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  • Primal Scenes in Americana and White Noise

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    Primal Scenes in Americana and White Noise Written in 1989, Frank Letricchia's essay on the overriding themes of Don DeLillo's writing offers a short but concise praise of two of DeLillo's major works: Americana and White Noise. Letricchia offers the thesis in his essay that "two scenes in DeLillo's fiction are primal for his imagination of America" (Osteen 413). It seems that Letricchia is using "primal" not to denote an animalistic sense, but more along the lines of a basic need. The first

  • King Arthur

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    Arthur There is much debate whether Arthur was an actual historical person. There is no absolute evidence, but it is possible that Arthur was a Briton or Romano-Briton king who led the Celts against the Anglo-Saxons in the early 8th century (Americana, Arthurian Romances, 1972). The kings of the medieval period were warlords that protected a particular area of land. They surrounded themselves with knights, or thanes, who swore allegiance in battle in exchange for gifts of gold, armor, and land

  • Pax Americana

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    Pax Americana can be identified as a historic bloc; Cox (1983) states a historical bloc is a dialectical concept in the sense that its interacting elements create a larger unit. A historic bloc is an organic link between political and civil society, a fusion of material institutional, inter-subjective, theoretical and ideological capacitates (Gramsci, 1971 cited in Gill and Law, p.94, 1994). The interacting elements in this sense are the social forces that define a society; hegemony arises when a

  • Jamaica: History, Government, People, Religion

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    approximately 51 miles (Encyclopedia Americana, 2001, P 670). Within this area, the land is largely mountainous with an average elevation of 15,000 feet (Encyclopedia Americana, 200, P 670). These mountains mainly consist of limestone, where in the middle of the country the terrain is extreme and mostly inaccessible. Within this extreme area are high plateaus, underground caverns, and deep circular basins. This area is what the local people call “cockpits” (Encyclopedia Americana, 2001, P 670). The highest

  • The Uses of Salt

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    “In chemistry, common salt is one of a large number of electrolytic compounds classified as salts. The compound occurs as a mineral in the form of crystals and the forms of the crystals are generally cubic and are transparent.” (Encyclopedia Americana 163) Halite (sodium chloride) comes from the Greek “halos”, meaning salt and “lithos” meaning rock, and is better known as “rock salt”. Salt is produced by the evaporation of seawater, but the greatest proportion of salt produced is derived from

  • Restaurant Review

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    nice and helpful. Although we were a party of 15 and the place was packed, the wait was only 15 minutes. They sat us down and we had a waitress with us promptly to take our drink order. There cuisine is more along the line of good old fashioned Americana food. Fried foods, ribs, barbeque and burgers. They have a small variety of salads and soups but it had something for everyone, whether in a diet or not. There prices are reasonable for the amount and quality ...

  • Pox Americana

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    In the book Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1775-82 by Elizabeth A. Fenn, the author provides a fresh outlook on the face of North America during the time of the American Revolution. Fenn provides the reader with a perspective of the American Revolution from the vantage point of the variola virus and its effect on the population of North America. Her thesis for the book is, “While colonial independence reshaped global politics forever, the contagion was the defining and determining

  • History and Effects of Marijuana

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    From the 17th to the mid 20th century marijuana was considered a household drug used from treating headaches, menstrual cramps, and toothaches. Between the years 1919-1938 a stronger plant was born by American drug companies it was called Cannabis Americana. Marijuana now being a, drug soon became popular among musicians who maintained that smoking gave them the inspiration they needed to play there music. Others began to get addicted to marijuana, it spread world wide to major cities such as Chicago

  • The Importance of the Negro Bank in Invisible Man

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    The early Americana coin bank which the narrator of Invisible Man discovers one morning in his room at Mary's house is a reflection of the narrator's state throughout much of the novel. The offensively exaggerated Negro figure provokes an instant hatred in the narrator due to the tolerance it suggests. However, the narrator becomes personally offended by the object because of the similarities it holds to himself. While smashing the pipes with the bank, he yells out to his neighbors who are banging

  • Prometheus

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    plays have been written about Prometheus, including “Prometheus”. Prometheus was a cunning, intelligent being. During the war of the Titans, he advised them to use strategy, instead of just going out and having a massive bloodbath. (Encyclopedia Americana, 577) Beethoven, Wolfgang Von Goethe, Percy Bysshe, and Bach all created works inspired by the myths of Prometheus. Prometheus had no Roman name, only a Greek name, Prometheus. (Graves, 185) He was one of the few gods that only had a Greek name.

