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Becoming anonymous on the Internet requires certain efforts by an individual. These efforts include getting a good firewall. This software screens distrustful traffic online. For example, windows package comes with a firewall, but to be safer, one needs other firewall software. Secondly, a virtual private network is important as it reroutes ones traffic to some other locations before going to the destination. This helps in hiding the sender’s identity and hence ensures it remains safe. To be more secure, private Internet access is a good virtual private network that cannot keep the user records. Moreover, one can remain anonymous with proxies although they are less effective while compared to virtual private network. TOR is also software that can be utilized by individuals who want to remain anonymous on Internet. It makes it very difficult for other persons to extract user’s information. Another tactic is to delete data frequently. Moreover, the choice of operating system is also important, as some are more secure than others are. Some people prefer being anonymous through the faking of names and email address and therefore, making use of pseudonyms. As seen, there are many ways of people becoming anonymous on the Internet.
Freedom of speech on the Internet for anonymous people
There are numerous approaches to communicate secretly on the Internet; these include unknown remailers for e-mail, unnamed posting, and nameless production of Web pages and videos. Anonymity permits an individual to express perspectives uninhibitedly, without the worry of repercussions. Anonymity permits an individual to be contentious, to take disagreeable positions on unpredictable issues, and to attempt to change social order. This freedom of speech an...

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... of these people will shy away from expressing their opinions, as they would fear being at risk of endangering their lives. Therefore, the Internet society will be at risk of missing very significant information that may concern their lives. Moreover, the world as a whole will miss information that is vital since some of the anonymous people act as watchdogs in the society.
Anonymity must be allowed to certain levels. The anonymous community on the Internet has different focus and determinations of posting and spreading information on the Internet. Some individuals are anonymous to spread negative information and feelings while on the other hand, the others are very positive and helpful. Therefore, what should be done is the increase of facilities and software that may be able to tracking anonymous persons spreading negative information on the Internet.