The Funeral Oration of Pericles

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We can learn several things from the “Funeral Oration of Pericles“. Two of these things are, the Athenians respect for their warrior class and how the Athenians were exceedingly proud of their city and its customs. The Athenians respected the warrior class and placed them among the top members of their society. They were seen as the top portion of their classes. They are classified as heroes or idols. The Athenians are extremely proud of their city and its traditions. To the people of Athens their country was at the top and there was no other country that could top them off. The purpose of the funeral oration is not only to respect the departed but, but also to instill the citizen’s national pride and a passion to fight for Athens.

The oration is a eulogy that focuses on the greatness of Athens and her ancestors. The eulogy is given by a member of the family, in most cases the son. This speech was required by the law to have some necessary components. The speech had to talk about the lives of both the deceased and the ancestors of the deceased. At the end of the eulogy Pericles has told about the soldiers and the ancestors of Athens but it seems that he is not sure if he has been able to get through to the citizens of Athens. “My task is now finished. I have performed it to the best of my ability, and in words, at least, the requirements of the law are now satisfied.“ (Thucydides, 109) The speech told the significant life the departed lived and the great things they ...
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