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  • Apologetics

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    Apologetics A couple of months ago, being pretty ignorant, I had to ask myself, “what exactly is Apologetics.” After a little research and a few lectures from my Professors, I learned that “it is the defense of Christian faith, usually on intellectual issues.” (Horton 640). There are many arguments that can be used in order to defend the faith, however, I will focus on four arguments, ontological, Natural Theology, accuracy of scriptures, and personal miracles. First is the ontological argument

  • Catholic Apologetics

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    Catholic Apologetics The Apocrypha: Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, 1 and 2 Maccabees The Protestant argument is that the Catholic Church added the 7 books known as the Apocrypha to the Canon Bible at the Council of Trent in the mid-16th century (after the reformation) to back up things the Church taught Reformation: 1517 Martin Luther Council of Trent: 1545-48, 51-52, 62-63 The truth is that these books were part of the original Canon. They were there in 1442 at the

  • The Apologetics of Christianity

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    The Apologetics of Christianity Jesus, a name known by billions throughout the world. To each, this name means something different; savior, friend, philosopher, prophet, teacher, fraud, fake, liar. Some even believe that He is just an imaginary character from the minds of those who wrote about Him. The Westminster Dictionary of Theology describes apologetics as, "Defense, by argument, of Christian belief against external criticism or against other worldly views" (Apologetics 31-32). Though

  • Encounter Apologetic

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    Trinity: an answer to JWes. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Book House, 1989. Boyd, Robert T.. Paul, the Apostle: the illustrated handbook on his life and travels. S.l.: World Pub., 1995. Cabal, Ted, Chad Brand, Paul Copan, and James Porter Moreland. The Apologetics Study Bible: understand why you believe. Nashville, Tenn.: Holman Bible Pub., 2007. "JWes-Official Website: jw.org." JW.ORG. http://www.jw.org (accessed April 19, 2014). Saunders, William . "www.ewtn.com." What Do JWes Believe?. https://www.ewtn

  • Christian Apologetics Reflection

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    It is from a basic and admittedly ignorant understanding that I enter in the study of Christian Apologetics. In general, I understand that Christian Apologetics is the rehearsal and study of prominent thinkers and theologians. The arguments and opinion of Christian faith made by prominent thinkers that help to develop strategies for persons to gain an understanding of Christianity are dually utilized as strategies to defend Christianity. Growing up in a Christian household, attending a Christian

  • An Apologetic Letter

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    Hopefully, you will not consider this an intrusive communication. This is the only avenue I view that does not violate your boundaries. It is time for you and your truth to be a focus of my mind, my heart and my actions. My efforts, therefore, are not about me. They are about you. It is with deep humility and heart-felt sorrow, I offer you my sincerest apology for betraying your trust in me and the subsequent risk I exposed LO and his well-being to. For your justified hurt, anger fear, frustration

  • Persuasive Essay On Apologetics

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    long hours of studying and dedication, you need passion and determination for the truth.While every Christian should be well-versed in apologetics, not every Christian should make apologetics their career. Do not view this as a personal attack if it applies to you, I do not intend it as so. Blogging about the Christian faith is my hobby, I don't get paid, Apologetics isn't my career, it's just something I like doing. But if you're considering it as a career, may I humbly recommend you consider these

  • Personal Narrative- Christian Apologetics

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    Narrative- Christian Apologetics Two weeks of this past summer rank high as some of the most rewarding times of my life. Next to my salvation, the experience has become an important turning point of my youth. This experience changed my worldview into a biblical perspective, and strengthened my faith in the Lord. For the first time, I was on my own, flying cross-country to spend two weeks in Colorado, not for a vacation I might add. I was to attend a Christian apologetics course sponsored by

  • Biblical Apologetics Methods, Definitions, and The Basic

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    Biblical Apologetics Methods, Definitions, and The Basic Since its birth until today, Christianity has been in the context of “pluralism” that the beliefs are very diverse (Carson 270-272) . These conditions are of course become serious challenge to the claims of truth and the existence of Christianity. However, these challenges have led to a response from believers who gave birth to Christian apologetics. The word " apologetics" is derived from the ancient Greek word apologia which generally

  • Being At Home in the World: A New Christian Apologetic

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    In the book, Being At Home in the World, Mark McLeod and Phillip Smith interpret and explain their ideas of Christian Apologetics. An apologetic is defending a belief by speech or writing (McLeod, p.ix). The authors main concern that they try to tackle throughout the book is how to approach apologetics correctly. Mark McLeod and Philip Smith attended a Society of Christian Philosophers Conference, where they heard speeches that were combative, rationalistic, and technical (McLeod, p.ix). Needless