis utilized Christian apologetics to explain and defend his views of Christianity, and made the idea of Christianity more accessible to