  • Medicine an Elusive, Tempestuous Creature

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    standard by which I judged all other experience. In college, opportunities for travel and exploration beckoned me away from medicine. I researched and wrote about America's heartland and the California coastline for Let's Go: USA. My interest in Americana led to an Internship at Common Cause In Washington DC, where I organized citizens' lobbying efforts. I found Journalism and law pleasant diversions, but under no circumstances would I wish to remain. Though extremely worthy professions, they did

  • Ligers Informative Speech

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    popular movie 'Napoleon Dynamite.' Many of you have probably seen it before but I bet you never thought about any of it as being factual, did you? Well, even though the description was a bit off, ligers really do exist. According to Encyclopedia Americana, ligers are a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger (also known as a tigress). It is nearly impossible for them to exist in the wild because most lions live in Africa and most tigers live in Asia, however under the right circumstances

  • Elvis: Americas King

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    caricatured records and mannerisms, and a personal life that became steadily more sheltered from real-world concerns (and steadily more bizarre) gave his story a somewhat mythic status. By the time of his death, he'd become more a symbol of gross Americana than of cultural innovation. The continued speculation about his incredible career has sustained interest in his life, and supported a large tourist/entertainment industry, that may last indefinitely, even if the fascination is fueled more by his

  • Reflections on Hampton Sides' Americana

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    Hampton Sides examines the many and varied subcultures that make up our great nation. In his book Americana he has collected the essays that reveal glimpses into the American psyche we keep hidden from the rest of the world. Through these revelations we meet the true American behind the veil. Our persona as interpreted by the rest of the world fails to show just how eclectic our society really is. By writing these essays, Hampton shows our real selves in a well-written and vivid fashion. His

  • Imagery and Symbolism in David Guterson’s The Country Ahead of Us, The Country Behind

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    Imagery and Symbolism in David Guterson’s The Country Ahead of Us, The Country Behind In David Guterson’s anthology, The Country Ahead of Us, The Country Behind, characters are portrayed effectively and succinctly through the imagery of their surroundings. Many of his stories are symbolic in that they reflect relationships and feelings of characters. Guterson’s titles have a more complex and deeper connection to the story than is first apparent. They too are often symbolic of a main character

  • Periplaneta America Lab Report

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    this experiment we will find out what pH levels are deadly for the Periplaneta Americana by exposing them to different pH levels. The Periplaneta Americana will be exposed to vinegar with pH of 2.9, milk of magnesia with pH of 10.5 ,tomato juice with a pH of 4.1, clorox with a pH of 13 and milk with pH of 6.6. HYPOTHESIS If the Periplaneta Americana  are exposed to a pH level lower than 5 then all of the Periplaneta Americana will die. VARIABLES IV: the vinegar with pH of 2.9, milk of magnesia with pH

  • Compare And Contrast Pro Life Vs Pro Choice

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    sought to get an abortion. When a woman tries to self-induce an abortion it can cause serious physical risk to that woman. Today, abortions in early weeks of a pregnancy, by a trained doctor and proper conditions, can be a very safe procedure. (Americana, 1) In no society, in the present or the past has there been any dominant attitude toward abortions. The Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle discussed abortion as a useful means of population control. Also under Roman law, abortion primarily

  • The Importance Of Hero Films

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    obviously represents the American flag and his superb ability gives an impression of America’s invincible power that America can solve any kind of difficulties. This “America protects the world” ideology in characters relates to the concept of Pax Americana. While watching the movie, people get vicarious satisfaction through all the revenges and triumphs of the superheroes, but miss all the veiled meaning of such

  • America Dispatches From The New Frontier Thesis

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    In his anthology, Americana: Dispatches From the New Frontier, best-selling author, award-winning journalist, and historian Hampton Sides describes different aspects and characteristics of American life. For more than fifteen years, Sides has traveled widely, exploring different version of America not widely recognized .America: Dispatches from the New Frontier shows that there is no wrong way to be an American. While Americans may seem drastically different on the surface, with different likes and

  • The Abortion Debate

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    pregnancies. When a woman tries to self-induce an abortion it can cause serious physical risk to a woman. Today, abortions in the early weeks of a pregnancy, by a trained practitioner and under proper conditions, can be safe medical procedure. (Americana, 1) In no society, either in the present or the past has there been a single dominant attitude toward abortions. The Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle discussed abortion as a useful means of population control. Also under Roman law, abortion