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  • American Execptionlism on Country Music

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    American Exceptionlism is basically the idea that we are different then other countries in the world. Which I believe is false because the U.S has these rules but there not really writing down rules there just like norms that American should have. There are certain attributes that a American should have there are things you should know as a American. Now what am I talking about it could be many things such as knowing who the president is in the big chair in D.C or having a huge truck that can drive

  • Ecotourism in South American Countries

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    Ecotourism in South American Countries Synopsis: We are living in a world that tends to put developed nations against indigenous peoples. Foreign developers seeking cheap labor and natural resources on untouched lands are exploiting cultures that have survived for centuries on their own. South America is a continent that possesses rich indigenous culture that is still relatively untouched by outsiders. Americans have the ability to preserve that heritage through organized efforts to encourage

  • Colombia: A South American Country

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    87 percent in 2002 to 7.79 percent in 2013. GDP and Economic Outlook According to the Central Intelligence Agency, the 2012 Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, for Columbia was 497.3 billion USD and the GDP per capita was 10,700 USD. Among other countries, Colombia is ranked 29th for highest GDP and 110th for highest GDP per capita. Agriculture makes up 11.5 percent of the GDP, industry makes up 36 percent of the GDP, and services makes up 52.5 percent of the GDP. Based on GDP trends, Colombia’s

  • Sister Parish and the Development of American Country Style

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    Dorothy May Kinnicutt was an American interior decorator. She was born in New Jersey during the year 1910. Although her nickname may suggest someone of a religious background, whose life is dedicated to prayer and penitence. Sister Parish actually got her nickname from her childhood as she was commonly referred to as “Sister”. Her older brother came up with the nickname when she was younger, because she was the only girl in a family with five children. Sister got married to Harry Parish in 1930

  • Ecotourism in South American Countries: Has the Agenda Changed?

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    Ecotourism in South American Countries: Has the Agenda Changed? In many South American countries, there is a program in effect called Ecotourism. When the idea was initially though of, many of the developing countries of South America, had very poor economies as well as many suffering people. To act as a means of improving the status of these poor countries, the idea of Ecotourism was developed. In essence, Ecotourism is a program that permits tourists to visit and explore countries in South America

  • Struggles and Setbacks of Developing Democracies in Latin American Countries

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    The concept of patrimonialism in Latin American countries is a subject that has been studied and researched by some of the world’s most renowned sociologists and political scientists. In this literature review I will use the information gathered from several of these researchers and combine their theories and ideologies in an attempt to understand why many Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, and Bolivia have continued to remain oppressed throughout history and stand on

  • The USA and Latin American Countries After the Cold War

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    to do, but what we can do” said Rory Stewart and in this decade, US and Latin American policy makers should do just that; think about what they can do instead of what they ought to do. So the question becomes, what issue has brought both the US and it’s Latin American neighbors together to enter into a current Inter-american relation? Throughout the many decades military force between the USA and Latin American countries has seen many changes. In this current era, these changes have lead and brought

  • How North American Countries Can Become Stronger

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    States are considered first world developed countries and Mexico is thought to be a developing state. North America has a high standard of living when compared to other continents. Two of the three countries in North America are considered to be in the top ten ‘most developed countries in the world’ and the third, Mexico, is making an effort towards development. Although North America is a stable, strong continent, it could become better if neighboring countries were more willing to learn from each other

  • Differences Between The Accounting Standards Of Anglo American Countries

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    Differences abound in the accounting standards of Anglo-American countries such as the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand and the differences are even more pronounced when comparing the standards of these countries to Japan and much of Europe (Zeff, 2012). In 1966, Sir Henry Benson, president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), convinced his colleagues from similar organizations in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and Scotland to join

  • Morality of U.S. Corporations Outsourcing American Jobs to Foreign Countries

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    This paper argues the morality of U.S. Corporations outsourcing American jobs to foreign workers in other countries as well as the same corporations importing foreign workers to replace large numbers of their existing U.S. employees with lower wages and reduced benefits. The greed of American corporations is discussed and the impact their actions have on the U.S. economy and its citizens. The moral theory of Utilitarianism is examined to discover if the actions of these businesses have positive